Whose phone is this? It’s my phone. It must be my husband’s call. She isn’t answering my calls.
I guess she is upset with me… …as I left without saying bye
in the morning. It’s okay, I’ll try again. Talk to him. Hello?
– Tanuja. Thank God you’ve answered my call.
I was afraid that… …you are upset
because I did not… …say goodbye to you
in the morning. Is everything all right?
– Abhishek… …I am in the City Shopping
Mall and a lot of… So you are in love! Hello, whose this? You never loved me though. Who are you? Hello? Did not recognise me? Hey! What was that?
– What happened? I don’t know I…
– Who was it? I was talking to
Tanuja and suddenly… …a man took the phone and… Let me call her back. What’s happening? It’s switched off.
– What? What did you say
your name was? Tanuja.
– You are… …our V.I.P guest. Do you know how long
your husband and I go back? There’s some misunderstanding… …he is not like you what think. I know your husband
more than you do. I know him. He is not innocent. This is why you are
the special guest. Take Madam Tanuja to the room. Look, there is some
misunderstanding. Take her away. Hey, no one makes a noise.
– Why don’t you understand? Her phone is switched off.
I said there’s something wrong. Something is not right.
– Hey! Rishi, there is nothing wrong.
What happened? Her phone is switched off. I think I should go to City Mall.
I’ll find her there. Wait a minute. City Mall?
– Yes. Wait a minute. It’s a huge mall,
where will you find her? Forget a mall, I can find
her anywhere on the world. Listen, Rishi! Bro, listen to me. I think we are thinking too much. I think she won’t be in a
situation to answer the phone. I am sure someone’s
joking with you. Wouldn’t she be busy
with the ritual? The welcome ritual!
That must be going on. There is no such ritual
happening and there… …was no such noise
in the background. Trust me, something is not right… …or else Rishi must have
taken her phone and.. …said things like,
didn’t you recognize me? Are you sure that it was Rishi? Who else can it be? Only Rishi
can do something like this. Bro, you are over
thinking so please don’t. Myra, I am not over thinking. Rishi has irritated me. Did I do this to him
whenever he came home? I always let him meet
Tanuja and Natasha. I never misbehaved with him. Then how can he stop me? Bro, please calm down.
– Let’s see how he stops me. Bro, listen. – He will
stop me from meeting them? Bro, don’t do that. Oh God, what do I do now? That was Abhishek’s car. Why has he stopped the car? He is nuisance.
He irritates me all the time. He does nothing
but irritate me. What is your problem?
– What is your problem? Why are you shouting?
– I tried calling you so many times. But you disconnect
it every time. I’ll answer the call when I want. I only called you to
talk to my princess. You could have come home to meet
her. I wouldn’t have stopped you. Just shut up. I know, what
you are trying to do. I was talking to Tanuja and you
kept asking me… …to recognise you.
What does that mean? You think, you will cut in,
speak in a different voice… …switch off Tanuja’s
phone and I’ll do nothing! Someone asked you to recognise
him on Tanuja’s phone? Not anyone, it was you. You talked to
me and then switched off her phone. You’ve gone crazy. I was
waiting for her at home. Why would I ask you that, when I
was waiting for her at Bedi House? Then Natasha… Where is she?
– Where is Natasha? I couldn’t get through
when I called her again. That means…
– Something is wrong. Something is wrong. Why is Manpreet calling? Manpreet, I’ll talk to you later.
I’m busy. Rishi, listen. Did you
watch the news on TV? Manpreet, later.
– ‘Breaking news.’ ‘Some unknown people have
seized the City Mall… …which is located in the
city’s most crowded area.’ ‘The police force has reached there
but they are unable to enter.’ ‘Because they have held
the people as hostages.’ ‘They have threatened the police,
if they will try to enter… …then they will
kill the hostages.’ Rishi, did you hear that?
Oh my God! The person whom you talked with,
did he say anything else? He didn’t say anything.
But who is held at gunpoint? The person who asked
you to recognise him… …he knows you. He held Tanuja at gunpoint.
