Hello, the Ministry of Culture inform you if this video enjaille you, you can click on the blue thumb and subscribe to the channel Amixem Goodbye * Clap * Hello New video Ladies and Gentlemen Articles Amazon what the f ** k episode number 2 The last time I had selected several articles Amazon what the f ** k you remember and I ordered some, I had added to cart I changed my mind, I did not buy them and I finally said we would choose again controlling the opening and directly in the same video, we will not make TWO videos, c-is … We will not do A video where you look, a video where it opens, it’s stupid So there the two we will do together, but only for some items I’ll not buy them all because at some point, uh … I have a bank account, must j’le respects a little bit, my banker I want before you start this video thanks Luke, a subscriber, which made me a beautiful site which listed ALL Stories Amazon that you sent me. Eh, because j’vous asked … to send me articles Amazon #AMAZONWTF with the hashtag, hashtag particularly CHOSEN, effectively! So, well, it makes my job easier, since all that you sent me Well, it’s here. If j’puis m’permettre, Luke, for the next episode, if you can just add the page number, huh, that’s, on the site, nan because we not know what page it is, there’s not … that’s Numé Discover the WORST! Articles Amazon what the f ** k So I want to clarify that before this video, I did buy a third person some articles here. I dont know where it is not, So, I will add to cart stuff Maybe not … I’m gonna the r’cevoir, and others, I have already received. And I can open immediately, that’s the benefit of video. Is that discovers, and immediately behind BAM he is coming I’m on the first page there’s already a girl who is hung on a bed Are we not start with that? Yes. We start out by that. We therefore have the possibility, with this kit, attaching his wife IN BED through a very secure kit which is reassuring result, eventually. When arrive you home before bed, you see it on the bed, you feel you’re going to pass a bad time. It’s complicated, it’s ugly J’vous not qu’j’vais not hide buy J’vois how badly j’pourrai illustrate this, it m’faudrait bed I could have to send for Vodk but… he likes to be attached. Okay then, next! What is qu’ça? Theo, possible negotiation. QUOIII ??? * Laughs * Wait it’s not the kid that is for sale 30 € on Amazon that s making laugh It’s just … Obviously, everything has in this video, it is you who have sent me with … hashtag #AMAZONWTF So the person has typed “Baby cheap” at Amazon I do not buy n’vais because I am afraid of finding myself in PRISON. * Laughs * But that is animal abuse, that. Look at the cat’s head! Why you got me dressed as hot dogs, big? What did I do? This is because I tore the bottom of your couch, right? Oh it’s good we have understood, you can remove the suit me now. We go ladies and gentlemen, the number 2 page For the moment I bought nothing I would like to ra … I wanna buy it, that. * Laughs * “Anus Flower” Jean Plague Very good game of word. I add to cart * Mouse click * *knock Knock knock* Hello! Thank you. His mother a whore! Ladies and gentlemen, Ceres “anus Flower” Jean Plague. I am very scared, huh. I have a big problem with the smell, that is to say that I, if I find a bad smell, it can remain an unpleasant olfactory memory for years. Oh it was a beautiful bottle, we are dealing with a beautiful bottle. A wonderful fragrance, beautiful bottle, giving eager and that may well fit in a hall bath universe. Focus! Focus! FOCUUS! Good. Well, I-I-scented the cardboard, like that * Epic music * It’s just the fact perfume. * Laughs * It has nothing to do with the anus You know that the perfume … Little Miss your sister put it when she was 10, there. She thought she smelled while, uh … in the end, uh … You lost your nose there. Disappointed, p * cking! How much I paid that? 30 .. WHAT? 33 EUROS? Jeez video, there … She has an interest in the buzz, eh! It smells not even … not good! IT IS CALLED BLOSSOM ANAL OR IT IS CALLED NOT FLOWER ANAL ??? Do it stink a little, your perfume, we laugh! No one in ch * er! While there, I need more information. We at Amazon Canada Dear Canadian friends, dear friends from Quebec, you have an object that is completely unknown to me. But … Because it has a shape of a phallus and he marked it “enlargement” is that it would be a penis pump? I’m trying to understand that this is a penis pump So you insert your penis inside, you pump to make it grow. Yes. This product was designed to create an erection up to 11 inches. 