H: Today on twoplustwo: B: Convenience Store Dining! H: Here in Seoul, South Korea, H: there’s about two convenience stores on every block. B: If you’re hungry at any point of the day B: you have somewhere to go H: This is especially true after a night out H: …and it’s about 3~4am B: But what exactly can you eat
and buy from a convenience store? H: ‘Cause it’ll be different
from the ones in your home country B: So in this episode we’re going to be showing you… B: …what you can make at a convience store! H: Bapmokja & Haeppy style! B: Let’s get cookin’! H: We’re going to do a 3-course meal: H: an appetizer, a main course, a dessert… H: …and we’re going to pick a drink H: I know exactly what I’m gonna do H: Boom! (Nongshim Shin Ramyun) H: ‘Errbody knows Haeppy likes ramyun! H: So you can’t just have ramyun, right? H: You gotta make this spiffy H: You gon’ make it nice H: Right here! H: Cheese! (Sprinkle n Eat Natural Cheese (Cheddar & Mozzarella)) H: We gon’ do lots of cheese! (Cheddar & Mozzarella ft. Ramyun Slurp Mozzarella) H: You’ll se- you’ll see what I’m gonna do with it H: Don’t worry! H: You’ll see! H: Every ramyun… H: …needs meat! H: So, right here you see it’s a 2+1… H: … that means I pretty much have to get 3, right? H: Because why not? H: K, what else do I need? H: Eggs! H: Every ramyun needs eggs! H: This right here… H: …half-boiled eggs H: Koreans, after they’ve eaten something with soup… H: …they put rice in the soup so they can… H: …eat all of it H: That’s what I’m gonna do! (Hetbahn Cooked White Rice) H: But… we fancy! H: We fancy here! H: So this is what I’m gonna do: H: This gon’ be fried chicken
AND sausage cheese ramyun… H: …with eggs! H: Oh, it smells so good! H: I don’t know how good it’ll be… H: …but it smells really good! H: I’m gonna get the non-spicy version H: I’mma get this fat piece in the back! H: Look at this FAT piece of chicken! H: YES!!! H: Alrighty H: So this is all for my main course H: What am I gonna do for dessert? H: and drink? H: Because everything is spicy H: I think I’m gonna go for the CU Coconut Milk H: Thick and sweet (HeyRoo Coconut Milk) H: You know what? We fancy! H: We gon’ get… H: …a PUD’N! H: What kind of pudding should I get? H: OU! What is this?! H: Hmm… H: I don’t know- H: I don’t know what to do H: Is there a honey one? H: This is cheaper H: This is cheaper than the other one… huehue H: And so even though I’m fancy, H: I’m not rich! H: So, uh H: I can’t pay the extra– H: I can’t pay the extra 300 won… heh H: For– H: So let’s get the cheaper one H: So I’ve got dessert– H: I’ve got dessert H: I’ve got a drink H: Ah! I need– H: I need an appetizer H: Ah! I know! H: I know, I know… H: Classic Korean… H: …streetfood! H: Right here H: This odeng (Odeng a.k.a Korean Fish Cake) H: First of all, you gotta ladle some soup H: So it’s kinda western too, right? H: You know western appetizers,
you just kinda start with a soup H: I’m asian, I don’t–… H: …I don’t really do appetizers H: So this is my-… H: …my improv. to appetizers H: HEH H: How much is this gonna be? H: Hoh..hohohohohoh
($13 USD Total) H: We fancy! H: Heh H: We fancy…! ;; H: We just spent FIF– H: FIFTEEN DOLLARS at a convenience store H: Convenience store not cheap! H: So I’m gonna prepare all this stuff first, H: ’cause obviously you gotta cook, right? H: But while it’s cooking… H: …I’m gonna eat my appetizer H: I guess it’s– H: It’s like the perfect–… H: …the perfect way to go about things, right? H: (SIGH) H: All of you at home know… H: …that I don’t like cooking my ramyun… H: … with just hot water, but… H: … this is a convenience store… H: …y’know… H: …fancy feast… H: …So we gotta do it the convenience store way H: First step: H: You gotta get your soup on H: All that goes in H: Because the water isn’t hot enough… H: …I think… H: …I’m gonna have to put the cheese in now H: Because we fancy, we putting it all in H: The cheese, when you put it in first… H: … that’s gonna melt into the soup H: THIS!