Welcome to Kare!
We are a pure air and water boutique. This is our Reverse Osmosis H20. It’s like water, good water!
Very good water. Yeah, that is better.
Yes? So what we have is pure air at three different degree settings. 17 degrees, 21, 24. I had a blast before you came in actually. I just spray it on my face and I inhale it. Do you want a sample of the air?
Can you feel a difference?
Absolutely. Oh yeah, that’s good. This is our softened cleansing water.
You feel it.
You can feel the difference. Fill up the tub, doesn’t take me more than five hours. We sell them by the hundred. By the hundred?
By the hundreds, yeah. Well, you can’t put a price on health. The average customer is probably buying thousands of these. This is a demonstration for Enercare. You don’t have to purchase these bottles however, they do offer those in home services for you.
You can actually have these air and water filtration systems directly in your home.
Built in your home? I guess it would kind of be easier if this stuff could just come out of our taps. Can you imagine spraying your face with air everyday? You think it would be easier to call Enercare directly?
Then these bottles? Yes, I definitely think so.
Love it. Thank you so much! You’re welcome. Thank you and take care!