– Friends, we are at a another
Sharp Shopper location. I’ve never actually been into
this Sharp Shopper before, and we’re heading to Costco today, so we’re gonna go into
both new-to-us locations and see what kind of deals we can get. There you go, two packs. That’s actually a good price for these. They’re 20 ounces each. Olive oil. Yeah, one more. I’ll be done in a minute, sweetie. That’s a good price. That makes it about a dollar a pound. Here you go, honey. We don’t need these, but that is an excellent price for these. Especially for road trips and such. These look fun. I’ve got a bunch of this cheese. It’s two forty nine a pound. We’ve got lots of
four-for-a-dollar yogurt. We got five pounds of vanilla
yogurt for only a $1.99. I’m gonna get these. We’re in Costco now. These are really cute
little flannel sheet sets. – [Child] Look at those lights. – They’re beautiful. Story of our life, we
always need batteries. Lobster, hey, Naomi,
look at the giant one. Wow. That’s the mack daddy crab right there. Beautiful cakes here. We came on a crowded
day, didn’t we, Amelia? You got some yummy snacks. Lots of different steak prices. Round tip, it’s actually
a pretty good price. Lots of bananas here,
let’s see what’s happening. Start putting those in the cart, honey. And here’s how my cart’s
looking, it’s filling up. Okay, we’re gonna load
up on broccoli here. Eggs. – [All] And go. – Oh, it’s videoing! – [Jamerill] Travis might like this. – [Child] Ketchup (mumbles). – [Jamerill] Yeah, we got ketchup. Let’s go get some mayonnaise here. – [Child] I had them when I was a baby. – [Jamerill] So what
I just made myself do, cuz I hadn’t done Costco in a long time, is we had two carts full and I just recounted my total because I lost my calculator at some point and so I’ve got lots of fruits and veggie and things in this cart. Lots of meats and other
veggies in this cart, and a few more things I need to add in from this cart over here. Say, those are cute. This whole house is so cute because one side is a kitchen and then the other side is the house. – [Child] Oh yeah, I feel one. – [Jamerrill] And that one is
$49, and Amelia wants it, yes. Look at her, she even has a little diaper. These are marked down to $8. The Baby Alive teacup surprise. Bow and arrows. Here we are checking out
a complete contradiction. We got big bags of candy
but these are for stockings. We found some toy deals in here and I told the kids not to look, ha ha, and then here is this cart, and then here is how
that cart is working out. Well we are back from all that shopping and running around today. It was fun though to get
out and do that because way back in the olden days, if you go back to some
of my very first videos here on YouTube, and the
kids were so little then, and we have new kids, we have
added additional kids now, but the way that we grocery
shop for well over 10 years is that we would go to our favorite local grocery outlet store,
called Sharp Shopper, first, with about a hundred
to a hundred and fifty dollars and just grab all the deals
that they had available. Which was usually you know
a nice big bag of oatmeal, tons of yogurt, cheese deals,
sometimes some deli lunch meat and bagels and other kind of deals. Just whatever they had
and usually I’d fill up one to two carts to overflowing, and then after that we would go to Costco and do our big large
family haul from there. Back then I was really working the Trim Healthy Mama plan hard. Of course not for ten years but whatever I was just
starting on YouTube, I talked a lot about
doing Trim Healthy Mama in my first home videos. Anyway so here I am now, and a little grocery
haul family history here with the Stewarts is whenever we moved I jumped in to loving a
new Aldi that they built. Now when I say local, just know you know, I live in the middle of nowhere. We don’t even have a stoplight. Everything is 45 minutes to an hour away, but based on where we live, we actually had some
other cities available. So in one now local city to
us they had built an Aldi and I love that and then of course during my last pregnancy
we learned all about the Walmart online grocery
ordering and pickup. So as a large family mom, grocery shopping is always
a big part of my brain and a big part of my
family management system that is in my head, and
to change it up this month we went back to Sharp Shopper and Costco. It’s been a long time Costco. So that’s why in the
clips that you just saw, you know I wasn’t so sure. I even took a few minutes
to retotal everything in both my carts because it’s been a while and I had forgot to use my
calculator through part of it so what I ended up coming up with, and I’ll show you this Costco haul here. This is my Costco haul. Lots of meat. Lots of veggies. Lots of fruit, and so
this whole entire haul came right in at about $636. I also, before we went into Costco, I went into Sharp Shopper where and this was another
Sharp Shopper location. A larger one than the
one that I had gone to for over ten years, so it was just fun to see the store a lot of
