Hi there! I’m glad you’re here to learn more about
KORONA. I imagine you’re looking for a new museum
POS system and you’ve come to the right place! Our software is built to be an all-in-one
solution for museums, handling your online ticketing, membership and loyalty program,
inventory management, donations, events, ticket printing, admission gates, gift shops, and
restaurants or cafes. We understand how crazy it is to try to manage
each part of a museum operation, so we’ve developed KORONA to make it as easy as possible. Keeping each part of your business in one
system is critical for ensuring seamless communication and overall efficiency. So let’s start by giving you a brief overview
of how the software works and then we’ll talk about how to get started! So, first. KORONA enables shoppers to buy tickets online
and in person. People can buy their tickets at your eCommerce
store or in person. Online ticketing is supported through a WooCommerce
integration with KORONA. This keeps all inventory and sales reporting
consistent through the two different platforms, ensuring that you keep adequate stock levels
and never oversell tickets. Online ticketing options provides your shoppers
with a more convenient experience and will boost your total sales. Tickets can also be purchased and printed
at the museum itself. KORONA keeps lines short by having an intuitive
design and fast processing. Staff in your ticket kiosks can accept payment
and print tickets in seconds. KORONA integrates with a variety of ticket
printers and formats, so museums can print membership cards, wristbands, paper tickets,
IDs, and more. Plus, modern payment machines take all types
of payment including mobile payments and EMV cards. And payments can be accepted through a variety
of hardware POS options. Museums can use flexible mobile devices or
powerful desktop computers to ring up customers quickly. No one likes to begin their museum experience
with a long line, so it’s important to get people moving quickly and through your gates
smoothly. Your ticketing operation can be run in a number
of different ways, too. Museums can use a ticket turnstiles that are
integrated with the POS. These help keep your lines and gates organized. You can also use scanners. Handheld scanners allow associates to individually
scan each guest’s ticket or mounted scanners allow for self-service. These gates can be set up for general admission
or for specific admission to special exhibits or shows. Bar and QR codes on physical or digital tickets
allow museums to control admission to different exhibits, shows, or performances. A single ticket’s code can be set to allow
full access or you can customize it for limited access in any way you’d like. So what about other verticals? Well, as I mentioned earlier, KORONA is an
all-in-one solution. Each vertical of your museum, not simply ticketing,
will be managed by your point of sale. KORONA is also built to help you operate your
museum’s gift shop and cafes. The software can just as easily be used for
retail and service as it is for ticketing. This means that all team members are using
the same system, making it easy to move between all operations. More importantly, though, the system keeps
all sales, inventory, and reporting under one system. This allows you to measure your overall performance
or break it down by various singular operations in the museum. And your reporting can get much more in-depth
from there, allowing you to break down sales, marketing campaigns, foot traffic, margins,
and much more. These custom KPI reports through the POS system
give you remarkable insight into your museum and allow you to confidently make important
changes to your business. Inventory features are also important for
your retail and service end of things. KORONA comes with vast inventory management
tools that help streamline processes and keep your museum more organized. Low-stock notifications warn you when an item
is nearly out, automated ordering communicates directly with vendors to place a new order,
custom par levels allow you to set maximum and minimum levels to each of your products,
and vendor management helps your business communicate seamlessly with each of your suppliers. Together, your inventory management helps
keep your stock at optimal levels, preventing stockouts but also protecting your store against
having too much of any one item on hand. KORONA also makes running a promotion or discount
easy. You can change the price of any item, make
bundled deals, add group discounts, or run a storewide sale with just a few clicks. And once you do, it’s easy to track the
progress of the promotion. Any changes you made will be immediately reflected
in your pricing, inventory, and reporting. This way, you’ll be able to monitor the
success of the promo to make sure that your margins are adequate. With custom employee permission levels, only
certain team members will have access to make changes such as this. You can set unique software capabilities for
each member of your staff, including price changes, product edits, drawer access, voiding
and comping items or bills, and more. Though unlikely, this protects your store
against internal theft or abuse of discounts. KORONA’s software also comes with a point-based
loyalty program for your museum’s cafe or gift shop. If you have frequent guests, reward them with
some gifts or discounts. The structure of the loyalty program is customizable
so you can choose a solution that works for your business. And once your sales are made and processed,
KORONA integrates with Quickbooks Online, one of the most popular accounting tools for
retailers. This makes your year-end taxes much more seamless
and stress-free. All of these features are built into our cloud-based
software, which adds several benefits to the process. First of all, cloud software means that all
changes are made in real-time. Whether a product is sold, new inventory arrives,
a price is changed, or an item is low-stocked, you’ll see the update immediately. From both the back and front end of the system,
you’ll know you always have the most up-to-date status. A cloud system also provides your museum with
added security. Because all data is kept in remote servers
instead of onsite, it’s far more protected than a traditional POS system with all financial
and customer information kept in an on-site office. Lastly, and most importantly, a cloud system
will you much needed flexibility. Cloud-based points of sale allow owners and
managers to access all data and operations remotely. That way you can make important changes no
matter where you are, so long as you have internet access and your login credentials. This is even more valuable if you have multiple
museums. You’re able to make important changes or
check the status of something at any of your locations, no matter which one you’re currently
at. Since KORONA is cloud POS software, it works
as a subscription service. This means that rather than buy the software
outright, you pay a monthly fee to subscribe to it. Buying the software to own may seem like a
better long-term investment, but that’s typically not the case with software for two
main reasons. First, software is constantly evolving. Updates and improvements are constantly being
made, and last year’s technology becomes antiquated very fast. With a software as a service, your museum
is guaranteed to always have the latest technologies. KORONA updates several times a year and will
do so automatically overnight so you won’t have any disruptions to business. We’ll just give you a heads up and let you
know exactly what’s being changed or added to you can take advantage of it right away. Second, a subscription to KORONA means that
you’ll have free support for the duration of your membership. You can call, text, or email our support team
anytime during business hours for help or advice on anything you need. And for emergencies after-hours, we’re here
for that too. Our 24/7 emergency support means that you
can be assured your business will always be taken care of. KORONA subscriptions start at just $49/month
for each terminal. You’ll get a complete point of sale software
for this price and never see any extra fees or surcharges. Plus, there are no contracts or long-term
commitments, your subscription is simply month-to-month. Additional add-on subscriptions are available,
but never required. If you need hardware, we also provide a range
of options for museums. Though if you have existing hardware, check
with us to see if we integrate with it. And for payment processing, KORONA integrates
with all of the industry leaders, leaving our museums with choice. Payment processing is an important decision
and it’s important to find the cheapest fit for your business. We don’t lock anyone into one solution but
will instead work to help you get the best solution. To learn more, start a free trial! There’s no commitment required and you can
use it for as long as you’d like. You can even schedule a demo with one of our
product specialists. They’ll show you the ins and outs of the
software to help you learn how each feature works. You can even upload your own product data
into the system to see exactly how it would function at your museum. Start today and find out how KORONA can help
your business grow! Thanks for checking us out and don’t forget
to subscribe to our blog and channel if you haven’t done so already.