good morning what’s going on guys today
I’m going the dentist – I just the braces and the evening time I have like
ally in the Mall of the Emirates can you imagine
I will recycle in front of like a thousand people in the middle to move
it’s like you’ve never see right it sounds like a view I will have a nice
experience today at 9 p.m. can I call you guys
Dubai family how is that sounds just came to my mind like it you can’t call
them maybe Dubai family to like it just comment below I didn’t really like to
read the comments let’s go oh my god its first test though which is I seen the
vine look at this it’s Tesla I’m so shocked I
really shocked first time I seen the Tesla really I really short it’s a
gesture I have to do by I mean like I have so limited a few moments later they
change the wire now they may get some pleasure on it and I should have a
painful next 2-3 days but it’s fine I’m doing like a 4 month she said it’s very
very nice like it’s I’m getting improvements right that’s right I was
pushing this treatment for the how many five six years I was laying like a later
later later later later later later now I am doing I just arrived tomorrow and I
want to show you first of all the valley party what they have today so I am in
the party now but today it’s so many Rolls Royces over here look at this rose
so new it brand new rolls-royce look at the tires how they’re shiny it’s really
really new brand new I’m sure it’s less than thousand kilometers
I’m sure it’s another one and there the word white white white Bentley I am
going to do cycling here it’s so amazing experience it’s like it first time so it
will be awesome so I ready look at this downstairs here I’m going to do cycling
so it’s empty but their presence like to explain basic shows you need – well
because you cannot ride the bicycle without that but this is not remote
regions so this shoes they’re so special look at this I guess they have a special
tax here and someone could not remove it even they just leave it here remove it
because it’s very hard but you need to know so it’s not taking you need the
left or right side here we go different experience how many
you are doing like 14 16 18 we till yesterday it was like 50 minutes more than 50 like
a 470 calories and that they were providing this water it’s caused Wars
it’s coming all the way from Norway it’s like a little bit expensive but at least
I seen the same just finish the workout and I’m going from valet parking and I
saw here two rolls-royce’s aggressive war and second one okay this one normal
rolls-royce but this one like that I had to test driving it was so amazing it
should have been here that links to just click it to watch it normal rolls-royce
and this one black – black verge it’s totally black differential from the
tires direct this is the normal tires and this one carbon fiber tires look at
this it sticks like four months to make it’s really really awesome carbon fiber
and logo all solo girls is like a black but normal in the normal one it’s like a
different look at this slide I’m wrapping up my blog here thank you so
much for watching it was awesome workout he just killed it really really he’s
awesome guy actually was even really really good motivation I really liked it
I will take a so the next piece