What’s happening !? You’re not dreaming at all, it’s really a live set up that I am using to make a video on my youtube channel. But why? Well, because my studio is currently under renovation . *drill sound* Let me tell you something, in the year, you know how many times the neighbors have drilled something? zero. I didn’t miss shooting at home. So, today, a new format ! This year I want to talk about what’s surrounding me, what I am immersed in all the year. which is: Internet, Youtube. For a simple reason, I think that my opinion is very important to people, they want to know what I think. Really, that’s for sure. I know it’s taking risks But I think doing so and trying new things you could like is part of growing up And my words are holy after all! I’m never wrong… *echo* (he’s caricaturing himself) *groaning* Aliens where the one who built the pyramids, I saw it on a documentary on Youtube! *illuminati theme song* Okay, we’re going to talk about two different topics, make yourself at home In my case, I’ll be sitting on a volcano. First topic is David Lafarge getting extra mad during a live not that long ago, a Youtuber you obviously know by now A really nice dude. David was recently live for 24 hours Just like a whole bunch of streamers also do It’s interesting, you can build a sense of closeness between the streamer and their community So yeah, something pretty common in the stream community But, you see, the thing is There was very few people watching his live Consequently He thought something was wrong with Youtube itself So he reset his live, but eventually, even after resetting it views didn’t rose, and he realized there was only so much people watching his live. And then there’s this guy who came in and told David Lafarge “Dude, there’s no issue with Youtube, the only issue is that nobody’s watching your livestream” And it was accurate after all, but… What purpose does it serve to just rub it in his face like that? It’s just sad! “It’s a big fail my dude!” “And I’m making it obvious for everyone who might not have noticed that it was a fail, that you failed!!”” Holy shit! Then, after reading that message, David really got mad and… It’s understandable “*addressing said guy* Go f*ck your f*cking mom” “Wallah, that’s everything I have to say pal” “Really if you cross my path dude, I swear, listen close” “You’re gonna understand just WHO is David Lafarge” “Wallah! Wallah dude” *door opens* *caricaturing David Lafarge* Wallah! Eh wallah! Eh wALLaH! David, nobody’s doubting it We all know that in everyday life, you’re a really nice dude A kind guy who doesn’t like drama So don’t try to play it like you’re some kind of mafia’s big shot! It’s nice having fun and all but the reason why I decided to show that to you Well, first because it’s kind of funny But also because it’s pinpointing a real issue I think David had that kind of “classic” Youtuber’s path In the way he’s that common guy who’ve been overwhelmed with success So he began to overuse his most familiar concept, the opening of Pokemon’s boosters And he’s doing it relentlessly knowing it’s really successful While asking himself; how much time do I have before it doesn’t work anymore? He’d published a lot of videos, up to two videos a day at a certain time Closing yourself off with something really successful and being scared to try something new because if you do, your view rates drop dramatically and it’s really stressful It really hurts So all in all it’s kinda sad, but there’s a good point about it and it’s that it gives us some interesting reactions to see in those livestream just like the one we saw, but also this one: There was a guy just behind me, that’s not fair! Anyone, when you’re one of the last to be still alive in Fortnite, behave like that! Don’t blame him! Well, I hope I conveyed what I wanted to say because it’s kinda improvised But yeah the thing is, Further than the funny 20 seconds video (which had much more views than his livestream on twitter) LOL my bad It really depicts something every Youtuber who’s been popular lately is afraid of THE DOWNFALL Drop of your stats, drop of your views People who suddenly don’t give a single f*ck about you Oh my GOD! I saw plenty of people laughing and saying “What a loser” But truth to be told I thought it was important to give information surrounding this topic and putting ourselves in his shoes Really, we should put ourselves in others’ shoes more frequently, especially when they make risky choices Just like the one I’m making by choosing to shot this video *chokes* That’s it! Was it alright? Leave a note just right here starting from 1 to 10, come on make your choice Wait a second What’s this- An alarm? What’s happening? Don’t tell me… You can’t be serious… France’s fourth most popular Youtuber?! Reveals his income in a video?! Of course noooot! That was just a good old clickbait, just as usual! We all believed it at first I know, we wanted to believe it! We wanted that to happen, but nope! ON the other hand! You always dreamed about having a really successful business and