So everyone’s doing their last-minute Christmas shopping right now, I am a culprit of that as well I always go to the lucky employee store to get my Christmas gifts because it’s easy and I know Everybody will love the gifts and I keep the family laced I got a pretty long actually to receipt I spend close to like 1500 bucks typical when I go there But it’s hard not to when everything is on sale when you go to the IKEA employee store It is 40% off and I got some stuff. I picked up some shoes So let’s get into it Welcome back to the channel if you guys are new My name is DJ and if you didn’t know this is the DNA show today. We’re talking about last-minute Christmas shopping Did you get yours done? Because man, I just barely got mine done. Just got back from the Nike employee store This is something I have been doing literally for like the past 10 years Now I go out there get a pass go grab my shoes grab my gifts grab everything I need a couple days right before Christmas. Everybody opens the gifts. They’re all so happy. It’s a wonderful day This is more of a sneaker haul not none of the clothes or anything like that because obviously that would just give away the full video for my family when they see this so I’m just gonna show you guys the sneakers, but basically I spent around Nine hundred to a thousand dollars worth of shoes, but then I got them for like 600 to 700 dollars worth of shoes So if that makes any sense, you guys will see here in the video as I break it down So let’s start with the first sneaker that I found on the hash wall That’s a wall that they have on the back of the store It’s kind of like the clearance wall that you would see like at the Nike factory store or something like that It’s just that the employee store so sometimes it’s discounted already and then they throw another discount on top of that or they have it at the retail price and then You still get the discount on the shoe. So let’s go ahead and jump right into the first one So the first snicker here, I have the fearless reflective metallic Whatever you like to call it Zoom Air Air Jordan one I ended up having two pairs of these one for myself and one for somebody else Obviously I had to get a little gift for myself because I couldn’t pass up on the deal, right? 175 dollars retail and a hundred and five dollars with the discount So I got the shoes for 105 bucks two hundred and ten dollars total But I could have got one for 175 if I didn’t have a discount so you see where I’m going here It just makes sense. You got a coffee and that’s usually what happens when you go to the employees Thor you try to stay With a budgie in all those different things and the next thing you know You come out with 10 pairs of shoes because it was such a good deal and you couldn’t pass it up And yeah, it happens to me Every time I go I try to stay under $1000 and the next thing you know It’s two or three thousand dollars and it just happens like that So the next shoe that I have here is the Nike adapt Earl Beebe multicolored that has like a nuclear vibe to it dope low sketching triple swoosh blue yellow red like It’s got the yellow red blue green here on the front It’s got like multicolored flying it with the mesh and all these different things. Like I think this shoe is really really dope It’s very unique. I have the all-black pair and then I have the Nike Air Mag pair So I feel like this is another cool addition to the collection size 13 perfect for me 285 dollars was the sale point there are usually three hundred and fifty dollars for retail They had to mark these up on a different receipt because they couldn’t do the discount on the shoe So these were the I guess retail sale, but it was already discounted at $285 so I did save some money just on that purchase. So that’s always cool for me And I think it’s a pretty good deal for all Auto lacing basketball shoe. You can’t go wrong with something like this I was back on the hash wall again because the shod Weatherspoon’s had got put out on the hash wall And I know you guys aren’t gonna believe me when I tell you this, but it really happened They put out a couple pairs on the hour each hour and I missed out on it both times I was in the store and I was really really sick about it because I really wanted to get those and make a video for You guys let him? See her but they were giving out Shaun Witherspoon’s on the hash wall for that with a discount on them Yeah I know crazy right But I was looking for those and I found these and this is a perfect size. Perfect fit for the person that I’m getting them for I cannot disclose it because they’re gonna see the video and that just Wasn’t ruin everything great shoe. I got two pairs of these and I’m happy to have them having these as well This will be their first pair of Air Jordan ones and for me to get them out of discount I’m not mad at that because 160 bucks and now getting them for 96 dollars 96 bucks. I mean, you wouldn’t pass up all that either even if it’s like a hyper not hype shoe whatever you like I joined one for 96 bucks brand-new You can’t be mad at one thing that people don’t like is that they ripped the tops off or take the tops off and throw? Them away, but it didn’t come with the accessory and everything like that So at the end of the day, he will get the shoe He just won’t have the box top for it came on the hatch wall It is what it is is one of those situation okay on to the final shoe We have the Nike Element 87 the og black colorway with this little see-through on the front with the mesh I thought these were a don’t blow shoes. So I figured might as well grab them. There were 160 bucks I got them from 96 bucks. I’m not mad at that purchase. That’s pretty cool to say that uh I was able to get an OG shoe that came out a while ago and they just had it out available still now Sometimes they restock different random shoes like that I seen they had the Conchords in there like a couple weeks ago and those was like from last year to see something like that It’s always cool at the es. You never know what you’re gonna find every time you go up in there It could be a crapshoot. It could be great stuff. It could be horrible stuff Who knows so here are some pop ups of some of the other items that were available in the store that I did not purchase Because I either had it or didn’t need to get it at all. I mean who needs to get any of these shoes? I understand that but sometimes you want to grab stuff and sometimes you don’t want to set a good deal like that there were also a couple other sneakers that I had picked up that I cannot disclose in the video because they’ll just know that I Got them for them, so I can’t show those in the video But besides that that was the majority of the good shoes that you guys would like to see Everything else is just basically from our family’s feet and to keep them happy and make sure that they’re comfy and stylish at the same Time so in total, I would have spent nine hundred and fifty five dollars, but I spent six hundred and eighty seven dollars So if you do the math you can see that was actually a really good deal for me because I know I saved a lot of money on those shoes for Both myself and for gifts for other people So the EES is just the best place ever to do your last-minute Christmas shopping in my opinion But you got to get there early because the line is packed. It is stupid Everybody be out there the whole city around this area. Just everybody knows about it So just beware, but I like to go on off days that’s the best thing I can tell you don’t go on a Friday or Saturday because I’ll tell you right now it is about to Be crazy up in there. I think everything is good. Hope you guys enjoy this This was a nice little haul I never really done these before. So I’m Kind of just showing you guys stuff that I picked up If you guys want to see anything else, please drop a comment down below in the comment section I’m looking forward to my top ten man I have some good pick up since you’re I’m excited to show you guys stay tuned for that video without being said my name is DJ I’m signing out. Don’t forget to Like comment share and subscribe. I will see you guys in the next one. I’m going