11 inches it’s still 27 centi … WHAT? That is to say that pumping your penis, you can still reach 27 centimeters It can be interesting… So I’ll add it to the cart, but you will not have to illustration This is for my personal use only Why anyone wants to send me a mouse, zero at ch * er this mouse AAAAaaaahhh MOUSE particularly to zero ch * er, at the mere picture, it looks really bad, which still has the particularity to cost as much as my student loan. *to laugh* It is added to cart Images on which you should not masturbate … Are we may possibly have a … an overview? So here we are on the preview of the book on Amazon and we see for example that there are pictures of zucchini. Very very zoomed And that … that’s pictures on which you should not you masturbate Me, it inspires me anything … Nor indeed the grandfather who is chopping ice … naked. Yes, it may have a small side, uh … Yeah, so, so, so, yeah. Well now that you put it in perspective with zucchini, it s making something. Then you know that plays a little piano … I am the perfect article then this is the piano gloves Nah, I do not understand how this thing can work, but apparently it can play the piano in the air, like that. So uh … add to cart directly * Mouse click * Hello Aaaatssaaah Oh nan it’s good shit Well, ladies and gentlemen euuuuhh …. It is on two gloves We also have the base. That is to say, the base. I put the glove! Tata tadadata dadata … It was Michael Jackson … yes, good, great, if you have no culture, I can not help myself. Pshaw not. * Piano sounds * I found the problem … Beh beh yes it’s broken, there! No doubt of ssus! I’ll look for a cutter, we will pass to the operation It m’casse neck * daughters I have access to the electrical system Aaah it was completely … but LOOK! We notice the sheets are disconnected! And that is repaired, me * brothel So with these gloves, you can make any surface, eh, for example this microphone arm and you can absolutely play it. * Piano sounds * So I can eg you play a little piece by not only using my head! That’s what’s amazing! As a pianist, eh, because obviously I had some friends who were the guitar. The guitar is a handsome instrument much like the piano also, huh! BUT that is much more portable than a piano huh, OK So you can go on the beach, umm … Flirt of chick … * Piano sounds * me * Brothel deuuh, stop, I want nothing more touching! And LA! Thanks to this amazing invention one can well imagine dredging of the chick without having to bring the keyboard! Like this: * Piano sounds * Laetitia … * Piano sounds * I love you … * piano sounds * You want to make love to me on the sand? * Piano sounds * How does you like guitarists, Laetitia? * Piano sounds * But not j’comprends Laetitia! * Piano sounds * That no longer works! * * Detuned piano sounds I’m fed up! So clearly we are … * piano sounds * * from me that one … * piano sounds * * deuuh me! Let … so yes you can touch anything suddenly, eh … * Piano sounds * it is … it’s annoying Pu * ain brothel me * * Piano sounds * I … * piano sound * me * to I was saying… Okay moving to a next object, spent three quarters of an hour on that one, it’s good Following! * Laughs * What is qu’ça? Ah yes! Human Centipede, you know … We appreciate… Excellent. I do not buy. Aaaah! There was a nice suit! Very important: the makeup! To maintain consistency in the glans! Because otherwise, it denotes. So there, we feel that the guy, he worked hard! It’s a nice b * you! I not n’l’achète. So there, there’s .. there’s a subscriber Nantes who nearly ordered … P’têtre he commanded, moreover a tub cap with tongue year penis shape * Laughs * It really makes you want to put it in the vagina I have no vagina but I would have a vagina I would not want You see what I mean We will move to the next! It is not … b..nan is not convincing, Look at that acorn, with this tassel head inside * laugh * Ohh my god This is a mini-golf toilet The toilet is an entertainment place primarily Add to Basket! * Mouse click * * Knock knock knock knock knock * Not great this valve, right? *to laugh* Oooohtooooboooto totoobootoo It is the music of Lord of the Rings. We