– We’re doing it, Naomi, and Benjamin, and I are out shopping all day. We’re gonna hit all the thrift stores, probably some department stores. We’re gonna hit our favorite
grocery outlet store, we haven’t been to for a long time. So, just a lot going on, but here we go. Benjamin, it’s chilly
today isn’t it, it is. [Jamerrill] Okay, let’s
see if these are real Tuberware tumblers or something close, they look like it, 50
cents, winner, winner. (in singsong voice) Kinds of coffee cups. Let’s see about this
silverware, we always need that. (silverware clattering) It’s always a good reminder,
some of my favorite verses. I’m picking up these
little spreader knives because the little kids
will like using those. Naomi was just asking
about this story today, and here it is; 50 cents, exciting. So I found all kinds of clothes that were on Amelia’s clothes list. I rolled those overalls up so I wouldn’t drag them on the floor, and then look at all these books, oh my goodness, homeschool
mom explosion here with a cart full of discount
books for our library. So yeah, so many beautiful
things at that thrift store, we were there well over an hour. But we’re gonna go over
to one of my favorite grocery outlets called Sharp
Shopper and load up there, I haven’t been there in well over a year, and then we’ll hit some
more thrift stores. I have a four-day trip
that Zion and Benjamin are going on with me
and Travis will be home manning the fort with all the kids, and so I figured if I could load up on a bunch of yogurt and fun
extra snacks for while I’m gone it’ll just be a treat while
momma’s not in the house, right? Benjamin just got done nursing
though, didn’t you, Benjamin? So, yeah, and then tell them what you did, said “I nursed, and then, I pooped.” So, time for fresh diaper,
fresh outfit for him before we head on in to Sharp
Shopper, this is Benjamin’s first time at Sharp
Shopper, whoop good burp! [Jamerrill] There you go, no
those are like the GoGurts. This yogurt’s ten cents,
we’re not this big of a blue cheese fan but look at this huge thing of blue cheese for only $2.99. And there’s mayonnaise for $2.99. That’s a good price on coconut oil, too. And a huge thing of
mayonnaise, also $2.99. Raisin price, so we found
some good deals on yogurts. We got two cases of this
Trix yogurt for ten cents, and then these yogurts
were four for a dollar. There’s a good price on these packs of string cheese, so,
those’ll be convenient. Now these grapes look good for $1.99, I’m gonna get several pounds of these. So we got a big case
of those granola bars. So, it got dark on us but we got all kinds of really good, just fun snacks and stuff I don’t normally buy. I got two overflowing carts
full for less than 200 dollars. It came to, what was it here,
184 dollars and four cents. And you see just tons
of stuff in that cart, tons of stuff in this
cart, lots of cereals, raisins, canned fruit, granola
bars, and tons of yogurt. So we are gonna go to this thrift store because they close in 45 minutes, and that’s the saddest song of the day. So we just loaded up at a
Goodwill that had a lot of one dollar and two dollar shirts, lots of name-brand stuff for
miss Amelia in particular, bunch of stuff for Daniel, too. There’s our bags, and
Naomi’s got a bag full. Hey friends, I am kind of walking circles around my dining room
today with mister Benjamin trying to keep him happy, let’s
see I’ll walk backwards now ’cause I’ve got another mess
against that wall over there that I’m not showing you guys yet. I did a ton of shopping yesterday as you saw from my clips earlier. We hit Sharp Shopper yesterday, which is a grocery outlet store. Actually have two of them within
45 minutes to an hour of me and I used to rely exclusively
on Sharp Shopper for, I say exclusively, probably
the wrong vocabulary word, I used to rely on Sharp
Shopper, mainly every month I would hit Sharp Shopper
first and save as much money as I possibly could, fill
as many carts as I could, and then after that I would
get whatever else was left at Costco and at Walmart, however now, I’ve worked Aldi hard for well over a year and these last couple months
I’ve really been enjoying Walmart Grocery Pickup, hallelujah, that thing’s a life-saver and I love it. So, anyway though, yesterday Naomi and I did a ton of shopping,
and there’s gonna be a lot of videos this week up on the
channel, hey mister Benjamin, of all the shopping that Naomi
and I did yesterday because, like you know, since I’ve
been doing this YouTube thing I can’t go shopping without
sharing it on the internet. So, I’m gonna give you an
overview of my Sharp Shopper haul. And again, this was so much fun because I hadn’t been in a long time. The best deal I have ever
found at Sharp Shopper was the yogurt, I mean
well over ten years, I hit the yogurt hard there
because all of my kids have always loved yogurt and I can get four for a dollar yogurt there. So overall on my haul I spent $184. Now, is this all stuff I needed? Excuse me, the baby dropped his pacifier. Hold on Benjamin, you may not need it, you don’t have to have it I
just wanna keep you happy. You see that light, we could
turn the fan on for you? Okay, so this is what, oh yeah
I have a towel on my head, and several of the videos
that I’m gonna film today I’m gonna have to have a towel on my head. And I didn’t get to bed
