– Hi, friends, I am back
today with another haul from my favorite discount grocery store, that is Sharp Shopper Grocer Outlet. And if you’re new here,
those are sprinkled about in Virginia and also Pennsylvania. And I have what turned out to be a Walmart grocery shopping haul. I had on my list yesterday
with all of our big, like, shop with me, all day shopping,
I was gonna go into Alldee, but by the end of the
day, I was in Walmart and I thought, you know what? Walmart’s good enough, I’m
not going into another store. This is it, this mama’s
driving home after this. So, I ended up getting
everything at Walmart and I do think the grocery
bill is elevated a little bit, and that’s what I get for
not going into Alldee. But it’s okay, let’s see what I got. So here is the quick
overview of the table, and we will start with everything
I got at Sharp Shopper, down at this end, and of course we’re just starting out with treats. So you know I have some
dinosaur lovin’ boys and these Fudge Stripe
cookies with Jurassic Park were $1.29, so I only got two packs. And today when I’m filming
this it is Saturday. So, guess what? These cookies will be weekend cookies, they’ll be done fast,
quick, and in a hurry. And actually, let me see, one, two, three, I think there’s four
little pouches in here. So if I give of the eight
kids their own little stack of cookies, that’s it, they’re gone. So, they’ll be green fudgeosaurus, yay. Then we got, Sharp Shopper
always after the holidays will have these Pillsbury
ready to bake cookies marked down for two for
a dollar, or sometimes they’ll be four for a dollar. And then another treat, which
I was super excited about, is the butterscotch flavor, and these are the bigger packs of pudding, 60% more. Was 99 cents, and if you
watch my shop with me video, I do a price comparison and you can see at Walmart these packs were $2.48. So, I spent eight whole
dollars, and we got a case of butterscotch pudding,
and that will be, like, you know, after dinner,
have a cup of pudding. Just little treats for the week. Another deal that I was
excited about, ’cause we really liked these, I had
gotten a case of these when we were going to New York City and doing some other traveling. When I bought them last time,
they were 99 cents a case. Now they have it marked
down two for a dollar. And when you can see in here, there’s tons of these little peanut
pouches, and the kids liked the salty caramel
flavor, so I got six boxes of those, and these’ll be great, like, for homeschool group snacks
or running to dance lesson, if we need a snack, or whatever. I can just take ’em along with
us and that’ll be a treat. Now, these morning go kits. Of course I would not have
bought these any other time, but they were only two
for a dollar and it was a fun treat for the kids
at breakfast this morning. So they got a little cup
of strawberry yogurt, they have these three cranberry
almond breakfast flats, and then they have these trail mix. So, like, this morning what
Amelia did is she spread yogurt on each one, and then she
did trail mix on each one. I think I got 12 of them. This is the pumpkin pie flavor
and I got three boxes of ’em. It ends up being four for a dollar. I only got three boxes. We have, what this whole grocery haul is is more like a fill in haul. We have a lot of things, there were certain things we needed. We have some yogurt left
I got a few weeks ago. So that’s why I didn’t
go crazy and get like 80 things of yogurt, I just got the four boxes for this time. Also they had Nilla wafers. This is a Nilla Berry Delight flavor. They were marked down two for a dollar. So I got four boxes of those and Benjamin is having a few right now. And then also, waddling over
here, more from Sharp Shopper. I got the salami for
99 cents and of course it says no nitrates or
nitrates added, which is great. And later my Walmart haul,
I’ll show you, hotdogs. And they’ll totally negate
this, but haha, there we go. 99 cents. Then, I was really happy
with this deal, $2.49. You know, I’ll get these at Costco. They’re like, I don’t know,
how much is it at Costco, I forget, but I have
some Himalayan salt and some ground pepper from Costco still. But these’ll be in my pantry for backup. So the pepper was $3.99 and
the Himalayan was $2.49, I wanna say they’re at least $5 normally when I buy ’em at Costco. And then this orange
juice, there’s date here of January 7th and I am filming
this it is still December. And actually I bought three
of these orange juices for three for $2.99, see
if I can get my words out. One of ’em is already half
gone in the refrigerator, so within a few days
the orange juice treat at breakfast time will be done. I sent pictures of this
