Kinder Playtime! (children laughing) Kinder Mom: Welcome to Kinder Playtime! Emily: We have a Lalaloopsy. Kinder Mom: We have a Lalaloopsy baby! I’m so excited about this one. She looks really cute, huh? Emily: And this one poops. Kinder Mom: It poops! I magically poop charms! So you’re going to have your baby, and I’m gonna have my baby, and we’re going to see what the differences are, okay? Emily: This is my baby. Kinder Mom: That’s your baby. Let’s open your baby. Baby! Here’s Emily’s Lalaloopsy baby and all of her accessories. Can you tell them what came with the baby? Emily: Diapers, bottle, spoon, umm, (Charm bracelet), charm bracelet, (a bowl), a bowl, (and what’s this? She’s wearing a diaper.) A hat! (And a hat.) Yeah! Kinder Mom: She’s cute. (Take her hat!) Oh she has Pig tails! Let’s take caer of our babies. Emily: I put the hat on the baby! There we go! Kinder Mom: Let’s stay warm Chloe! Emily: You hungry? Is that good baby? Here baby, have some more. I love you baby. Kinder Mom: Are you hungry? Mmm, yummy! Yummy! I think our babies are thirsty! Push her belly button. Push her belly button. Good job! Let’s push my baby’s belly button. Belly button! Belly button! Now it’s time to change their diapers. Emily: Oh no, she needs a new diaper. There’s a charm in her diaper! Kinder Mom: Awe, your baby pooped a charm. Good thing she came with a charm bracelet. Let’s change Chloe’s diaper! Do you have charms in your diaper? There’s no charms in your diapers Chloe! Let’s change her diaper again. Emily: She doesn’t have a poop in there. Kinder Mom: Nope, we got to put a new diaper on. Emily: And push her belly. (Ready?) Yeah! (Got it?) Kinder Mom: There you go. Now you gotta feed her water. Her water’s right here. Can you squeeze? Now push her belly button. Did she go potty? She went potty! There’s another charm in there! (Awe!) It’s an orange flower. With a heart in the middle. Emily: Yeah, and I need a new diaper.. Kinder Mom: A new diaper, okay! Let’s give her a green diaper. (It’s a green diaper, and then she poops.) (And she go potty.) And she’ll go potty, yeah. Emily: Now get some water. Get some water. Kinder Mom: You’re taking such good care of your baby. There you go. Push her belly button. Did she go potty? (Yes!) She went potty! Emily: What is it? Kinder Mom: It’s a butterfuly. Another butterfly. Emily: She went poop. Kinder Mom: She pooped a yellow butterfly charm. (It’s so cute.) Kinder Mom: Did you have fun taking care of your baby, Emily? (Yeah!) She’s so sweet and precious. Emily: And it’s a drink. Kinder Mom: Yeah! She drinks water from a bottle and poops charms! I wish my baby pooped charms. I just think this is so funny and cute. You want to put your charm on your bracelet? Emily: Yeah, and she has to get on this. Kinder Mom: So here’s the bracelet, and you just stick the charms… right around it. They just pop right on. and then you just wear it right on your wrist. See? Charm bracelet! You can buy diaper refills that have charms in them, but it comes with three.. Isn’t that fun? This is such a fun baby set. Lalaloopsy Magic baby. She thirsty again? (yeah) Well, did you like this baby? (yeah!) What’s your favorite part of the baby? Emily: Umm, charms. Kinder Mom: The charms? Pushing her belly button to get the charms? That’s so fun! (yeah!) Thanks for watching Kinder Playtime friends. Bye! Leave us a like, write us a comment, and “sumscribe.” Thanks for watching, bye!