… H: …We’re gonna put in after… H: …because this will melt and become stringy H: Eggs H: We’re gonna wanna heat these eggs back up H: Lemme, lemme- H: Lemme test this uh… H: …this method of de-shelling… H: …eggs H: Nope! H: Didn’t work (B in the background: “Maybe you just suck at blowing”) H: Maybe… H: Maybe I blow at sucking H: …and I suck at blowing H: We gon’ use both! H: We gon’ use both ’cause we fancy! H: This one, we’re not gonna split in two… H: …we’re just gonna pop it in H: Such a stupid idea! H: We’re only gonna use 1 sausage H: I only bought 3 ’cause… H: …it was 2+1, so why not? H: But this time we’re only gonna use 1 sausage H: We gotta put it in the microwave H: Open up a little bit… H: …so the steam can come out H: Okay, H: We’ll pop it in there H: For… H: …30 seconds H: So while that happens H: Every good chef knows: H: It’s best to clean while things are happening… H: …So you’re not wasting time H: I’m gonna cook the rice, H: because I want the warm rice ready… H: …for when I’m ready! H: A minute and 30 seconds H: There you go H: Hot water… H: HOPEFULLY this works… H: This is going to be DISGUSTING if it doesn’t work! H: While we wait to cook.. H: What better time than now to eat our appetizer H: The stuff (odeng)… H: …on the streets… H: …like street-food carts… H: …are a bit better… H: …but I’m not mad! H: That’s pretty good! H: Ooh! H: OOH!! H: It’s really hot! H: OOH! H: Ooooh! H: Should I make it a chicken rice? H: It should be good now H: So… H: I’m gonna unpack this sausage…hehehe H: Gonna take this sausage out of it’s sheet H: Look at that! H: K, well let’s add the rest of the cheese H: OH! H: Oh! H: Let’s try it H: This is gross! heh H: This is disgusting! H: I think I put too much water in it H: This is not good at all! H: Where did all the cheese go?! H: The problem is… H: …this is not the kind of disintegration kind
of cheese, so it didn’t mix with the water H: Mm! H: The egg’s great! H: The sausage is great! H: The ramyun is not so good H: So the cheese basically just… H: …melted and clumped-up at the bottom H: Bad idea! H: Get the sliced cheese! H: ‘Cause the sliced cheese
will actually melt into the soup H: So because the wate– the soup is so bad,
I’m not gonna do my original plan… H: …where I put the rice in the soup… H: …’cause that would ruin the rice H: So now, H: I’m just having… H: …an egg rice! H: …with fried chicken H: Mmm! H: Mmm H: Oh my god H: This is wonderful! H: Wow! This is way better than I expected it would be! H: …this piece of fried chicken! (moans) (B in the background: “no bones?”) H: No bones! H: Ohp! H: There is a bone H: Totally worth it! H: Mmm..! H: I’m thirsty H: I gotta drink some of my coconut milk H: Oh man… H: Oh man! H: That’s the stuff! H: Lemme just finish this, and then we’ll go to dessert H: Ookay! H: So we’re done with that! H: … and no meal is complete without dessert! H: So we have some… H: … “Sweet Pudding Milky Bear” H: I don’t know how I’m supposed to eat this H: I think I’m supposed to like… H: …take it from the bottom ’cause there’s syrup H: Or maybe I was supposed to
like flip this over on to like, a plate H: This is why you don’t skimp! (B laughing in the background) H: In order to save 300 won I got the lesser one H: NEVER! H: The other one I’ve had before… H: …and it’s DELICIOUS! It’s so smooth and… H: This is just… H: This is just disappointing H: For 300 won? I might’ve well
