Hello people, today is my grocery shopping
day. So I’m headed to the supermarket now. See you later. So this is typically me after coming back
from grocery shopping. I have emptied all the stuff I bought & as
you can see, I’m left with packaging trash! This is because everything we buy from a supermarket
comes pre-packaged nowadays. How cool would it be if a trip to the supermarket
didn’t have to end up in generating so much waste? Sounds like a far off possibility? Not really! We now have a solution. A first of it’s kind, a zero waste store. So what really is a zero waste store? A zero waste store is just like your regular
supermarket, but the difference lies in the fact that a zero waste store generates zero
waste when you buy anything from this store. Sounds impossible? Let’s check it out for ourselves. When you visit a zero waste store, you need
to carry your own containers to buy items such as rice, pulses, spices etc. All these items are stored in large containers
& they are sold by measuring out the quantity requested by the customer. Well, this is not a new idea. It is an old idea that we have forgotten over
the years, as we got busy in the world of convenience! Before plastic was invented, people always
shopped in their own bags & carried their own containers to the store. Don’t believe me, ask your grandparents! All I’m suggesting is that it is time we
revive our old ways! Certain items like jams, honey, vinegar, oil
are sold in glass bottles which we can wash & return back to the store on our next visit. This way we end up reusing the packaging rather
than using it just once & throwing it out. The store also sells eco-friendly products
with sustainable packaging. So what do you do if there’s no such zero
waste store in your locality? It’s time to visit those local kiraana shops
which store items in bulk quantities & sell them as per your requirement. You can also buy your vegetables & fruits
directly from sellers which sell them loose without any packaging. Life feels so much better without the unnecessary
packaging, isn’t it? So the next time you go grocery shopping,
you don’t have to come home with piles of packaging trash. So that’s it for today. If you liked this video, please remember to
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