He is in City Mall. He has Tanuja’s phone.
That means… …Tanuja is at City Mall.
– Let’s go. I’ll take only 5-7 minutes
to get there. Get in. Come on. Let’s go. As you can see, it’s a
very horrible incident. Some unknown people
entered the mall… …and held everyone hostage. Look at the security. The police force hasn’t
reached here yet. A siren is ringing. It seems,
the police have arrived. Now the fun begins. Keep an eye on everyone. Pull the trigger if anyone moves. And yes, if the police
try to enter… …then tell them,
we’ll also fire… …if they cross
the yellow line. Go. It’s time to rock. Sir.
– Inspector. Please! Move aside. Please! Move aside. Media.
– What’s their demand? Move them aside. Answer us! Sir, tell us. Sir, tell us. Answer us! That’s it, my men. Let us tell the police,
why we are here… …and what our intention is. Then we will party. Don’t shoot, else we’ll fire inside. It’s a very serious situation. If you want to save the people
who are stuck inside… …then only one media
person should enter. You will get the list of the
people who are trapped inside. Let their family know… …where their people are trapped. Understood? ACP Sir. It’s dangerous to shoot like this.
– In the Mall… I don’t know how many
people are trapped inside. What is their intention? How will you save the people
who are trapped inside? Please calm down! Calm down!
– Sir, tell us something. Is anyone of you ready to put your
life in danger and go inside? Is there anyone? Answer my question.
– Sir, I will. It’s very dangerous.
You could die too. Will you go?
– Yes, sir. Open the barrier. Fast! Go, I’ll talk to them. The phone is ringing. Hello.
– You have asked for a journalist. I had sent one inside. But make sure that… …she stays unharmed. Or else the consequences
will be bad. ACP, I know how
this game works. Don’t lecture me anymore. Okay? Send her in. Raise your hands. Do you have anything? I have nothing. Enough now. Go in and ask their name.
Also, collect their ID’s. Pass me the gun. Get in. I will keep an eye on them. Today, Tanuja is in this
situation because of you. What did you say?
– The truth. She was going to your house. What was the need to leave
her alone at the temple? You could have tagged along
with her and waited. I didn’t let her go alone. She wanted to talk to the
Goddess alone for some time. Should I interfere? You could have waited
outside the temple. She must have received a
call from the Mall… …for Natasha’s teddy.
So she went there. But you couldn’t wait for her. What sort of a person are you? Oh. Now I know who is to be blamed. It’s you. You could’ve got the teddy
sent home since you knew of it. People deliver everything
at home, did you know of that? Home delivery is the best option. No. But you are lazy.
You are one lazy… Hold on. It is your fault. But I am not lazy. You are lazy. Really? You make a mistake and… Don’t blame me for your mistake. You are to be blamed
as you made a mistake. Agree to it.
– Please. It’s your fault. It’s your fault.
– You are to be blamed. Okay, fine, it is your mistake.
– Your mistake. Okay. Maybe… I am not sure. Coincidentally… Unfortunately, she went alone. No. It’s not our fault. I hope we reach there soon. Don’t worry. Both of us will save her together. ‘Let us take you to City Mall… …where our
journalist Roshini… …is exclusive with us.
She has a list… …with names of
people in the mall.’ ‘Roshini, tell us the names
of people on the list.’ ‘First of all Manish… …you would be
surprised to know… …that I was introduced
to every hostage in there.’ ‘Just to prove that… …we take them seriously.’ ‘Anyone can die in here.’ ‘Before the list can go to the
police, our channel has the list.’ ‘I will read it out to you.’ ‘The names are, Deepak Kumar… …Neha Singh,
Pankaj Singh, Nadeem Khan… …Aashish Gupta, Deepti Singh… Manpreet, where’s Rishi? Mom, I thing he is in the mall. What?
– Mom. ‘Akansha Rathod,
Tanuja Singh Bedi…’ In that case Rishi is
in this mall for sure. What?
