We just crossed into the national park and are now officially on our way to Everest Base Camp. That’s the first layer off already
it’s getting warmer today. Just up the hill we bought the tickets
for the national park and now we’re about to enter our second national park
on the way First suspension bridge now. They say it’s a small one, but it’s a long way down. Not long after we started hiking and we
found a snake We’ve reached a destination for today, Phakding. Let’s see if we can find our room. After half a day of walking from Lukla to Phakding. This is our first night in a proper
tea house. We have our sleeping bags ready and we are really tired and so ready to go to bed. So this is the famous double bridge, and
we’re going to the top one, up that way. So wherever we go we see these painted
rocks. Turns out they’re actually carved into the stones which is pretty amazing. Woah, look at that guy! So we are about to enter Namche Bazaar, this is a nice, lovely gate. And there we go. Look at this! Namche Bazaar is the largest settlement on the trek and kind of the Sherpa capital. It is located at 3,500 meters above sea level and we’ll spend two nights here to acclimatise. It is also the last opportunity
that withdraw cash and purchase anything that is beyond the most basic sold in
tea houses. So this is allegedly the highest Irish
pub in the world. We’ve just arrived in Namche Bazaar and checked into our hotel room. By Himalayan standards this is the five-star hotel. We got a fairly big room, we got our own toilet, our own sink and even a cold
shower which is just amazing. And the view from here as well is absolutely
stunning. So I’m going to have a shower now, the only problem is it’s cold water only and around freezing point. It’s not going to be pleasant… Mission accomplished. It was actually not as cold as I thought it would be, but it was still very, very cold. And now I am going to get more clothing. In Namche there’s this monument with a rock from the top of Everest and one from the Dead Sea, the highest and lowest point on land in
the world. Aaand… There! Tora just touched Everest. Aaand… There! She touched the Dead Sea as well. This is our acclimatisation day in Namche Bazaar. We just climbed 400 meters to go up to 3840. We’ve been there for 40 minutes to get used to the altitude and now we’re heading back down to Namche Bazaar again. It is very cloudy right now, but Everest is right there! If we wait a little bit the clouds might disappear I will get our very first sighting of it. So the bottled water here in the Himalayas is really expensive and the bottles are not recycled, so it will have to be carried
all the way down or burned up here. So both to save the environment and our wallets we have bought Aquatabs. They are purifying tablets so we just drink the tap water and we put these chlorine tablets in them and after 30 minutes
it’s safe to drink. Tomorrow morning we’ll leave Namche Bazaar and also we’ll go above the treeline and start going into the real mountains, where the altitude
should become a lot more apparent.