There’s a morning chill in the air So Maria meets her best friend Lonnie at Cai’s cafe and Metuchen, New Jersey a warm fire, great company could this morning get any better? Can we help you. Oh, please I’m so sorry. I should have introduced myself first My name is Brian and I work for a modeling agency How about a once in a lifetime opportunity “a modeling agency” to become a model now? I don’t usually do this but you two are just such naturals now We have this big shoot coming up next week All we got to do is go back to my studio take a couple of pics and I can forward them on to the agency Maybe we should ask our parents. Yeah. Yeah. Sure But after you get the gig all my info is on that card you can leave anytime you want It might be fun. I guess it couldn’t hurt Nice, if you saw an older man, trying to lure two teens out of a cafe and back to his studio What would you do? Uh excuse me what are you doing? These two teens are immediately startled by the flash of Brian’s camera, I’m sorry. My name is Brian I work at a modeling agency. How will they react when he tries to lure our young models away? I’ve always wanted to be a model And now’s your shot Just need you to come with me to my studio just around the corner and I will snap a few shots I’ve never seen two girls as beautiful as you well. Thank you. Well, you know what? I’ll just give me a moment. Think about it. I gotta make a quick phone call. Okay? Thank you so much. As soon as Brian leaves this thirteen-year-old raises some concerns to her fellow teens You think As it turns out she’s done some modeling herself He seems legit he has a business No It just has an email and phone number, I mean, what’s the worst that could happen though? Well, I guess we’ll see when he comes back When Brian returns us, thank you ready to go. He finally lures our young actors away Let’s do it And she quickly spills the beans to our actress playing the manager. Is everything okay. He wanted pictures for modeling He doesn’t like ask for parent’s permission Or have like a website. Are you worried about them or? Really? He kept calling them beautiful it was kinda weird. What should we do? Good good that’s good, she said call the police time to meet this outspoken young model You’re very well. Clearly. Yeah, like I didn’t want them to like anything your advice to young girls Stars in their eyes like this if it seems too good to be true don’t do it and if you don’t know that don’t go She’s just a team, but she says something was wrong and alerted someone but will grown-ups do the same thing when confronting our potentially lecherous photographer This next customer watches the story develop. We’ll get out of here. Take some pictures make you famous making bridge He said by next week we could like on his way out he shares some parting words of advice You ladies ready You were worried about them a bit. I was I was. I didn’t want to cause a scene there could be fights. You know you You could end up in jail, I thought it was more. You know, I was better off just saying something, okay? No, you will get to know me and use bathroom. Come back. We’ll get out of here Yeah, of course most adults wait until Brian is out of the picture before saying anything You think Sound advice but as Brian leaves with the girl, let’s go he doesn’t object Why did he remain silent? Well, they seem to be You know responsible teenagers. So what were their gonna do at some point? You have to trust the judgment? Come on look so worried guys. There’s nothing to worry about we’re gonna have fun. Come on These women are clearly reluctant to let the girls leave with Brian Most models start young right with their parents, you know, I thought them going to some stranger’s sorry But maybe you should mind your own business. It’s how I make my money People get offered jobs all the time off the street Okay, I appreciate it girls let’s just go Okay, but after their grief exchange they watch as Brian is out the door with the girls You couldn’t physically stop them from leaving. I don’t think so I thought if one of the girls at least was gonna say no at some point, I didn’t know what to do I felt very uneasy actually This last customer is waiting for a friend. You have like a studio here Yeah, it’s right around the block on Amboy, but she can’t keep her focus off Brian Just she just right on the corner on Amboy. It’s pretty pretty close Amboy, have you can look it up like oh I get this. Thank you Yeah, that’s all my info right there. She’s not buying his story guys. I’m just gonna round the bathroom Thank you so much. You got it. And when he steps away she tries to reason with the young girls That’s crazy he doesn’t know where his office is but he’s setting on a lot of famous people, I’m sure he did It just feels like I don’t know just saying yeah exciting cuz I’ve always wanted to model But I never really had like the chance to I don’t know. Yeah Right you guys ready to go? Despite your advice Let’s do it they decide to leave with Brian maybe we can post them or something today too. As they head for the door reinforcements arrived Hey, hey, how you doin, we’re gonna go let’s go girls And in a flash Maggie Cooke and Dottie Wynn hold head outside to stop Ryan. Oh she goes both mouthing No, but he gave us his card and I understand but oh, yeah, I’m a professional from New York I do it I do this all the time But that’s not a good idea really if you don’t know this man I don’t know this man and I really and she’s president Chamber of Commerce. Really we know everybody in town You didn’t really know so you stepped right outside we have daughters It wasn’t happening. No, he wasn’t gonna walk away with no. No because we would have chased them them Yes Are we working like we’re going anywhere quite the model citizens going above and beyond to ensure the safety Of two young teens. There is no way that you girls were Anywhere with me here