– Why did he go to this mall? That place is so dangerous. Manpreet, let’s go now. We should all go. Let’s go, mother.
– Let’s go. Aunt Ahana. Where are you going? We are all going out, dear. Both of you stay here, okay? Please. Good girls. Okay. John, look after the kids. Yes, ma’am. Okay. Take care. Where are they all going? Mom isn’t back yet. When will they all come back? Mall is very crowded. I need
more bullets for firing. Take this. This is all loaded. Come on. You will not do that. You cannot do that. Don’t teach me. My life is ruined. My wife left me.
Can you bring her back to me? Will you give me my old life back?
You cannot. But I can settle old scores. A wife for wife.
– Wife? Only then I will be satisfied. I came here to get gold. I never
thought I would be so lucky. I will destroy your husband… …Abhishek Khurana’s life. My husband’s name is
Rishi Singh Bedi! Such a big lie just
to save your life. I’m not lying! Then why do you have Abhishek’s
photo on your phone? Abhishek is not my husband but
my boss. I work for him. Is that why he called your
daughter as our daughter? Look. Don’t try and act smart. He is the father of your child
that means he’s your husband. It’s not what you think. He has nurtured my daughter… …but he is not my husband.
We are not married. My husband is Rishi Singh Bedi,
not Abhishek Khurana. Why don’t you believe me?
Let me go. Is he really not your husband? Vipul, what should we do? We’ll let her go. Go untie her. Thank you very much. But you’re not welcome, ma’am. Even though he’s not your
husband, he’s still your boss. He loves your child. That means there is
a connection here. So, you’re still a V.I.P for us. If anything happens
to the two of us… …you’re our golden
ticket out of here. Otherwise we will make
sure you’re dead. If my husband comes to know the
way you behaved with me… …I’m telling you the
truth, he will… …not spare you guys. This is my last warning, let me go.
If he gets to know… …then he will kill everyone. So leave me. Leave me now! Shut up! Rishi Singh. Yes, Rishi Singh Bedi. Vipul, do one thing… …if you find… …a person called Rishi
Singh Bedi anywhere… …make sure to remind me that I
touched her with these hands. Keep an eye on her. I’m telling you that
he won’t spare you. He won’t spare you guys! Natasha? Let me go!
– Move! Hey! Let me go!
– Move. Tanuja is inside. The people who are
trapped inside are… …Pavan Singh, Pooja Singh and… …we have another name… …Tanuja Rishi Singh Bedi. Hey!
– Stop! Hey! Stop them!
– Hey! Please stop! You cannot enter. Take more guns. You’ll require it. Someone is running towards us. Then shoot. Why else
did I give you the gun? Is he dead?
– No, sir. Somebody stopped him
from coming inside. Why are shots being fired outside? What happened outside? Why are shots being fired outside! Someone must have come,
so my people shot him. That person is such an idiot to
see the number of guns we have… …and still he’s coming to die. Hey, Rishi! Control yourself.
– Why did you guys… …bring me here. Tanuja is inside.
Why can’t you understand? I know Tanuja is inside!
But what if you get shot? You love her, right?
So you have to be safe as well. Think and act. I need to go in, she’s in danger…
– Hey! Please stop. Let the police
do their work in peace. The police are here
for that very reason. We promise no one will get hurt. Please co-operate
and maintain peace. Don’t interfere.
– You guys are not working! You are outside and she in!
Anything can happen to her! Get out of my way!
– Rishi, don’t. – Please. Don’t be stupid. Didn’t you see… …they were firing bullets.
What if you get shot? If you go in, anyone can get shot! They’re dangerous.
– I know they’re dangerous… …that is why allow me to go in
then nothing will happen to her. Look, I can’t understand…
– Please, go back. …what’s going on. Look it’s our
responsibility to save… …all the people
trapped inside. And we will save them. Don’t take the law
into your hands. If you try to go inside again… …then I will have to arrest you. What do you mean by you
will have to arrest him? What are you saying!
– One minute, Abhishek, let’s think. ‘There has to be
some way to get in.’ ‘But how do I go in?’