just’ve gotten the better one H: I’m such an idiot! H: Oh no! H: This is just not good! H: There you have it! H: Haeppy’s convenience store dining! H: Worth… H: …14,850 won ($13 USD) H: Tasted like 5,000 won ($4 USD) H: Really I would’ve been satisfied
with the fried chicken alone H: …and rice H: …and the sausages H: …and the eggs! H: Not the dessert! H: …and no ramyun H: …and no cheese H: I mean the appetizer was pretty good
too but I could’ve done without it H: Wow… B: It’s my turn now B: But, first off… B: Because I want to prepare things properly
I’m going to need to buy some plates B: Unfortunately they don’t have round plates… B: …So we’re going to have to go with
these dosirak (lunchbox) boxes B: Basically disposable lunch boxes is what we’ve got B: For start, I think I’m gonna
go for like a kinda mixed rice… B: …thing B: Donkatsu… B: I’m gonna go with this one (Gochujang Samgak Kimbap) B: Some lil’ mini eggs (quail eggs) B: Aw 1+2 on the smoked cheese! B: Can’t go wrong with that! B: Ooh maybe I should get one of each flavor B: They used to have pizza flavor… B: NAH, they don’t have it anymore B: I’ll just go for smoked B: That’s a good first course B: Main meal, what do we want for my main meal? B: This is pretty good! (Nongshim Jjapaghetti) B: I don’t like really drinking soups that much B: You take the water out of this one… B: So we’re gonna go with this B: But this alone… B: … waaay too boring! B: Way too boring! B: So we’re gonna need some meat B: And what better place to get meat… B: than the hot meat stand, right here B: Now there was bones in Haeppy’s chicken, B: we don’t want that, we don’t like that B: I HATE bones! B: And we do know… B: ..from Haeppy’s turn… B: … that less is more! B: So we don’t wanna over-do the food portions here B: Grab one of these bad boys! B: Is that enough? B: No… B: Let’s throw in some more cheese B: Aaand… B: I know what I’m gonna drink… B: A beer! B: Because chicken and beer! B: All the time! We want chicken and beer! B: Let’s go get- Let’s go have a look at the alcohol! B: My favourite section of any
convenience store: the alcohol section B: Duhduhduh dundundunnnnn….! B: I’m gonna grab a “Kloud”, because it is… B: “Original Gravity Rich & Smooth” B: So for reference this is the harder stuff for the alcohol B: So we got soju, this is like 20% (alcohol) soju B: We got the normal like 17% (alcohol) B: And these are the flavored ones B: Which are kinda like 13% ~ 14% B: This stuff… hoo! B: More sweet alcohols at the top, or kinda weaker ones… B: …traditionally for girls B: Not saying anything, but
traditionally these are like for girls B: I’m not saying– I’m just sayin’, ladies B: Dessert! B: Time to look at the desserts,
the real– the REAL desserts B: Not pudding s**t B: No, we’re going for real desserts up in here B: Got a lot of ice cream… B: Chocolate brownie! B: This is the ice-cream of kings!… Right here B: But we’re not just gonna eat an ice-cream B: Oh no B: Oh no! B: We need to top that ice-cream
off with something else B: Nom sayin’, nom sayin’? B: Oreos, motherfu– hehehehehaha B: (gasp) Oh no! hehehe (16,550 won / $14 USD) B: These little lunch boxes are gonna be perfect… B: …little plates B: So for the start it’s gonna be… B: A mixed samgak kimb–… KIMBAB… B: …smoked cheese B: and eggs! B: Look how cute these lil’ eggs are! B: But you’re thinking: how am
I gonna mix that in here?… B: Well, I’m gonna be clever… B: Right here guys, is a free mixing bowl B: And there’s a trick to opening these,