becoming really wealthy, don’t you? Tibo’s gonna disclose his every secrets to you! Including his most well-guarded tricks to make his business so successful Let’s take a look at this together “As astounding as it may seems, Youtuber is now considered as a real job!” It’s been at least three years since it’s been kneeeeew! “Which means that you need to report your income to the government” “Owning your own business and tax reporting every income we earn” Well, even when Youtube wasn’t considered as a real job you still had to tax report your income! When you earn money, whether your job is considered as one or not, You need an organization to manage that money and allow the government to take his part That’s just the way it is! Whether common people think your activity is a real job or not, we doesn’t give a f*ck, that’s absolutely not the point here! “In my case, there are five different ways I earn money” “Youtube incomes” “Incomes from my sponsor, Myprotein” “*high-pitched voice* Copyrights from my videos” “*even more high-pitched voice* Product placement in my videos whose frequency depends” “and in the end incomes from my official clothes shop” “In this video, we’re mostly gonna talk about my clothes line, TeamShape” “Everyone can find their happiness!” “Young girls and guys” “Teenagers and kids” What about adults with a kid’s shape? *roasting himself because he doesn’t look in shape, does he?* “You can find shirts, sweaters, tank tops, sweatpants, shorts, stringers, polos *and so goes on but Squeezie cut the video bc it’s annoying af*” Look Tibo, is it a video on your income or on your shop?! “Leggings and bras.” “”There are also accessorizes like *here we go again* stickers, phone cases, aprons-” *Meanwhile* “Mugs, shakers, wristbands, tote bags, towels, flags, books, CAPS!!” *And sofas, candles, LED lights, kites, shoehorns!* HOW MUCH MONEY DO YOU EARN TIBO? Sorry, we’re only 3 minutes in the video and it’s 11mn long, it’s gonna come, let’s be patient He’s gonna say it at the end so he’s watch time’s gonna be good And his video will be coddled up by Youtube! What a businessman! “Naturally, goodies I have signed are a bit more expensive” “Because I spend a good amount of time signing them one by one” Wait a sec We can actually buy a comic signed by Tibo who’s gonna be more expensive than a non-signed comic Is that what it’s about? *laugh* Tibo’s sign is worth 2€?! Wait, I was blessed with a great idea “Experience all those everyday items : mugs, shoes, jeans, signed by Squeezie Items are the same : mugs, jeans, shoes, and you’ll just pay 2 additional euros” “Hurry, shop’s already open ;)” DUDE, you’re on a thin line Normally, signing something is free It’s something a creator does out of kindness so his community is happy Something like monetizing your sign, I really don’t find it all that cool On the other end, it’s a really profitable method! “On my website you can also find personalized videos where you make me say everything you want me to say in 15 seconds for 36€!” Okay, here, I think, morally speaking, it’s kinda dangerous Making personalized videos people have to pay 36€… And who’ll be mostly addressed to minors… I mean, young people are the ones to be likely most interested in that kind of thing Slightly older people are gonna be more interested in shows, real performances something more entertaining than a 15 seconds video, when you say… Just look, there’s an example right here: “DAMN David, it’s TiboInShape, here is a short video to tell you YOU’RE the best” “Good luck for the loss of weight you intend, we’re thinking about you!” “Everyone in TeamShape’s behind you and supporting you, and don’t forget that YOU’RE the best” “You’re gonna rock that weightloss! BOM David!” “Mathis! You, you’re gonna go far kid, you’re the boss” “Yeah you’re the boss! Gimme the money- You’re the boss!” “We love you Mathis, 36€, we love you!” Look, the real issue here is not that Tibo wants to make money, everyone wants to That’s not what I’m blaming him for, not at all Just so we’re clear, I’m not saying we should go and blame him for anything I’m not doing this video so people can go and just bully Tibo, that’s not what I intend to do The real issue here is that, morally speaking, it’s not that okay to make people pay for a personalized video Particularly when they’re worth 36 bucks dude Which is also the fair price to see a 1h30 long show at Bercy (a large venue in France) who cost millions and required a lot of organization in some case In your case, it’s just a 15 seconds long personalized and quite empty video That aside, it’s true that some people are gonna enjoy it So should we blame him for doing that in the end? It’s not really gonna hurt anyone so, I’m not sure. But, for the ones thinking it’s quite expensive, just as I do, for a 15 sec long video Tibo actually took time to answer you so Shut up now! For the ones saying that 36€ is too expensive and I should have ask for 10€ Believe me, even if I only asked for 10€, there would be some people to say it’s still too expensive No, actually! Maybe