Hello! Welcome to KORONA and thanks for checking
us out. If you’re looking for a new retail POS system,
you’ve come to the right place. But let’s talk about why KORONA is a such
a powerful solution for retail businesses. First of all, let’s talk about how the service
works. KORONA operates under the software-as-a-service
model. This means that all customers pay a flat monthly
rate for their subscription. With the subscription each customer also receives
unlimited customer support for as long as they stay subscribed to the software. Equally important, all updates and upgrades
to the software will download automatically overnight, ensuring you that your business
always has the latest and most advanced version of the software. Speaking of subscription based software, It’s
worth clarifying a question we get a lot: Isn’t it better to invest in owning the
software outright? While making the upfront investment like this
makes sense in a lot of business realms, this quickly proves problematic with point of sale
software: the software is constantly evolving and improving, so its features may be antiquated
within months or even weeks. Instead a subscription based service means
that your business will always have the latest POS features and tools. KORONA is a cloud-based POS solution. This means that you can access all data and
reports remotely as long as you have an internet-connected device, adding much needed convenience and
flexibility. A cloud solution also means that all business
and customer information is stored in remote servers. This keeps it more safe from theft or unauthorized
access than having an on-site server. The cloud-based software comes with essential
features for every retail store. Customizable permission levels allow you to
set specific access abilities for each employee; Detailed shift reports clearly break down
staff performance; gift cards and loyalty programs are remarkably easy to set up; automated
vendor relations save you time and keep your shelves stocked; accounting integrations makes
payroll and taxes a breeze. The list goes on. And again, because it’s all stored in the
cloud, all inventory, sales, reporting, and other data are available both on-site and
remotely. Let’s go over a few additional perks of
what you’ll get with a subscription to KORONA’s retail point of sale software. KORONA is an all-in-one solution for retailers
of any size. Our solution can range from stand alone stores
with a single terminal to multi-location businesses with stores spread across the country. And for smaller stores, KORONA is built to
scale with your business. When you’re ready to expand, we’ll be
there alongside you every step of the way. KORONA can also serve franchises, allowing
you to see reports from individual stores or the franchise as a whole. It can automatically calculate royalties,
provide real-time stock and sales updates, and consolidated inventory management, making
it easier to run a franchise operation. All modern payment forms are integrated into
the system and KORONA provides all necessary hardware. The system accommodates EMV chip payments
and all contactless payments, including Apple and Android Pay. It’s critical for retailers to keep up to
date with payments that they accept. KORONA’s payment system also protects against
fraud with our payment hardware. Advanced inventory management keeps your store
organized and running efficiently. You can set automatic ordering once a product’s
stock reaches a certain level, manage your vendor relations, or set low stock notifications. Our ABC retail analysis even grades each item
in your catalog by its profitability and revenue. This allows you to weed out items that aren’t
valuable to your business. All of KORONA’s sales metrics and reports
can be accessed on location or remotely. Because your point of sale is in the cloud,
all you need to connect to the system is the internet. And all sales and stock are updated in real-time,
so you’re always getting accurate information. Plus, if you ever expand your business or
need data transferred, the cloud makes this remarkably fast and easy. We’ll even transfer your product data into
the software for your free trial so you can see how it works with your own inventory and
pricing. As for the customer experience, KORONA makes
the checkout process fast and easy. The software comes with remarkably fast transactional
speed, keeping long lines at bay. Your cashiers can focus on the customer rather
than get frustrated by a lagging system. Since KORONA is compatible with tablets, cashiers
or associates can quickly open up new lanes during the peak hours. The software also integrates with customer
facing touch screen terminals, making the check more pleasant and seamless. KORONA retail also comes with a point-based
loyalty program. This system makes creating a customer database
and rewarding your best customers easy to do. And if you’re looking for a more robust
loyalty program, KORONA has you covered on that, too. We integrate with some of the most powerful
loyalty programs out there. Discounts and promotions are also more simple
than ever with KORONA. You can make pricing changes, apply discounts,
or create storewide promotions and bundled deals through the software. And if you’re unsure about the success of
any given promotion, follow KORONA’s advanced metrics to see how it affects your bottom
line. On the hardware end of things, KORONA is compatible
with many different desktop and mobile devices, giving retailers the flexibility to use an
existing machine or purchase something new. The software integrates with some of the best
desktop POS machines on the market. Modern hardware with an intuitive layout allows
your team to operate more efficiently while also improving the experience for your customers. Finally, let’s briefly go over our contracts:
we don’t have any! We believe in our product and will never lock
anyone in to long-term contracts, meaning you can opt out at anytime, with no fees or
penalties. Retail subscriptions start at $59/month and
we’re always here to help in any way you need us. That’s why phone, chat, and email support
are included in the price of your monthly subscription. We also offer 24/7 emergency support calls,
too and you’ll never find hidden fees. Plus, KORONA is processing agnostic, meaning
we integrate with many payment processors. We help each of our customers to find the
best credit card processor for their business, instead of locking anyone into unfavorable
long-term processing contracts. At KORONA, we believe that your point of sale
is meant for more than just processing a transaction. It should be the hub of your operations and
help small business owners grow to the next level. If you want to learn more, sign up for our
free trial. There is no credit card required and you’ll
be able to play around with the software for as long as you’d like. Plus, you can schedule an in-depth demonstration
with one of our product specialists. They’ll walk you through each important
feature and, if you do join KORONA, assist with your installation and training. Check us out! And, if you’re already a KORONA customer,
let us know what you think and leave us a review. Thanks for visiting!