Hi guys, welcome to my Channel so I’m here at World Trade Center for Trendsetters Bazaar Alright ,So my target today, I’m going to look for three outfits at affordable price. I’m so excited.. Let’s go Which color is good. I got one blouse, It’s worth 250 Pesos I prefer mustard color, because it compliments my complexion so i will get this and then i will look for pants or shorts to partner You shy??? keep the change ate.. hahaha I’m just joking. I have a totebag, because..Oh Thank you.. here in the Philippines we’re not allowed to use plastic bags. So you must change!!OK!! I brought the hanger, so embarassing..Wait I’ll give it back Traffic sis!! Ate, you forgot something H-A-N-G-E-R Gosh I might bring this again ahhahaha Is it good Ate Yes, That’s the one worn by Bella Padilla Oh really, well i look like Bella Padilla . So who wore it better? J-O-K-E What movie? She just attended an event and someone captured her wearing that dress but I don’t have the picture here. I like this dress because it hides my flabby arms How much is this? Three Hundred Pesos, the original price is Four Hundred Pesos OK so discounted already! I choose this since i don’t have red dress yet I got this for only Three Hundred Pesos Is this free kuya? That’s cool, make it two..hahhahaha Seriously you’re giving it for free?? Hey guys, go buy on his online shop He’s giving a free……What’s that??… Is it a croptop, a sando or baby bra?????????hahahhahah Ok kuya I’ll get this for Three Hundred Pesos Is this set for Three Hundred Fortynine Pesos? Yes!!! Guys for only 349 Pesos you’ll get this set. So, just pair it with tube or spaghetti strap or anything with plain color top Is this free size?? Can i try it? Here’s the short, and it is highwaisted. This is how it looks like P-A-K P-A-K Ganern for only Three Hundred fortynine Pesos And we have one set already But there is excess threads just remove it on your own risk hahahahhahahha If you want affordable set like this, shop at HANGTAG So I think, I’m going to get this T-R-I-V-I-A If you’re wearing stripes in vertical lines you will look taller. And with the horizontal lines you will look bigger Since I’m petite… I’m going to get this. I can pair it with blazer I’ll check it How much is this? Two Hundred Fifty Pesos with Twentyfive Pesos off This is my 3rd choice OH!!! 4th one … I enjoyed shopping because of it’s affordable prices. This is my 4th one. I can’t resist……… I’ll pair it with blazer to cover my flabby arms From 1,200 Pesos, I got it for only 1,000 Pesos Alright Ate, I’ll get it These are phone cases with different colors and design I choose this color because it’s refreshing and light They have for iphoneX , iphone 7plus.They also have neon colors Let’s check it on my phone It’s really nice for only 100 Pesos at WowKulay Ok I’ll get this Hi guys, I’m done shopping. I targeted Three outfits and end up more at affordable price and got this bag from KirinKirin.. Let’s go home.Thank you..Bye For those who wants to attend the Trendsetter Bazaar The next event will be on September 21 from 11am-9pm at World Trade Center Manila.