Hello it is Binky, and welcome back to my
series of Binky’s Boutique. As Halloween is coming up, I thought I would do a really easy
cat makeup look, perfect if you need a last minute Halloween look. [music] I have already applied my base so i can go
straight into the eyes. Firstly I will be using the Daniel Sandler eyeliner, it is called
opal. Take your brush and put it all over the lid of my eye up to the socket line, this
gives your eye lip a nice sheer kind of base to put on, i will also be applying this to
the inner corner and the lover in corner, this will give a really lovely contrast between
the black eyeliner and the eyeshadow. Next up i am taking this Clarins an it is called
intense black eyeliner. We are doing a cat flick. and the best place to do this is to
use your eyebrows as guidelines, so start from the out part, then work your way in,
make it thick and then work your way along the lashline into the inner corner of your
eye. If you make any mistakes do not worry you can clean them up with a cotton bud. If
you do not want to use a pencil you can always use liquid liner, because some people find
that easier. Using the same pencil I will be taking it down into my tear dots. We follow
the tear dot downwards, like a point, just like a guideline, you are kind of marrying
the flick from the outer corner into the inner corner, and you are taking the pencil along
the low lashline. Using the same pencil apply it to the waterline as well. With a damp brush
I am using this Daniel Sandler’s eyeliner, i should say again. I am just going to put
it on top of my eye to build the whiteness up an then just on the lower lashline, just
where you are applying the white eyeshadow before. Having a wet brush is a really good
trick to make it kind of look more dense, it will get the look far more impact. Another
good trick is if you have a white eyeliner, you can go over it with one of those. I am
using this Clarins mascara, it is called high definition. I will be honestly putting this
normally but paying extra attention to the outer lashes, because you want it more of
a built up look that is more of a cat flick, kind of cat eye. I will also be applying mascara
to my bottom lashes as well. Little tip for building up the outer corners is just literally
dabbing your mascara brush at the end like so. I have got these eyelashes from Haute
Couture, and I am literally just going to put the glue on my hand, taking in my hand
the eyelash for my left eye. Using this cotton bud i have got here, dab it into the glue,
just applying it to the rim, this is a tricky process, so if you get it wrong, try and try
again. Let the eyelash get a little bit tacky so wave it a bit around, for a bit, because
it will stick a lot better. OK grab the lashes in the middle and just literally apply, then
when you thing you have got the right place use the tweezers to push them down, this is
really tricky. I definitely advise practicing before Halloween just so you are ready for
the night. [music] Right. So i am using a different eyeliner
that is called black velvet by Daniel Sandler, and we are drawing a nose and whiskers with
this. So, draw a triangle on your nose and then fill in your triangle. There are a lot
of different ways you can do your nose but this is how I am going to do it, it is much
easier. I will be drawing three whiskers on either side of my face, starting from the
one in the middle, and then on the other side try to be symmetrical. This look would look
really good with red lips, but I am actually going to be using a pink lip stick today.
This is a Clarins one and it is called petal pink. I will be just applying it normally
to the lower and top lip. Finally i will be getting this lip gloss by Daniel Sandler and
it is called super pomegranate, dab it on, do a big pout, and then that is your Halloween
look. I hope you liked this makeup look. If you did then give this video a thumbs up.
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you then. Bye, bye! [music]