until 4 a.m. and all that, and I hope to do a video
sharing that story, so we got all kinds of
yeehaw adventures happening. But this is how it’s gonna be for today. Anyway, so with their
yogurt they usually have several cases there to choose
from at four for a dollar, and then sometimes they have a lot of yogurt to choose from,
sometimes, they’re out. A lot of the times they have
a yogurt delivery once a week which, in Harrisonburg,
Virginia is usually on Tuesdays, and so, I went yesterday
and it was a Monday. And so all they had left
before their next big delivery, they had this double cream,
chocolate on the bottom, Stonyfield Organic yogurt,
these were four for a dollar, and so, there is chocolate
sauce on the bottom and then it’s vanilla
yogurt, kids can stir it, and for a quarter each, if I
have kids who don’t like it that’s fine because I
know I have kids who will. And, okay, pacifier drop it again, say, “I don’t know, you’re
talking at me mommy.” Maybe I could just nurse instead. Okay, and then the other
yogurt that they had was they had this Trix yogurt,
and these are much smaller, they’re about four ounces,
they were only ten cents, so ten for a dollar and this
is what I have left of those. Since I got home yesterday
this is pretty close to the way the haul originally looked, but we have gotten into
some things ’cause now it’s the afternoon after I went, and, yes, because we are dedicated
to YouTube haul videos, Zion is such a good
helper, he helped me get all the yogurt out I
bought and we spread it out and then we’re gonna put it back, because that’s how
committed to YouTube I am. So these were good deals on
the Yogurt and then these, Stonyfield Yokids Organic
Squeezers, very similar to GoGurt, these were only a dollar a
pack, so I bought ten of these and I only see eight here but I thought they were definitely a good
deal for a dollar each. I got, there’s two little
boxes of Hot Wheels gummies, that’s because Daniel
and Gabriel and Liam, you know, they will think that’s cool. So they were $1.49 each, I got two bags of this Peanut Butter Cups cereal that I wouldn’t normally
get but it was $1.99, and, again, this is for a treat. So a lot of the stuff that
I get at this grocery outlet would be extra things I
don’t normally need to buy, so you could argue that, you
know, I’m not saving money if I’m spending money I wouldn’t
otherwise need to spend, but we all like treats,
we all like shortcuts, and if I’m in a season
where I need to do that then going to this grocery outlet called Sharp Shopper is helpful. But I did stock up on some things that I needed for the pantry like getting a pound of penne noodles for 69 cents a pound, you
know, that’s a good deal. I spend, at Walmart or
Aldi or other locations I’ll spend a dollar or more a pound. And then, this was another gold mine deal along with the yogurt yesterday, is these Polly-o strong cheeses, so, you know, if you go
to get a pack of these at Walmart or another
location you’re gonna spend five, six, seven dollars, it
seems like, for a full pack. I haven’t price-checked this exact pack, but if you want to do this,
this is 24 sticks, okay. So they had them for $2.99, so I bet I’m getting pretty close to
a third or half off at $2.99. And what it is, is this is 24 ounces, so I ended up actually
paying $1.99 per pound. Now with my math, I had some
math going on there yesterday, they have these wonderful
big, logs of cheese, several pounds cheese logs of mozzarella, and provolone, and colby
jack, and so, I used to spend $30 and get one of those huge cheese logs and then Travis would make
them into cheese sticks for us, well that’s great, however,
that cheese was $2.49 a pound, these packs of cheese
sticks were $1.99 a pound, and I thought, “Well, I’m gonna get ten, I’m gonna get ten packs
and we will be far better already having our cheese sticks made.” So that was my little bit of cheese math, plus, you know if I can
get it for a little cheaper these are already in
the little wrappers so, quick and easy snacks for the kids. And today, because I was so
tired from my adventures, my late night, up until
this morning adventures, Travis had the kids with him outside and they took out one
of these packs of cheese and one of the boxes of
the granola bar deals I got and that was their lunch,
and now they’re off doing errands so momma
can film some videos. Okay, let’s see, so some other good deals. So, the Promise light
margarine, this was 99 cents. Honestly, I just got this
because I was standing in front of their butter
and margarine section and I thought, “I don’t know
if we have butter at home, because I am in between
grocery hauls right now,” so I picked some up because I thought something is better than nothing. And back there, their
salt was two for a dollar, that’s pretty much a standard price. I got these cans of mandarin oranges, they were two for a
dollar, I’ve always gotten them there, the kids always love those. Now this I thought was a good deal, so these are Homestyle
Chicken Noodle soup cans, ten and a half ounces,
they were 50 cents each, I know that that is at
least a 50% off savings, the reason I got these, excuse me, you can hear my baby grunting here, I have a business trip coming up next week and I’m gonna have some
freezer meals and such in the freezer for the family, but I also was picturing
the kids having fun, microwaving their own little
