The previous days it’s been foggy every morning and we haven’t seen too much But today most of the fog is gone and this is just stunning. We’ve already packed our tripod today So we had to make a homemade one to shoot a time-lapse this morning of this stunning view outside here Today we will trek to Tengboche that has a big monastery where we will meet up with a Lama that will marry us on Base Camp Now we get to see a new view to Mount Everest There it is! So this is one of the nicest roads, I think we’ve been on so far. It’s very flat very wide, but now there’s hill coming We’re stopping for lunch now. Tora is very excited about having tea I’m looking forward to meeting a man who’s actually been to the top of Everest This is the man who has been standing on the top of the world. That is so impressive! His brother-in-law has actually been to Norway and has helped improve the trail to some of the hikes that we’ve done in the past. The world is really a small place. Just a few days ago we were down at the double bridge. Now we’re all the way up here. We are going through the rhododendron forest soon, which Nepal is quite known for. Rhododendron is the national flower of Nepal. Crossing a river now but it turns out it’s pretty dry at the moment. We just finished lunch and it is quite cold here right now, but I’m in a t-shirt because we are about to climb Six hundred meters in the next two to two-and-a-half hours. We made it to Tenboche and now we will meet up with the llama to finalize everything for the wedding Then we’ll go to bed So we just came back from our meeting with the lama, the actual lama that is going to marry us. And it was so fun! And it’s. Well, it’s finally real! I mean we were walking all day and It’s a nice trip, but We’re getting married! And he doesn’t speak one word of English, and of course he doesn’t speak Norwegian So everything will happen in Nepali and with the Buddhist mantras and everything and we have to do stuff, but we don’t know what to do. So we’ll have a translator there. It’s exciting! And we’re getting married! So we’re waiting for dinner now and this is what it typically looks like in the tea houses. We’ll gather around the stove when it gets colder. They keep it burning with yak poo. I’ve got to capture that this is the best part about the entire trip. A nice warm stove. Jørn just put a hot towel on his face It feels so good It’s heat and it’s clean I am missing a warm shower And it looks really silly Yeah Here is the food. Jørn ordered veg fried potatoes and
I ordered Momos What are you having today? Free pizza ! Cécile couldn’t eat it all, so I got one slice. It’s so good! Want some? Yes Yum! Good morning! We have the best room with the best view to Mount Everest and today it’s not cloudy so Jørn has put the the time-lapse thingy on to film the sunrise over Mount Everest. And it’s so beautiful! Have a look at the view we’ve got from our window right now. So the mountain you can see in the center of the frame right now that is Mount Everest And this is right outside our window.
This is just amazing! Our journey continues towards Dingboche where we’ll have one day to acclimatize So Jørn is really dehydrated and he has to drink out of the Camelbak bottle. But because he has to hold his breath while drinking and because we’re at such a high altitude he gets really out of breath for every time he sips the water. So for the first time on this entire trek we’ve seen a clear night sky out here So as soon as I saw that I ran in again. Tora and I got changed into wedding attire And we asked for our fellow travelers to take a picture of us. We managed to get a few pictures in but then it got hazy so we had to stop but tomorrow we’re hoping for good weather again, and we’re gonna crack on because this looks very cool! Today’s acclimatization day which means hiking up from Dingboche and then all the way down again We’ll also try our wedding attire to see if everything works in these kinds of conditions Time to get changed and take some photos So we are on our way back from the acclimatisation tour today. We’ve been all the way up in the mountain Not all the way to the top but you see that thing over there We’ve been there so now we are on our way down. Almost at the bottom. I’m going to turn around And That is where we are staying There are yaks here. And there’s a dead one too. We’ve reached Thukla and have stopped here for lunch. Apparently it will take some time to get the food so I’ll step outside and see if I can shoot some time lapses because the landscape here is just breathtaking. This is where we’re heading over to later today. Apparently it’s going to get really cold and windy. I just found the toilet but I’m not going to use it. Have a look at this. Yay! The camera is set up now. Let’s shoot some time lapses. And just like that we are above the treeline. And the wind has started to pick up How are you feeling? Good! Yay. I’m not We’ve now reached the Everest Memorial. There are monuments all over this place dedicated to the people who lost their lives climbing Everest. In the valley below is the Nepal Rescue Association so there are helicopters flying back and forth almost constantly with people suffering from altitude sickness or injuries. And just as we stopped to take a break here Tora started getting altitude sickness too. Luckily our guide has something magical to make it go away. We’re just 100 vertical meters from our destination today and it’s the last day before our wedding. This just has to work! We made it! Two days ago we were hiking in t-shirts because it was so warm And right now it is snowing and it’s hailing and it is very very cold. So it’s the evening before the wedding now. I do have to admit I’m getting cold feet. But luckily I got new warm socks. So that’s not gonna be a problem tomorrow.