It’s Santa Holiday Christmas Holiday Christmas Holiday -then go and finish your homework I will just wait for Santa Santa?? Yes they do exists Bua Let’s go dora whole night I will for Santa Bua Dora is waiting for Santa Even she has promised Anaya That Santa will come I am going to sleep…Santa won’t come When will my Santa come Why are you crying? Santa didn’t came? Anaya…Gifts are coming and going Merry Christmas and do like this video Are going to enjoy a lot on Christmas Santa will come…This will be a mystery So, let’s watch the video Hi I am here to receive you..Have they played? But both are waiting for Santa Nothing happens…I am here You will become Santa You don’t have fatty tummy Leave everything up to me…You just get ready and come Dora Anaya get ready fast But still Santa has not come Leave that and come along Why it’s so dark Didi? Yes Christmas Party You told that Santa will come Yes didi Santa is not here Just turn back Dora how have you sat on Santa’s tummy? He has to go to other places to present gifts Get up fast Santa why don’t you reduce your tummy? If I reduce my tummy…I won’t remain Santa then All that is okay but where is our gift? Where is our gift?? Take it out soon Move aside Santa This is empty box…What is this? This is only news paper You befooled us This were the artificial gifts…Real ones I have I will take the big one The smallest one will get the biggest gift This is my biggest gift This is for Dora I love you Santa This is for Vani Thank you Santa And you are now 5 Million…So, this one for you This is fake Santa What is this? After gifts you forgot Santa You got to knew that this was fake Santa Thank you chachu for all this Now I am leaving…You all open these gifts So, Anaya got the best gift and that is Elsa And look Ainu and Elsa’s height is same Only have slight difference Look what Vani Didi got? Santa Claus gave me new diaries In which I will write new years resolution This one is the cutest and it takes out sounds too I got this small and cute doll And on blowing air it changes its colour Ainu got Elsa And it produces sounds while dancing The one who threw the party got the smallest gift It’s okay if you are kidding me So the other gifts which I bought for Christmas will give to Anaya No No please give to us also Won’t get is as so I have hided chocolates and candies Go and find it out May be inside it Find out…It’s not there Didi look there It’s fake It seems as if real May be inside it They are finding it everywhere But nobody searched it in Christmas Socks I feel that lolly pop is real How do you know? It seems so yummy I got it Will share and eat This one for Anaya, This for Dora, This for Vani and This for me Merry Christmas So did you enjoyed the video? Do like and share And what has to be done with ToyStars?