– Hey there guys so it is
Sunday and we’ve got a few hours in between, but in between the time I need to get our big boys over to church. The girls and I have gone
out to try to raid AlDI. I will say we’ve got a
whole lot of life changes getting ready to happen. My husband graduates
from the college program he’s been doing for the last two years. He graduates from that in
six weeks and then he’s gonna be back to being home a whole lot. So I’ll be able to do
wonderful things again like once a month
grocery shopping and have a freezer cooking day and
just those kind of things I need back in my life. So right now along with
running a business, homeschooling and doing
all the different things that I do he has a two hour
daily commute plus classes plus homework so all my
disclaimers that’s all the stuff we have going on
in our life right now. It’s getting ready to
change so that’s exciting. All that to say I’m
doing a two week grocery call today but I am so
excited to be able to get back to those monthly halls. If you look back at my
videos, the last time I got big freezer cooking
days done or got my big once a month grocery
shopping haul done it was in the summer when he was home. So I was thinking, well I
don’t have to feel guilty that’s why I haven’t
gotten those done lately. For our meal plan for
the next two weeks now, in the next two weeks again
a bunch of family stuff we’ve got going on. Of course we have regular outside lessons what else going on. I’m going on a trip, I’m
speaking at a homeschool conference out of state,
it’s not too terribly far for us, but I’ll
be gone for a few days. I’m taking one of the
kiddos with me for that. So just regular busy life stuff. So we are going to have,
we’re doing shepherd’s pie if my phone cooperates,
I’m doing those packet cheeseburgers and I’m
sticking with so many basics right now I
don’t want to change too much up, trying to keep it easy on myself. So tacos, chicken broccoli
Alfredo, meatloaf, we can do slow cooker
baked potatoes, I haven’t done those in a while. We’re sticking with simple,
we’re having a chili weekend, a spaghetti
weekend, a slow cooker pork roast because I
still have one of those in the freezer. Another big stock pot
of chicken noodle soup I did that this week and the
kids just acted like they never had chicken noodle soup before. So I figured a week from
now I’ll do that again. And then we’ll have
some leftover nights and of course breakfast for
dinner nights if we need it. So that’s my super. What I did was my last
meal plan on my last grocery shopping list I
just changed out a few recipes, I’m keeping
everything else, again super simple. I’ve got my grocery
list here, I think today I’m going to be going a
little over 400 dollars for two weeks, but again,
family of 9, teenagers, we’re now a family of
10, since I am pregnant with baby number 8 who just
kicked me while I said that. And that’s it, we’re
going to go into ALDI. I didn’t see any spectacular
meat specials on their app I also have a small Wal Mart list here. So, I need to go into Walmart
for dog food and some things so we may also be going in
there for meat and things, we’ll just see how it goes. Look here, look, you want to help pull it. There you go, now it will come out. Hey guys, so I am back from ALDIs. The big news, what went down there. Let me find the end of my receipt here. I spent $336.61, so
you can see that there. I got everything there except for meat, I thought oh I’ll have
time to go into Wal Mart to get hamburger and
chicken and dog food and cat food, some other things that I needed. Then once we got out of
ALDI, made out in the van and all that goes into that,
I realize I fill this hall and I get my boys packed
to youth group tonight there just wasn’t enough
time so I’m gonna do a small run into Wal Mart
either during youth group or after youth group and
again I plan on getting I need a bunch of ground
beef for my recipes for the next two weeks, I need
boneless skinless chicken breast and then I need to
do part of our household hall, which I don’t
think I’m going to fill my stomach with household
hall, but just saying that’s a separate budget and I’ll get that. I’ll show you, with that,
with the 336, I’ll probably end up spending close to
another 100 dollars on meat that is our budget. That would be a total
of $436.61 approximately for our growing family
of now 10 over two weeks. All those meals and all those snacks. We work from home, serve
from home and eat from home and all those good things. Yes honey. – [Child] Can I go outside and play? – Yes, yes go do that. So I’m gonna show you what I got. I got 12 things of unsweetened applesauce. Applesauce is $1.89 a container. Daniel is saying it now,
“apple boss apple boss.” I just had to go hand out
a container of applesauce. Once Daniel heard me saying
apple sauce, he started saying “apple boss apple boss” so
this is good for all the little kids, quick snacks. Apple sauce, eggs were 47 cents a dozen, I got 12 dozen today. Milk was $2.08 a gallon, popped
our little plastic there. I only got 6 because if
