Hey guys in this episode you’re going to see our weekly grocery haul this week it’s Kroger we’ll be right back welcome back to The Long Run with Joel and Christy I’m Joel I’m behind the camera today and I’m Christy hey we’re coming to you with our grocery haul from Kroger this week we just decided to do all of our shopping there this week because it was time for us to buy gift cards for Christmas and get four times the fuel points for it and it was awesome because we ended up with an extra certain amount of fuel points that we’ll use for gas all right so we’re gonna just they’re still in the bags on the side we’re gonna pull them out one at a time and just you know talk about them real quick okay we’re having taco soup so you know chips tortilla chips with your taco soup okay Joel didn’t get butter bread today not this time but he does like this brand too so and he also likes it being a small pack because he can go through it without any going bad he doesn’t have to freeze any so perfect size for him Broccoli we’re gonna have an Asian chicken and broccoli recipe and we’ll have that in there okay parsley because we’re gonna make beef stew we bought four pounds of beef stew a couple of weeks ago and we made one batch and froze the other two pounds and so we’ll be making the other two pounds this week normally we bulk shop for chicken but we have a our Christmas turkey in the freezer already and we have limited space so that means that we can only buy enough for what we need per week so we’ll actually divide this up we needed three so we’ll have three more in there for next week but other than that we’re not really bulk meat shopping right now but anyway that’s our chicken we had a dish we needed crackers for I fail to remember what it is a chicken cheesy chili? cheesy chicken? you like no no we use tortillas with there’s something Oh beef stew yeah hey yeah Joel likes crackers with beef stew there you go Joel likes to eat Clif bars on the days that he goes for a long run you know he’s a marathon runner so he has like every Sunday he goes for a long run and he likes to have a Clif Bar so there you go I think think we paid $4 or $4.50 beef broth for the beef stew and also we’re gonna have a Mexican beef skillet which will also need to broth for that okay flour we make pizza crust and different things like that there you go our son and his fascination with Pop Tarts soy sauce for our Asian chicken & broccoli pizza sauce for our pizzas paprika for various dishes tomato sauce for probably the beef stew can’t remember mozzarella for our pizzas Colby Jack cheese for the Mexican beef and rice skillet pepperoni for our pizzas kidney beans for our taco soup and black beans for taco soup Joel really likes black beans so sometimes we double up on the black beans we have two cans of diced tomatoes is that one for one was for the beef stew? no one was for cheesy chicken chili? No Mexican Beef & rice skillet and the other one is for taco soup the cheesy chicken chili is already in the freezer okay the almond milk that we buy one just about every week okay Joel’s powdered creamer. This is for the Mexican beef and rice skillet you can make it with regular corn kernels but it calls for fire roasted and sometimes we can find it and sometimes we can’t today was the day we found it so okay and now we’ve got Joel bought some peanuts he loves those snackity snack before dinner those eating chips or peanuts is like stretching okay and I wanted some bananas tip if you have time to wait for them to go yellow you know getting them green gives you a longer time to eat on them so like you know that one there will probably go yellow first which gives you a little more time to catch up with them and then once they’re yellow wrap a little plastic around the top and tie it and then put it in the refrigerator it will still look like it’s going black on the outside but on the inside is going to stop ripen the ripening process just a little tip there we have baby red potatoes for the beef stew and but anyway for the beef stew and also I’m gonna be trying a new recipe this week for my lunches asparagus stem soup yeah I have asparagus stems in the freezer I’ve been waiting to try and you you’re supposed to put a couple of potatoes with it I guess to give it a little creamier taste but anyway so that’s what that’s for looking forward to try it perfect time of year for that thing and it also called for some lemon juice in the asparagus stem soup and I will put that with it okay and so in just a second you are gonna see our meal plan scroll through and then after that we have a couple of closing thoughts for you so hang on all right so we hope you’ve enjoyed our grocery haul for today looking like we said it was from Kroger and we shop there at least twice a month depending what kind of deals they run we usually run our shopping shopping hauls by where they’re running the best deals for the week so don’t forget to Like share subscribe hit the bell for updates Yada Yada all those things check out the videos that are floating around somewhere I’m holding the camera so I can’t point for those directions so yeah right there wherever they are click on them to watch some of other videos and we hope you enjoyed this one today and we’ll see you next time on The Long Run bye hey guys in this episode you’re going to see our weekly