So, this video is not in collaboration with anything but today Mandy will face a challenge. She should go to the Zoo Family here at Kongahälla and shop whatever she wants. She can buy everything she sniffs on And this video my fine trainee Tindra will have to cut and edit. Mandy! Should we start? Should we start? It is so funny. Find the Zoo Family. Let’s go. Come on Mandy. zoofamily Hi. She snorted at this. What did she sniff at? Such a leg? But should we check if we can find a basket and put everything in? Should we do it? Come on, let’s go over here. Come on Mandy. Come on! Yes, come on. After all, there were baskets. We must take one of these. Thanks. Should we go to the dog department then? I know where Mandy’s favorite candy is. Check this out! Look here! oops What is it? Was it cuddly? Was it good? Chicken. We’ll take it. She wanted it. Can I put it in the basket? Should we go in and check out the toy department in here? Oh! Toys. Wow! Should we see if she likes anything here? She loves this one. Yes, it seems interesting. Should I put it there? Okay. Should we see if she can sniff at something there then? She gets the nose herself. Mandy! Come on! Mandy! Mandy! She just wants the candy. You liked it. Come on Mandy. We have dog food. But check here! Lots of clothes. Look here. hello! wow, wow, wow look here Would it be nice? Do you like purple? yeeeiii.. We’ll take it. We’ll take it. Should we check clothes then? That one feels good. Small but tough. But shouldn’t we have it in silver or gold? No. She can’t have a hood, Chloe. We must have real clothes. I like to have Pride like that. I think I should have one like this. A pyjamas. But where was he cuddly? Yes, winter. Or? We take it, we take it. But we must have the right size. Look. So fancy. It will be so good. It actually fits really well. Yes, of course it does. She looks really happy. Did I choose it? It gets cuddly and it is a little water-resistant too. Just. Mom, we take this. Ah but what good. Then we have it. Stop! Perfect. It’s just that she grows. Yes, but you can buy new. This one can have. Yes, but nothing that beeps. I thought these were pretty. Look here. oh Or was it better? Oh! Was it better? Check this out. The!! Oh, uh! I think she likes it, Tindra. She likes purple. A little her color. We put it in there then. Yes. Huge. We can take that. Oh really? We can take that. Okay. Okay Mandy. You’ve picked up pretty much here. What did you think of this? Is it something beeping or is it just feeling? No, it beeps. How fun. Mandy thought this was a perfect deal. What have we picked in here now? It’s .. Mom? One of those. Clothes. Clothes. A ball. Chicken. The question is if lamb is better? Let’s see. Mother? This one was fine. We can take that. What’s this, Chloe? There are many things that you have also put in here. But it is one that she must have. She must have it? She must have it. Okay. And it is the best. Yes come, should we check out shampoos? Come on! We like K9, so I think it will be K9 for you, right? We take K9. What do you think of them? Yes, she touches it with her nose. Okay. Now it is time to go and pay then. I want to say what I bought and so on. Yes we do. Mandy feels really happy. She has to try everything. She’s allowed to walk. This was probably the favorite. Go to checkout. Should we go to the checkout? Come then! Let go of her, Chloe. Oh! Here. Stop! bye bye Bye? But I would say hello then, it became shark then. Bye. Now we run to the car. There is your big bag. Zoo Family. Oj, oj, oj, oj oj!! What you are so good at. What a pleasure to shop. Yes, now you should go to the car. Mandy, what have you been having fun with? What have you got to have fun? Gosh!!! Check this out. What do you have in there? It’s so scary, I dare not check. Check! A new leg. But look here then. An even bigger leg. oh, scary! And then we bought: this one we got the question what it was? I would tell you. Yes but this one, Chloe, you should put wet food in and then it goes into the freezer and then she gets it. It is good to chew on. So we can put it in the kitchen. Mom, may I say that? This is an elephant. She will play with it. Well. Oh, look. Now she was so scared. She’s cool though. You’re still tough anyway. Except when this elephant has got a ball. chloe! Stop it now and we’ll tell you. I put in that ball. You put in a ball yes. She smelled .. no no. And then? A jar of candy. Who chose it? Mandy. And then we bought some clothes for Mandy. A purple … warm rain jacket. and a pig And a really nice sweater. Can I look at it? Also a new necklace. A plain necklace. And then Chloe also bought such a leg for Mandy. Without smelling it. Yes, but she actually smelled it. She probably won’t like this. Shampoo and conditioner. But she still has to bathe. So it was all over. She loves it. Did she like it too? Yes. Now we will make food for Mandy and eat ourselves. But if you like this video and Mandy, push your thumbs up. And thumbs down. Yes. You have to choose for yourself. Should Mandy say thank you and hello? Yes most. thumbs up, yes. Thumbs down. Can you make Mandy’s voice so she says thank you and hello, liver pie? Say thank you and hello, liver pie. Thanks and hello, liver pie. Bye! Bye. She can chew and talk at the same time. It is, after all, very incredible. I can’t. No.