and it’s actually very obvious… B: …If you know what you’re looking for B: There’s numbers on this B: “1” B: “2” B: “3” B: Just tear it down, number “1” B: Woo! B: That splits this plastic case up B: Now… B: You can take number “2” off (clicks tongue) B: Fold the bits back in B: And number “3” B: Magical! B: Fold that back down B: And normally you just eat that,
and you probably leave one of these on, B: so you can just eat it without
getting all this grease on your hands B: We’re not doing that today B: In it goes! B: This is working better than I thought! B: Once we’ve mixed it all up,
we’re gonna put in our cheese B: “Denmark in Pocket Cheese” B: Beautiful! B: We’re just gonna break this up a little bit B: ‘Cause more surface area… B: … means more meltin’ area! B: you feel me? you get me, guys? B: I already feel, this meal… B: … Is gonna be better than Haeppy’s one B: I can already tell! B: I’m gonna love it, I’m gonna enjoy this! B: Cheese B: Cheese B: Cheese B: Cheese B: Now, B: that looks beautiful as it is B: We’re gonna give it one more stir in here B: Beautiful! B: Gonna microwave that B: Get that cheese real deeply melted in here B: Look at that! B: Look at that, boys! B: …and girls B: Look at that! B: That looks beautiful! B: But a little bit more B: This is how you cook: B: Experiment! B: Aww yeeeaahh! B: That, B: People would kill for this food! B: Stop it on an even number! B: Everytime! B: K B: Aw, look at that! B: That is perfect B: Perfect B: I don’t want cold eggs so I’m
gonna quickly cook them as well B: Probably gonna need about 20
seconds, they’re very, very small eggs B: I can hear ’em popping B: HOO! B: WOOH! B: That’s HOT! B: Hehehe that’s hot! Hehehehehahahahe B: This is the first one up… B: But it’s a bit hot so we’re gonna
leave that over on the side B: We’re gonna start preparing the 2nd meal B: So first, you boil the noodles a bit B: Then we’re gonna drain the water out,
and then we put this in and mix it up B: There’s a line… B: …Inside… B: …That’s where you put the water to B: Hm! Pretty good B: And… B: As Haeppy said… B: To clear up this mess B: 일반 쓰레기~ (Ilban Sseuregi/General Trash) B: I’m winning on the looks already B: Woooo!! B: Woo! B: Haven’t seen stringiness like
that since the mozzarella burger B: Aw my god! B: Even you’d love this! B: Oh wow! B: I’m good B: I’m really good at this! B: Aw muh GOD! B: And even though this is so carb heavy, it
doesn’t feel heavy, right? It feels pretty good B: While we waitin’… B: Gonna heat the chicken back up B: To pair it up B: Always be careful when re-heating meat B: You don’t wanna undercook it B: Underheat it, and you don’t wanna heat it up too much B: Otherwise it goes dry B: Haeppy told me that! B: …’Cause he likes dry meat B: …No he doesn’t B: HE LIKES HIS MEAT WET! B: If you are uneducated in the times of heatin’… B: Most convenience stores have this lovely time chart B: Samgak Kimbap B: So that’s recently what I had B: Doshiraks (Korean Lunchbox) are
really good they’re like a meal in a pack B: And it cost like… B: 3~4 thousand (won) B: They don’t cost 17 thousand (won) B: So, heh B: What we learned… Is probably… B: You don’t need to spend this much money B: Ahahehehe B: I’m gonna use this top as a strainer B: Is the water in here? B: Okay B: Don’t get burned on the steam… B: Dump it in B: So we got a bowl B: I’m gonna prepare it out again because this is meal 2 B: This is classy! B: This is classy, fellas. Y’know B: Aw, look at that! B: You wanna get the ladies? B: You wanna get the ladies?! B: Next stage: Chicken B: That’s one… B: Two… B: Push– push and twist B: Aw yeah! B: Look at this, beautiful! B: Can you guess where I’m putting’ this