the same deals I’m used to. Like they did have the
four for a dollar yogurts. I’m gonna show you this Costco haul and then I’m just gonna add
the Sharp Shopper haul in too. It’ll just be a big massive
shopping haul video. In a perfect world, I
would have loved to have just a shopping like shop with us blog, and then have a separate Costco haul, and then have a separate
sharp shopper haul, but I think when I
looked at my video clips, once we got home today,
I only had a few minutes of actual footage of us out shopping. It’s just the the plight of a vlogger. If you’re not paying attention
sometimes you get too much or you don’t get enough. A couple other things
that are happening is this huge grocery haul that we did is not for heavily
planned out freezer meals. I am gonna probably do
one or two freezer meals and I’ll just do the simple system of when I make one of them
I’ll make it times four to get a little stock up on my freezer and I’m probably going to do one or two slow cooker
meals that I have in mind. But then the rest of this. My husband is actually gonna help me in the kitchen some more
over these next few weeks and he is doing a lot of
just different lean meats, and a lot of salads,
and a lot of vegetables, and just lots of things
that I got here are also for Travis and his dinner
making time in the kitchen. Let’s just ready, set,
go, roll through this and you’ll see more from there. So starting out we have
the meat pile down here. There is a ton of meat
down here and let’s see. A lot of it’s pretty much
the same thing so let’s see. Okay, this is the Costco pork loin chops. They are two ninety nine a pound, so this pack was fifteen forty nine, and yeah five pounds. So I’ve got three packs of the pork. That’s 15 pounds total. This was this yummy artisan’s wrap. As you can tell a lot of the things that you’re gonna see in this haul video, we’re not following like any
diet plans in particular, so I’m not doing exclusively
Trim Healthy Mama. We’re not doing exactly low-carb. We’re not counting calories. We’re doing something. We’re figuring it out. But a lot of the meals and
the upcoming weeks are gonna be more on the lower carb side of life. Okay? Okay. Anyway, with these artisan wraps, they are mozzarella cheese
and they have pepperoni. For other meats wrapped around them. This was $11 for this tray, and Travis and the kids
and I shared a tray on the way home and I
thought well that was an $11 inexpensive family
dinner out on the way home. So we got that. One of them is gone. I also got, the girls and I like shrimp and these are cooked salad shrimp. These were fourteen ninety nine a bag, so I got two of those. So this is beef round, top round steak. It was four ninety nine a
pound and you know if you watch my videos that is super
pricey meat for me to buy but I got more meat more fruits and vegetables,
nothing else in between really. So this is four and a third pound. We’ve got twenty one
dollars sixty one cents. Yeah I got four of
those, and then we have, okay here are two beef roast I got. Also four ninety nine a pound. $25 for those two, and then whenever I’ve shopped at Costco in years past this was always a good deal. This is, let’s see here. Ten pounds of chicken
and it ends up being, I believe it’s like two
thirty nine a pound. So I got thirty pounds
total of this chicken, and then for quick and easy salads I got these grilled chicken breast strips. I got four packs of these total. They were nine ninety nine a pack. Their peppers, I got two packs of the red, two packs of the multi colored. These were a little over
six dollars a pack, and then these small tomatoes here
were four ninety nine a pack. The bacon was twelve ninety nine, and that’s twelve ninety
nine for four packs. So four pounds I believe. Yes, so I got two of
those for six ninety nine. I got this rice cauliflower. You can of course make
this with cauliflower but again I’m looking for a quick and easy for myself right now. This has four microwavable bags, so I was gonna give that a try. This is another thing I’m
getting for myself that Travis and no one else will probably like, although Amelia, she, she usually likes this little stuff with me. These are twelve veggie
cakes and they’re 100 calories, gluten-free, vegetarian. Who knows how we’re
going to use them but I got one pack to try. Two big packs of mushrooms. Okay we’re back to the tomatoes. Okay big bag of avocados here and then over here I got a big bag of frozen chopped spinach. I got a bag of fresh spinach. This, this is just to mix up in salads. This is for me to get creative
in the kitchen with different recipes that I’ll be sharing. Here are three English cucumbers I got some kale. Don’t tell Travis and then in
the frozen veggies I got this big, this is a five
and a half pound bag of Normandy style vegetable blend and then we are big steamed broccoli fans so this is 20 pounds of steamed broccoli. These were a little over six dollars a bag and then up here I got