have here, ladies and gentlemen authentic mini golf kit for toilets Watch as his fifteen minutes poo looks much more pleasant air We will test it immediately in my toilet I’m going to call a professional tester … who is used to test the toilets for mini-golf Let’s go As can be seen on the door of the toilet, there is a small “do not disturb” euuuh golf gaming progress it means in English “shut your mouth son of a bitch” suck me Here we have so … Hello. Maxim: You’re uh … other Valentine: You’ve touched my balls Our uh … our witness, Valentin ahead. Who is going to go at golf … OOOOOOOOOOOHHHHH Wait inflatable dolls, they have made efforts Here it is particularly murky because make love to a doll headless without arms and legs and have fun In the limit I prefer to masturbate on a zucchini image or a guy who … who … who breaks the snow with an ax, naked! For example, eh! Is is not s’rait on the toilet brush the most stylish of the HISTORY of the toilet brush I hope so, because there is not Amazon, I hope it is available oh, p * cking with me * * Mouse click * * Knock knock knock knock knock * Hello. saaaapoootosaaah Well I stop doing that, it’s a little … it’s a bit heavy. * Semi-epic music * There is a toilet brush with trigger. There’s still many situations in life where you feel a bit miserable! Including the situation in which we clean her toilet And when you quickdraws that, qu’tu begin to clean the bottom of your bowl with it You t’sens still really no less! I will go and have it in my toilet Here. Hop there. Here! There are too many entertainment in the crapper c Now it is a delusion it is amazing Following! Sexy Biquette. So here we are on an inflatable goat you can enc * ler. Your happiness is in the meadow! Nan but important is both: The biquette front view but also the small zoom, eh on the rear visual that permit you to understand WHAT is not for show It’s … No, no This really is if you would enc * ler goats OH MY GOD But it’s not j’savais qu’ça existed that. It is on a male doll but why it would ALWAYS make glaucous toys to men? Are we the only ones to be a little upset head? No! Women also may well want to make love to a man whose trunk was beheaded, whose legs have been cut, and whose sex is 3 centimeters! Knowing that, depending on your vagina, Warning! You have several options, you have different widths, different lengths Here. We thought has all sizes of vagina What he has on his head the guy … “Anti-snoring device premium” Wait the guy typed “how to have a girlfriend” Oh but your research is as bizarre as the articles you propose. How it works: The “Chin Strap Pro” keep your mouth shut by supporting your jaw in a comfortable position, you breathe through your nose and instantly eliminate snoring. In other words, if you’re cold, and you take it, you die! We probably have the best costume ever created by mankind and is on a costume grandmother exhibits. Huh, that is to say the grandmother who wants to show her tits and big techa to all mankind. It reveals quite pendulous breasts AND 7 hectares of maize shaved hair. OOH! A shit! 2 €? That’s not stung beetles! * Mouse click * *knock Knock* Here! It is not bored! ‘End if a little kick but … It is particularly beautiful. And … J’peux tell you … it smells shit too. It’s a bit of a passion, it’s a little one second umm … Yes, it’s … It’s a subject that interests me It’s not plastic. It is about real poo. No, we’re on plastic but soft which will allow a malleable consistency and near real poop that can be found umm … in the toilet for example. The passionate guy! Poop! In plastic. Nan but be aware that my brain still works in the same way: I guess the story behind. The guy cut V, you know, nice, you see there are not too many brain. Anyway he needs money. He sees a classified ad: looking mannequin. There is the guy! And then we said, put a sock on your penis * Laugh * Look at his head Pity. Save me. I n’veux do that. Here. It was the story of Jonathan. I would not buy this sock to get an illustartion BECAUSE I am not as c * n Jonathan! This is the pit bull dressed as a poodle, so he goes completely innaperçu Oh! It is too cute ch … IEA MY ARMS We are on a giant Swiss Army Knife disopsant of no less than 54,000 utilities including toasters and washing machine Huh, you see them here No, no one sees them. It was a book here called “The art of farting” Add to Basket * Mouse click * Hello The art of farting. It’s a novel, the thing is a novel Well drops too boring y’know I was thinking that there were pictures, it was shown Hey but drops First, he put a little quote: “Piss without fart is going to Dieppe without seeing the sea” Very good. Thank you Pierre Nicolas. So I’m gonna read a small excerpt a bit in the middle, there, like that “Objection opponents of pet: it is not by his pet that shocks us, they say, if they had only harmonious impromptu push away from us, if they knew n … But it is to me * from hell but it is something written there’s 300 years! I really feel present a literary program at 5 am It was the art of farting Pierre Thomas Nicolas Hurtaut Small Library Editions Payot Oooh! Friendly! for the kitchen… She really looks good successful, I would like… So wait … Well we’ll order it, we will order it … No, no wait bah * Mouse click * Hello So there it is … So here I’m the HASI … … I got back, huh! Then! It will not s’passer like that! So here we can clearly see in this image, on Amazon, tassel detail, eh, that is to say the … that the … the familiar blister p’tite We also have small ridges, uh … present on everything testicles and we are left with, uh … a smooth rod devoid of any character, eh tesitcules the streaks are absent, the glans is not marked … That sucks. Do not buy it, I lost 10 € more the book of the art of farting, it’s 15 €, huh. This disguise, ladies and gentlemen, it is gorgeous! Wait I want it but that it He is incredible! Go, add to cart. * Click * Hello It was controlled Okay so the principle of this suit is like in the video “I open your parcel” remember It is that there is a small engine that swells the thing, actually. It takes some time. So there you should normally see after a while up something here rest assured this is … It’s a costume. *music* Come on, bitch! To attack! * Music * Ah ah ah! We’ll fuck them! It works well or not? Is at least the optical effect is successful? I regret absolutely nothing this purchase EXCEPT that the head of the casserole does not stand alone This sal * pe. Next, please. Why is there a strawberry compote? We’re on a helicopter package strawberry jam Fireman Sam pack of action figures. For € 3.66, I think we can control social experience. We will order this product and you can golds already put in comments Is it going to be in your opinion jam or Sam helicopter pack action figure box. * Click * Hello Here is the box that contains the command we just did it may as well contain jam … as a firefighter Sam Pack your mother * Epic music * It is the firefighter Sam jam. Nope. It is jam, here. That’s all, it’s the end of the experiment Here is … Nah, nah I have nothing to add Then there was a disgusting thing but particularly malignant It is an egg separator so it’s a cup that separates the eggs … white yellow but it drips through the nose. Funny, no? It will add to cart * Click * Hello Egg Separator Amazon. 4 fresh eggs bought at Monoprix It’s funny because on the Monoprix products there’s always a small valve. and so here the past marked uh … “4 fresh eggs from hens in the open air, they do not lack air, these chickens!” Here. After the guys at Monoprix, they are not necessarily all the time uh … funny, huh. Okay, I poured my egg euuh … in this egg separator and we’ll see what happens It is a real pleasure … * Laughs * Oh, it works that makes slab Go on! Nah but it’s good! Now we have the joke Is what you can let go … You can talk to you, huh. Here we have a stress ball that makes the mouth when the twists It’s still fun, right? It m’donne want to buy. I do not know why I buy, I buy! * Click * Hello Here is the beast Normally if I distorts … Eh Eh bah bah … it’s nothing. This is the * of me! Ladies, ladies, gentlemen, it is the end of this video PIRES items Amazon I hope you liked it You just have to send me other … new, here. euuuh C’que you find Even if it’s not on Amazon, it does not matter using the hashtag # AMAZONWTF2 That way euuh … Y ‘will Bah another episode and I will command the same way And our beloved Luke, the subscriber who made the site will probably make a small site, such Amazon what the f ** k 2 Huh, Luke? Come on, Luke, shit! Go ahead! I hope you liked it thank you very much for watching this video to the end It was Amixem … OVER!