you’ve noticed I haven’t had a grocery hall in the lat few weeks. My husband has been doing
little one week quick hauls for me at Wal mart and
we have five gallons left from his last haul. That isn’t here on youtube. So anyway I figured we
would get 6 more and that would be good. Still fantastic deal on oranges. This is four pounds,
they were $3.99 a pound. I got it looks like 16 pounds this week. Their pears are three
pounds for $2.99 I got it looks like three bags
of pears, two heads of lettuce, cabbage it was
69 cents for the cabbage I got three pounds, six pounds total of these green apples, they
were $2.99 for three pounds. I got six pounds total
of red delicious apples they were $2.99 a pound. Carrots were 59 cents a bag
so I got 8 pounds of carrots. Celery, I’m pretty sure this was $1.19 got two of these, they’re good to have. I got these little mini peppers, this was one pound and they were $2.99 each. I got two packs of the
two pack of green pepper. Two packs of mushrooms the ten pound bags of potatoes were $3.49 a bag,
so for a bag about 7 bucks I got 20 pounds of potatoes. We are going to do shepherd’s
pie and I’m also gonna do baked potatoes in the slow cooker so I figured I needed those potatoes. For the bread, the bread
that’s over there, I got 12 loaves of bread, so
excuse me let me read my receipt here, 15 loaves of bread. 99 cents a loaf for the pizzas I got three of these so we’ve got a
sausage, a pepperoni and and a cheese. The cheese, big cheese was $4.99 these meat ones were $5.99 and
the rest of the family are having these while we
got to youth group tonight. If you watch my halls
you see I haven’t bought these little yogurts in a while. They were only 33 cents each, so I spent 21 dollars, I got 21
dollars worth of yogurt. We’ve already had some
disappear which is fine. I got four things of
cottage things, 2.19 each. I got vanilla caramel coffee
creamer and some stevia. And then the cheese is $5.99 a bag and that is for two pound
bags, I got three of those. And then we just have
more, I got blueberry and raspberry yogurts. I got Italian dressing
for one night when I just throw my pork roast in the slow cooker, I’ll have that. I got my garlic powder,
onion powder, all my base spices, chili powder. I got some beef bouillon cubes, chicken bouillon cubes, a thing of
raisins, this was $2.19. My husband requested some
snacky stuff and you know I can’t really keep
snacky stuff on hand, but I got a few days worth of snacky things. This isn’t what my husband is looking for, but I got prunes to go
along with the raisins, those are good. I got myself my coffee for $4.49. People have asked me how I
like ALDIs coffee, I like it just fine, it’s $4.49 for
this big 33 oz container. I got for my husband’s
request, two things of cocktail peanuts, some
mixed nuts, two boxes of saltine crackers, this
is for when we do chili that’s 75 cents a box. Also two packs again of
these dried cranberries, two packs of banana chips, just quick snacks for the kids. Two boxes of vanilla
wafers, I actually got two boxes of these
cheese crackers, but one has already gone out as a snack. Two boxes of animal
crackers and now you watch a lot of my halls you now I
don’t normally get at lot of cereal but I know our
schedule for the next two weeks. I thought I’m playing my
momsanity card and I’m gonna get some cereal. I don’t like getting
cereal, because you know it’s not really filling. I’d much rather get some
protein in so we got it though, it will go quick. Honestly I still crave
raisin bran at 11:30 at night sometimes, so because
of my growing baby belly that’s what I have. I got a case of mixed vegetables with the sherherd’s pie in mind. Of course, we’re not gonna
use all these, we’ll probably have at least 6 left,
I’ve got a whole case of the corn, whole case
of taco shells because we will do taco Tuesday every Tuesday for the next two weeks. A case of spaghetti sauce,
I got the meat flavor two things of Parmesan
cheese, these were $2.29 each. My mom sanity quick
emergency box of macaroni and cheese, these are only 33 cents a box. This is just the other side of the table view of my hall. So like I said, I’m gonna
still get meat tonight while I’m out and if you
want to see those exact meat totals plus the price breakdown of everything on receipt
in this hall plus helpful links and more information
on our meal plan for the next two weeks. I know some people like
to hear about how we make carrot sticks, doing hard boiled eggs as quick snacks, those kind of things. Usually our snacks are fruits and veggies. With the yogurt, that
will just be whenever we need it, so anyway go
over to largefamilytable.com. Also over there I have the beautiful home management binder kit,
$12.99 value and it’s free. If you guys go over there,
there will be a link for it below and you can just sign on up and get that and I’ll have everything else over there, so running
out the door friends. Thank you for watching
I’ll see you next time with another brand new video. I’ll say goodbye, so you can see me. I’ll see you next time with another brand new video, bye bye.