chicken? B: Bam! B: Bam!! B: Hehe B: With some cheese in this right now! B: There’s no fridges near by… B: So I’m just gonna have to be… B: A pig… B: Heh B: And eat all the cheese! B: Let’s just see how it goes, like this is a cheesy meal B: Cheesy date B: Ruler of the cheese B: I’m lookin’ forward to dessert B: Last piece… B: You’re lookin’ at that, and you’re thinkin’… B: Yeah, looks pretty good B: What else can we do to improve that? B: …We put it back in the microwave! B: I have no idea of time… B: Because literally this is– I’ve just made this up B: This is not a– B: I’ve never tested this recipe B: Bye-bye baby! B: People are gonna wanna date me right after this B: They’re gonna be like: “YAS!… B: “Bapmokja knows what’s up!!”… B: …With the– with the convenience store food B: But for real… B: $17, I could’ve gotten… B: A whole soonsal (boneless) chicken B: …With free coke B: …1.5L of coke B: Or I could’ve got a pizza and pasta B: …With coke B: But… B: This is a 3-course meal!! B: Remember that! ๐Ÿ˜‰ B: Here we go B: Hear that sound? That’s… B: …WINNING! B: That is gorgeous B: Absolutely gorgeous! B: As the main meal rests here… B: Let’s move away the 1st course B: “Choco Brownie Ice-Cream” B: What’s really cool about Korean
ice-cream is, it has these “stages” B: This opens the main part, right? B: Stage two B: Baam! B: Amazing! B: Can you guess what’s next? B: Stage three B: But that was all pointless ’cause
we’re not– we’re not gonna do it anyway B: We’re puttin’ it in here B: We’re gonna break this up B: Now you’re thinking: “Bapmokja…” B: “C’mon” B: “You cared about presentation so much
before and now you’ve ruined it!” B: I got more! B: I got more plates right here! B: We’re gonna leave that on the side B: …’Cause it’s time to eat the bad boy! B: Okay B: So this is just the chicken and cheese B: Aw, you see that steam?! B: To be honest… B: I couldn’t really get this wrong B: Heheheh B: You need to try– B: This is– this is insane! B: This does feel a LOT heavier B: This is hardcore! B: Now… B: Beers you can’t drink inside B: Y’know B: You can drink nearly anywhere else in Korea,
but you can’t drink inside convenience stores B: So if I wanted to drink this, B: Which I do… B: I’d have to go outside, and stay outside B: But, there’s seats outside B: Y’know, most convenience stores have seats outside B: But today, I’m not gonna drink this B: I know what this tastes like B: I know it’ll be perfect B: …’Cause I’m good at this game B: Mmm!! B: Course… B: …#3 B: And we already prepared the ice-cream B: Now we’re gonna prepare Oreo ice-cream B: By some divine miracle… B: I think I got… B: Double-chocolate Oreos instead of original ones B: Basically we’re gonna just break up all the oreos into little pieces B: …We’re gonna microwave them B: Hahahaha!! B: O GUD LAWD…! B: Lovely and melted! B: And there we have it! B: The Chocolate Brownie… B: Chocolate Oreo… B: Deluxe!… B: Dessert B: All we can do now… B: … Is try it! B: What can I say? B: I think I win this game B: But the real winner is… B: … Is CU! B: ‘Cause we spent about thirty dolla–HEHEHAHAHA B: If you wanna know… B: …how to make these recipes… B: …You just have to watch this video again B: But, who do you think was better? B: Mee?? B: Or Haeppy’s one? B: Haeppy wasn’t even– B: Haeppy didn’t even like his own food! B: Sign of a bad chef H: Even if you learned any H: recipes that you would love to try… H: Please like the video! Share it! Subscribe! H: And if you do subscribe, click the gear icon and H: check the box to get notifications for ALL our videos! B: And stick around for
a sneak peak of our next episode B:coming up right now!