bowls of chicken noodle soup. We don’t have soup like this
often so that’s a treat. And let’s see here, oh,
my baby’s eating his hand. You slobbering on you hands, you say, “Because, mommy, I hear
you talking in my ear, and that makes me think I’m gonna eat.” Yeah, you hold your passy there. Okay, so, more deals there
were these big and chewy packs of Quaker Oats granola
bars, I would never, in a bazillion years, buy
these for regular price at a standard grocery store, okay, but they were $1.99 a
box, now at Sharp Shopper, if things sit around long enough eventually these’ll be
two for a dollar boxes, let me see what the date is on here. So the date is January,
2018, so I bet by December, if they have any cases of these left, that’s when they’ll mark them
down for like two for a dollar and I still take advantage of those deals whenever I’ve gone in the past because, if I get a case of granola bars, even if there’s four weeks
left until the sell-by date, my kids will gladly eat a whole case of granola bars over four
weeks if we have it, right. So with the granola bars, so
those were the chocolate chip, and then I got a whole case
of these yogurt chewy bars, there’s also 14 in these,
and check this out, these were $1.49 a box, hold
on, Benjamin, we can do it, this sell-by date is November seventh, and so we have several weeks before then, and these will all be gone
before then, I am sure. If we have something convenient
and snacky on hand we eat it and that’s why moms will write me and ask me in the comments
and such, you know, Jamerrill, how do you handle snacks? When I go to the store and
I buy a bunch of snacks my family eats them in a matter of days, that’s just a universal struggle, so, honestly, I don’t do a ton of snacks, I don’t do a lot of these
convenient, pre-packaged snacks. Oh, okay, I’m gonna have to go put my baby down, I’ll be right back. Okay, handed off the baby
to a local baby holder, so that’s helpful, so anyway,
what I was saying was, I don’t keep a lot of, like
I don’t go to the store and purposely buy chewy
yogurt granola bars. However, if I can get
them for $1.49 and, again, we’re in a season where
mom is gonna travel, or we’ve just got lots of road
trips and stuff coming up, I’m gonna try not to
give my whole itinerary again, all on YouTube,
but you guys will see, as videos come out over the weeks, we have two big trips coming up. Yeah, just two big trips coming up with, like, two weeks in-between them. So I am doing freezer cooking,
I’m gonna do a whole lot of freezer, slow-cooker,
like, dump type meals, or throw-n-go meals,
as I like to call them. I’ve got a lot of those
that I’m going to prep, but having this kind of stuff on hand right now is just fine
with me, plus, it was fun, I love going to the outlet, okay, then. All these boxes of
raisins were 99 cents each for 15 ounces, I bought a case of 24. I mean, if my husband wants
to eat raisins for a snack, you know, that’s fine with
me, all the kids love raisins, again, convenient little boxes, I mean, the kids and I, we could take
one of these boxes of raisins and a pack of cheese sticks
and go out to the forest for a big read aloud time
and that would be great, that would be a quick
and easy snack or lunch. Okay, so this Cookie Crisp
cereal, another thing, $1.49 a box, $1.49 a box,
the date is February, 2018. Once these are open, the
kids will eat these in, I bet you, two mornings once we say, “Okay, open the Cookie Crisp cereal,” it’ll be like a commercial
with the wolf howling, “Cookie Crisp!” You know,
it’ll be gone quick, we don’t live off Cookie Crisp, nothing wrong with
having some Cookie Crisp. Okay, I just got one little
silly thing of Kleenex, because I found a really neat
basket at the thrift store that I’m gonna use to hold
toilet paper in the hall bathroom and it had a place for
tissue in the middle so I got some tissue, we’ll
see how that works out. And then here’s just the
back end of the haul, coming back around the table, so, I notice there are a few things missing, they did have some, I got two big boxes of freezer eggrolls, and
those were $1.99 a box, I figured that would be one lunch, along with some other side
item or what have you. I think we’re missing a pack
or two of the string cheese, and we’re down some yogurt and
two boxes of those already, and you can tell the granola
bars have been gotten into. So, it’s kind of you know,
this is like 80% of the haul. And yes, we have been
sick, you’re gonna see a bunch of videos coming
out where I’m coughing and I’m spitting and
coughing and swallowing extra and all of that because it’s
that time of the year here, and the seasons are
changing, but I thought you guys would enjoy seeing this haul, I did share some pictures of it, and some video of it over on
Instagram and Instastories. If you’re not following me
on Instagram, please do. ‘Cause I can guarantee this
haul won’t get out on YouTube for like, another week
from the day I film it, and I usually share it the
day it actually happens over on Instagram and
Instastory, so follow me there, I’ll have the link for that
in the description below, it’s @JamerrillStewart, also on Facebook it’s Large Family Table,
I’d love to see you, and chat with you over
there, and that’s it. Gonna go film like four more videos now, so I’ll see you next time, friends with a brand new video, buh bye.