big thing of provolone to Travis last night, it
was only $2.29 a pound. Yes, amazing, amazing. And this is 11.69 pounds,
so I paid a total of $26.77. Travis and I tomorrow will
be doing a lot of, like, large family healthy meal
plan for the coming week. He’s gonna do a bunch of cheese sticks, we’re gonna do a bunch of vegetable prep. I’ll probably do some hard boiled eggs, and we’ll just get our week set up with food that we can prep ahead. And I’ll be doing another video for that, so be on the lookout for it. But he has about a half size,
maybe a six pound log of, like, a Colby blend, plus
we’ll do this provolone. And we’ll use it on cheeseburgers and different low carb meals
and other goodies like that. But he said yes, get it, we can use it. And so there you go. This is my Sharp Shopper haul. My Sharp Shopper haul came out to be $88, but this huge almost 12 pounds of cheese was about a third of that. And so, hello Sharp Shopper,
we love you, as always. And then, Walmart. This is the Walmart side of the table. And you can see, guess who’s been running low on condiments around here? So the kids were like,
when I left yesterday, Leea was like, mommy, get ketchup. So, these big 64 ounce
things of ketchup at Walmart were like $2.48, so I got three of them. I got us some more
Ranch for vegetable dip. These things of mustards
were under a dollar. We got some tartar sauce,
even though I don’t have anything for tartar sauce
in particular coming up this week, we needed to have some on hand. Travis really like this
stone ground mustard, so I got three of those,
and then we got some more cocktail sauce, because we
have been on a shrimp kick. We have a few specific
tomato lovers, and so last night when Amelia
was putting the tomatoes in the cart, she dropped one of these, and they went all over
the floor in Walmart. So we picked it up and I
found a Walmart employee to hand it to so that it wouldn’t
get sold to anybody else, but these are our tomatoes that
are fulfilling their destiny and they’ve made it home with us. Then I got these packs of lunch meat. We’ve got turkey breast and ham. And these are almost $7 a
piece I got four of them. Again, I feel like my
Walmart haul was on the more expensive side, so I’m
gonna tell you the things, of course, that help add
up those prices quickly. These are great quick snacks. Also, Travis wanted a bunch of like, the Mexican blend and
fiesta blend cheeses. They had, these are smaller bags, for us. I would have got the five pound bags. So I got two of the two pounds bag. Also, pepperoni. I know, it’ll be a hot
topic of debate, but just, you know, full confession
on how Travis works through doing low carb, he likes
pepperoni as snacks. It is zero carb and it is much better for him to grab a handful of pepperoni or a cheese stick if he
needed a quick snack. The Propel water helps with
the electrolyte balance. I know there’s other
supplements and fixes out there, but, again, this is
another quick fix for him. My big ol’ thing of my
coffee refills was $20. And these are a gift to
myself, because I just like poppin ’em in and not having to think. I got two things of eggs, eggs at Walmart, so I guess we’re cycling
down on our egg prices again. Was like, $4.69 for five dozen. And yes, I will finally,
hopefully, fingers crossed, order chickens in the spring, but in the meantime that’s our eggs. I got a big thing of Greek yogurt. This is just plain and I can add Stevia or other things to it. I got these flavored Greek yogurts. So Trim Healthy Mama your meals are either low carb and high fat or
they’re medium carb and low fat and you have them spaced out a few hours. It’s a way of eating so you’re
not spiking your blood sugar. So, all that to say, I
can have one of these and whenever you look the
total carbohydrate, 14, but then you subtract the fiber. And the eight carb that
is left makes this a snack that I’m able to have, depending
on which Trim Healthy Mama way I’m going for that meal or that snack. Got it, got it, if I lost ya, sorry. Got two bags of shrimp. We have some in the freezer,
but I just have more and more kids who are really enjoying
shrimp, so I got us a refill. I got us Kerrygold butter. I know salted or unsalted is a personal preference
and baking preference. They only had two of
the salted, so I got two of the unsalted, that’s
the only reason why. Got us another thing
of apple cider vinegar. I’ll tell ya, I use apple
cider vinegar for all kinds of things, let me tell
you a quick mama tip. Okay, at different points
over the last 18 years of being a mama, once in
a while I’ll have a kid that gets a wart on their
hand, a wart on their finger. Or, I think, I don’t
know, twice in 20 years I’ve had a wart on my finger. And so what we do to soak off a wart, it’ll go all the way down