this was where you should have begin! I don’t know! If one day you successfully build your own business And I hope you’ll do! No matter the price you ask for, if it’s not free, it’ll always be too expensive! Nooooo! That kind of mindset is really terrible, it’s actually reversed! When you say that kind of thing, you drive people to think making them pay for stuff isn’t the norm When it IS the norm! If it’s legit, if it’s clean morally speaking, just like it is if you buy clothes on Tibo or someone else’s shop There’s nothing wrong with it! You’re happy, you actually have a real goodie your favorite Youtuber made That’s cool! It’s a nice give and take! But it’s wrong when it becomes morally questionable… As it is for a lot of things, so… Did you see? This is not a mole, it’s a spot that’ll turn white not so long from now If you were curious about it, now I answered your questions, thank you, next! “And, what’s more with these 36€, just like for fan meetings” Wh- Don’t! “You need to take in consideration charges” NO! “Taxs and VAT!” NOOOOOO! You can’t use tax as an excuse! Not so you can justify the price you decided to make people pay! STOP IT! “I’m not making anyone buy my goodies!” *laugh* Because there’s nothing you can do about it! Of course you CAN’T MAKE anyone pay for your goodies! It’s not just something nice coming from you! It’s just, you know, normal! NORMAL! “These days, you have to know that, even if a Youtuber can earn enough money to live comfortably” “Only relying on Youtube” “Those incomes are uncertain” That’s right. “You can earn 3000 euros one month, and then 500 the next one” That’s… less right, Tibo. You have to add a zero *laugh* You can’t tell people, while looking atthem straight in the eye, that you earn 500 euros one month, and the next 3000, when your view rate is approximately 45 million PER MONTH! YOU EARN MORE MONEY THAN THAT! So take responsibility and tell us just how much money YOU ACTUALLY MAKE! To be honest, there’s no problem giving people numbers it’s even rather nice and interesting if you’re ready to disclose something as personal as your income Sharing that with people can be cool, some already did, like Aiekillu He really gave exactly what he earn, go take a look at his videos if you’re curious about it Either you talk about this honestly and come clean with it or you just don’t talk about it and there’s no problem But you can’t try to make your little way in it, boasting about how you’re clean on this matter it unlike others when you’re really just bullshitting people with lies! Tibo, I am, just like you, Youtuber I also have quite the high view rate And I just know we actually earn a lot more than that each month Just saying! You can’t lie to people! It’s just- No! And I’m not even talking about your four others *businesses* ! “I didn’t even talked about videos that are demonetized by Youtube each passing day!” And thaaaaat’s… Right! I also experienced that but to be totally honest with you, it didn’t really had an impact on my income Because it was, for the most of them, rather old videos and they’re not that watched anymore each month so even if they’re demonetized there’s not that much of a gap in my rate views But maybe it’s different or Tibo! Maybe some of his recent videos got demonetized and it really affected his income! *and surprise, that’s not the case so Squeezie’s embarrassed to realize Tibo really lied about it* “So my point is, no matter if you’re in France or somewhere else” “as soon as you’re open about how you earn money doing something you like” “It’s frowned upon!” “But if you work really hard and honestly earn money” “Don’t be afraid of being successful!” *Squeezie begins to dramatically play the piano* “Personally I’m not afraid to admit I’m making a living doing what I love!” “And if I’m shooting this video, it’s so I can help you and give you tips so you can do just as well as I did!” “This is why I try to get you motivated to do sports-” ANYWAY! The bullshit is over, my TeamShape shirt is on its way Joke aside, I don’t have anything against Tibo, neither against David or anybody else I might talk about It’s just I think it’s finally time, in 2019, after so much years spent on Youtube that we’re really honest, sincere with people It’s time for us to offer relevant talks to viewers. Well that’s it, I wasn’t maliciously disposed when I decided to make this video about Tibo and David who where both part of interesting recent topics to talk and think about I even had some good laughs, I must admit it Anyway, I’m wishing well to all Youtubers who watched this video Be careful to not fall for Youtube’s traps Be, and stay sincere about what you do and what you say And I’m also saying this for myself It’s not my intention to sound like I know better than anyone but i think it’s interesting to talk about stuff like that I just find that kind of thing to be interesting and important to talk about Particularly when there’s a real background behind Let me know if you liked this video, if you did, tell it in the comments section!