one pack of bacon crumbles and I got total twelve romaine hearts. Now I know we will need some more lettuce. We’re gonna need a fill-in haul. We might even need a small fill in haul in a week after church, just depending on, just depending guys. I’m not sure right now
on a lot of things in life, so we shall see but this
is how things go right now. Okay guys I cannot even
find on the receipt where I bought apples but I
know I bought these apples and they are here and I did not take them. I am just standing here still
looking at this receipt. Yes, okay I see it. Red Delicious. Okay these were eight
ninety nine for ten pounds. Woohoo. These were four something for 18 ounces each of the blackberries. The bananas you can tell
they’re really yellow. It’s three pounds in a bag so it’s a dollar thirty nine a bag. Okay I just had to get my calculator. 46 cents a pound. The milk was two thirteen a
gallon for skim milk and these, all of these milks are dated
for like January fifth. So I was glad with that. Sometimes I get milk and it seems like it’s short on the date, and then I got two tubs of Greek yogurt. We have these are five pounds and these were five dollars,
five dollars and some change. Got some Country Crock,
some cooking spray. I got some pretty pink salt
and some pretty black pepper. I thought Travis could
grind that and like it, and then let’s see. For more for the kids, I got a thing of Sweet
Baby Ray’s barbecue sauce and also I love having minced garlic on hand, like this. Now sometimes I just like getting garlic and chopping it myself. It’s just something I
enjoy, chopping garlic, but I also like having
a big old tub of it, and then my big cans will never go away. So these green beans were two ninety nine. The tomato sauce was two ninety nine. I think I got four tomato
sauces four green beans and then big cans of apple sauce. They were like four thirty nine a can so I got five of those and then we’re back here to the beginning. You know Travis and I doing the cooking and planning the meals together. I guess that’s what I’m
saying, is happening. It’s just something new that
we’re gonna give a try to where he’s gonna do meal some nights, and I’ll do meal some nights, and you know we’ve been
married almost 20 years. New things happen all the time and we’re still figuring it out so this is kind of the
easiest starting place for us starting together. Figuring out meals, if
that makes sense at all. So this haul looks super healthy now. My Sharp Shopper haul that I’m
gonna pick apart for you next has more like cookie dough and
treat stuff for the kids but this is mainly what Travis
and I are gonna focus on consuming here, and he’s
gonna cook steaks perfect. Because at this point I don’t
think I can cook a steak well. So I’ll let you know how that works out. Alright friends, so now I am back. We got the Costco haul put away and now I’m back with
my Sharp Shopper haul. A lot more goodies in
the Sharp Shopper haul. The Sharp Shopper haul came to a hundred and thirty six dollars and you see we’ve got
some goodies in here. So the first thing we got
were some more marshmallows. Chocolate stripe, ninety nine cents a bag. I got four bags. We got this pack of pinwheels. There are supposed to be 72
in here for four ninety nine and I just thought this
would be lovely for part of our Christmas and
holiday fun and visiting, and then we have these beautiful blocks of Colby Jack
for two forty nine a pound. Now people have asked me
about the sell-by date. Now today is December 2017. The sell-by date is April 30th, 2018 and believe me these
will be gone before then so the cheese is not a closeout even though it’s like a closeout price. I don’t know how or what the
history is with their cheese. It’s just at Sharp Shopper you can get some good deals on cheese
when they have it like this so I usually get several blocks and this is a six and a half pound, and yep, another six and a half pound. So I’ve got two of those. What we’ll do with
these, long story short, is Travis will make us a
whole bunch of cheese sticks. Yay, Travis. So this kielbasa was
only three ninety nine and it breaks down to be
three ninety nine a pound. This is for four pounds,
so I got two of them. I just, I could picture
Travis frying them up for us with some peppers and onions, and maybe some brown rice
or something on the side. We shall see what we come up with. Same thought here when I saw this big pack of mild Italian sausage slices. I was thinking of quiches. You know, various egg
bakes that we can do. These are already fully cooked and they’re just four
ninety nine for five pounds. Yes please. And then their pork sausage. These were two ninety nine for two pounds, so that’s a good price for sausage. With this, I only got one
lone pack of this deli meat. I saw the 99 cent price, which is a good price per pound. I was thinking they would have more and I never saw any more. Never grabbed any more, so I grabbed the one lone turkey deal. Probably have those with lunch tomorrow. So these burgers, I know can be popular. There’s eight in a pack. This is turkey with Monterey