and kill it at the roots, is we soak it in apple cider vinegar. And so I have one kiddo now with one wart, and so I’m having them soak that finger in raw apple cider vinegar every evening. And you can already see where
the wart is turning black, and within about a week it’ll be gone. So, not what you were expecting in the middle of my grocery haul. We also had an outbreak, this is where I really learned this trick. Yes, story time with Jamerrill. Let’s talk about warts. A few years ago we were
rollerskating a lot and renting the rollerskates. I had an outbreak of the
plantar warts and they are so painful, and I
really feel like I got it from the rented rollerskates. And out of desperation,
that is where I learned this apple cider vinegar
trick, because I was about to go have it cut out. And then I read how they can grow back. Yes, that’s what you wanted to hear. We wanted to talk about feet and warts on Jamerrill’s
feet while I’m shopping. I know you wanted to hear
it, just admit it, right? Okay, so, more low carb stuff. Cabbage, cabbage goes a long way in meals. Radishes. You can cook your radishes in the instant pot or slow cooker. You can throw ’em in with
some meat, with a beef roast, with some chicken, and it
can take on a flavor profile very similar to a potato. When the radishes are
cooked, it doesn’t take on a sharp taste, such as an onion. Anyway, you don’t have
to do it, but I like pretending like it’s a potato. Travis really likes purple
onions with his various meats, so I got some of those, got
another bag of avocados. Two English cucumbers,
two spaghetti squashes. I’m gonna be filming some low carb recipes coming up and we’re gonna do a few different recipes using spaghetti squash. And if you haven’t seen it
yet, I’ll pop my video up here where I show you how I do spaghetti squash in the electric pressure cooker. You can also do it in the
microwave, do it in the oven, do it in the slow cooker, lots
of different ways to do it. Also got some sweet potatoes. This is more Trim Healthy
Mama lunches in mind. These would be more of an E meal, which is the medium carbs lower fats. There’s that. I got some sauerkraut. So this is me just having
a craving in the store. I thought Travis and I would
really like these smoked brats and I would like mine with sauerkraut. It’s nothing that the
kids enjoy, so I just got enough for Travis and I for that. Got some cheese sticks
because those are quick, low carb snacks too, and just
general good healthy snacks. And now I’m saying this,
and I just got done telling you I bought a ton of cheese that we’re gonna make into cheese sticks. So, thank goodness, the
date on here is April 2019. So those can be my backup
emergency cheese sticks. And I showed in yesterday’s video, I was thrilled to find frozen cauliflower at Walmart yesterday, and then I got some good old Stewart family standard broccoli. Got the kids hot dogs because, I figure, when Travis and I do the
brats and sauerkraut, they’re gonna want hot dogs. Same difference to them, yes. And then, here’s another. This is Jamerrill confession video. So, we love bacon. You know we bought a whole pig. I have not yet mastered
how to cook the uncured, pasture raised, pure
and holy bacon in a way to where, I don’t know, it
resembles bacon, taste wise. The farm that we bought
it from did give me some directions on how to do
it, and I just, I need to experiment more, but in the
meantime, my man needs bacon. (laughs) So we got bacon. And, yes, but we’ll get there. Baby steps, right? And then I got bunch of bananas. This what is left. We had several kids eat
bananas with their yogurts this morning and then, yes, Diet Coke. Diet Coke, one of the treats right now. So here’s a look, oh, so, all of this at Walmart, this week, was $357. I know, that’s a whole lot. But I haven’t been out like
shop shoppin’ in a few weeks. We have a lot already. So you can tell these are
more, like, low carb specialty add in items that I’ll need over the next few weeks coming up. I may end up going back, you know, toward the end of next week and get
more fruits and vegetables. So, thank so much, friend,
for watching everything I got at Sharp Shopper, hadn’t been
there in several weeks either, so I was glad to get in there. Everything I got for this kind
of fill in haul at Walmart. I have another haul
video coming up tomorrow where I show you what I
got at two thrift stores, Hobby Lobby, Dollar Tree,
and, feel like there was somewhere else, but there may not be. So, check back in the
morning to see that video. I will talk to you in
the comments, as always, and I will see you tomorrow
with another brand new video. You have a great day, bye bye.