Jack cheese so only a dollar ninety nine a box. So I went ahead and got four boxes on the chance that there’s
something we absolutely love that would give us 32 burgers. You know we could have them on salad, doing lots of different ways and yeah. So this is my $8 gamble here on whether we’re gonna like
these turkey burgers with Monterey Jack cheese or not. It’s worth a shot. Over here, fun stuff for the kids. So these were only three for
a dollar, so I got nine total. That was three whole dollars and I figured the kids would just have fun
pulling out these cookies and having some
football-shaped sugar cookies. Toaster Strudel, oh and this is cinnamon roll with brown sugar, Cinnabon. I will try not to have
these but we got four boxes. This will be like, I don’t know, one one-and-a-half breakfast for the kids with some fruit and other stuff. More like a dessert
because, like you know, these don’t really hold up
well for breakfast, long term, and then we got some Halloween
chocolate chip cookie dough, and so we’ll make these for Christmas. I got two packs of those
and of course Star Wars. So we got two packs of gummies. These were a dollar ninety nine a pack. Again, these will be gone
in a quick hot minute once I give them out for snacks. As you know by my grocery haul videos, I don’t buy a lot of snacks. I do lots of fruit, lots
of veggies, lots of yogurt. With so many kiddos, they’re just little treats here and there. I don’t try to keep us
in snacks in the house, cuz there’s just there’s no way
I could keep enough on hand. Anyway so with the
ranch, 99 cents a bottle. Thought that was good. Got us six bottles. Got a thing of olive oil and I’ll say 32 ounces, five ninety nine. Over here, for the yogurt. So this was all the yogurt that they had left in the Yoplait. We got a lemon burst and we got peach and these were four yogurts for a dollar. So let’s see, that is 12, 30, yeah 15 dollars in the Yoplait. These Activia yogurts. This is pineapple and cereal. Now I have no ideas. Probiotic yogurt. Have no idea if the kids will like this. It has fiber in it. That’s always good. Probiotics, I’m a big fan of probiotics. These were two for a dollar
so I spent two dollars. This to see if the kids like ’em. They’ll be good for their
tummies any way it goes, and if they do like them
the next time I see them I’ll stock up on more. Big deal of the day
here the vanilla yogurt. Five pounds of vanilla yogurt
for a dollar ninety nine. Now we are right at the date. The date, it says December 22nd. It’s December 19th when I’m filming this and here I am with 20
pounds of vanilla yogurt. But you know what I’m gonna do? The next couple days we’re just gonna do a whole lot of smoothies and there you go. Eight dollars yogurt, yay. And yes I really can use this
much yogurt and smoothies. This is like four days
worth if I did smoothies. Breakfast and lunch for four days. We can quickly wipe through that with a family of ten. Anyway this Parmesan cheese was like another deal of the day. These are 20 ounces each
for seven ninety nine. Now at Costco they had a 24
ounce of this Kraft cheese and it was nine ninety nine and I knew. Hey I snagged 40 ounces
for seven ninety nine. Yay that’s great. So again total for my Sharp Shopper, just fun little see what
deals I can get haul. I spent 136, at Costco I spent 636. So there you go. I’m tired so I had to
do my calculator math. So it’s 772 that I spent. Now this haul especially as you
can tell by the Costco haul, it’s largely for the next four weeks. We will definitely be going in. Got talking hand going on here because we can we can try tired
Jamerrill mom face here. With all the, the greens and the salad stuff that we have bought. A lot of salad things stretch. I have some carrots and
some salad stuff already, is what I’m trying to say. Those root vegetables last. Iceberg lettuce, romaine lettuce, they last until they’re cut into. You can usually get you know
two weeks or so out of those if they’re just sitting there uncut. We may just run out with
the amount of salads that we hope to do here around lunchtime. So after church I can always run in or Travis could run in, just to pick up some more
salad fill-in things. Usually with our once a
month grocery shopping hauls we do a fill-in haul two to three weeks and we’re trying some new things. I’m sharing some of the stuff we’re doing. Some of the stuff we’re doing I don’t know how to explain yet because we’re figuring out ourselves but as we figure it
out I will gladly share and I still have freezer meals coming, and I still have slow cooker meals coming, and I’m not doing a freezer
cooking day right now because Christmas is a coming and we just had Daniels birthday, and then right after
Christmas, a week later, we have Liam’s birthday, and family’s coming, and we’re going, and a whole lot going on. So I hope you guys have a Merry Christmas. I got so many fun video plans for stuff coming up around here and I’ll see you next time
with another brand new video Bye bye.