Hello, everyone! Good Morning! Welcome to… Judy Ann’s Kitchen! Okay! So our episode for today, we’ll call it “Kids Bazaar”. Since vacation time has just started for our kids, we told them that this is the right time for them to learn how to earn some money during school breaks because I remember back when I was younger, we used to sell a lot of different things around our subdivision. So… Why are you all laughing? So Lucho suggested, since his favorites are hot dog and pancake, that we make corn dogs or kids, Kids in a blanket… Why don’t I cook you guys, instead? Pigs in a blanket. but we’ll add cornmeal to give it some texture, and Ate will make burger sliders using dinner rolls as burger buns, which we will then bake. And Bordok… Bordok will make hot dogs on sticks like that. Right, son? Just like that, okay? And put it on the side, everything, you will have to do them like that, that’s your assignment, okay? Ate Yohan will be making her own beef patty your celery, your diced onions and your diced garlic. This is pancake mixture, the kind you can buy in boxes. You will mix this one, okay? And then, onions. And then, garlic. Okay, add salt. Okay, pepper. I’ll be adding the egg, so wait for a bit. Okay, Kuya? One egg. And you… Egg. Okay, let’s add a little more milk. So what did mom say? No, you mix it like that. So corn dogs… See? We always have Sunday mass here at home. Like, once a month. We always celebrate mass at home with our friends and some of our family members. We make it a catered event, so now what will happen is the kids will be making the food for the next mass, or if we have a garage sale, they will be selling the food that they made. So in that way, they’ll be able to earn money during summer. So these corndogs, Maybe… they can sell for… Let’s say… Sell for… …seven pesos per stick? Seven pesos… My man, seven pesos! That’s a lot of money, dude! I think that’s how our batter should be, a little thick so that when we dip the hot dog, it’ll stick right away. And then we will add our ground cornmeal. Mix it, baby! Yes, Love? Good job! Awesome! Finish them all up. Will it splatter on me? No it won’t. It won’t splatter on you, son. Let’s add some more milk. How are you, babe? Not yet done? Luna was supposed to be here as well, but she already fell asleep. What we’ll do, Ate, is we’ll add Worcestershire sauce, Italian seasoning, oregano, dried oregano. You should say something, Ate. Our viewers will say that you don’t speak. Go on! Say something. She doesn’t want to speak now, but in truth she’s very talkative. Luna was supposed to make Sago’t Gulaman (Sugar water drink with gelatin and tapioca) so I’ll make that instead. And then, while that’s finished, Kuya. What you’ll do is you’ll dip each hot dog here. Kuya will transfer here. Okay, and… Let’s move a bit. Move, move. Okay. Now Ate, while you’re… you’re finished with that. What you can do is sauté it here, add a bit of ketchup and then this one, we’ll… we’ll put inside, in the middle. You wash your hands. What’s happening here? Dogs are made of hot, and hot are made of dogs so that’s why it’s called a hot dog. Where did you… dogs are made of? Hot. Hot? And hot are made out of dogs. That’s why it’s called? Hotdog. Where did you hear that? From your dad? Okay? So is it ready? Can we go ahead? You wanna try? Let’s try! You look for it. Okay. So it’s getting hot now. Hotter and hotter. Yes, so you have to hold it here. On the end, okay? Can you do it? Just like that, okay? I can, I can, I can~ Oh! But you have to dip it in! Okay! Another one. You dip it this time, Kuya. Here. One, two, go! Okay. Ah no, not by me! It likes you. Marry me. What’s happening, Kuya? My hands are tired. At least it’s long, and that it knows now. Good, just keep on mixing it. There, add a bit of ketchup. So, where do I put this? What happened? Why is it like this? So why don’t we just do that, and fry the stick as well? Right? At least it would be fried minutes later. Whee! So do you guys know… Later, we’ll let the staff eat what you’re cooking. You want pigs-in-a-blanket now? How about kids-in-a-blanket? Ah, I think this is ground chicken and not ground beef. So, chicken burger sliders… What did Gordon Ramsay say? This is what Gordon Ramsay says, “Always taste it to know if something is forgotten.” So it’s very important if you’re cooking with kids… Cooking with kids… cooking with kids is very hard because there’s lots of them, more than just you cooking by yourself. He already knows! So, right? It’s really important that we teach our children how to move around in the kitchen because when they get older these are the skills that they will really get to use. And it’s important that they know how to because when they grow up, they can’t always be reliant on helpers. What if there aren’t any helpers? Okay, Ate. You will wait for the oven tray. And then this one… here you go. Okay. There. And then the fillings… just like that. So these burger sliders, Yohan can sell it for… Fifteen. …fifteen pesos per small slider. Well, slider means it’s already small. Since it’s chicken, it’s slightly healthier. So our corn dogs are done, and these two are currently playing rough with each other. Okay boys, I’ll call you again later. Do you want to taste your pigs-in-a-blanket or corndogs? No. Why not? Um, let’s taste it later because it’s just daytime. Why not nighttime? Whenever you cook, it’s important that you taste the finished product because you’ll… that’s only… Oh my son isn’t talking to me anymore. So you, you’re delicious. I don’t know why they don’t want to taste you. Oh, are you going to taste now? Yeah. Yes. Me first. It tastes delicious. Why is it whenever I look away, something happens? It still tastes like regular hot dogs. It smells good! Tastes like hot dog and pancakes. It is hot dogs and pancakes. We didn’t really add anything else to it. Okay so our corndogs are done, so what’s next in line? Kuya Lucho and Kuya Bordok can stay on the side first because it’s Kuya Dale and Kuya Jacob’s turn. They will be making turon (Fried wrapped banana with sugar) and lumpiang togue (Fried wrapped bean sprouts). Sit here. One. Come here. You stay here. Oh you’re so heavy. Two. You just stay there, okay? Okay, good job. Now me, I’ll be making sago’t gulaman. Dale and Jacob will be cooking the lumpiang togue and turon. This is Dale and this is Jacob, they’re my sister’s boys. They’re like my second sons. Just take that. Place them a little over the edge like that so when it bakes, it will melt. I’ll teach you how you’re supposed to wrap this okay? For the Lumpiang Togue, we have bean sprouts. Of course, it wouldn’t be Lumpiang Togue without them. Carrots. Jicama. And green beans. Drain this, Kuya. That’s already okay. I’ll put this back. Like that, okay? I want you to go at the back, melt some butter, and then brush some butter over this okay? Brush… So they’re draining the bean sprouts. Jacob will do the turon. This is how I make turon. I add sugar inside, and then langka (jackfruit), and after wrapping I dip it in maple syrup, and then I deep-fry it. You’ll be surprised how crispy it will be from the maple syrup. When we sell them, it can go for five pesos. It’ll leave them wanting more which is how you should do it. Make them want to buy more. Kuya Dale will… he’ll sauté this now, right? Let’s wait for it to get hotter. Do you want to hold it? Onions. When the onions have caramelized, it’s time to put your carrots and your green beans. Ryan, back when we were still dating, he was telling me about this lumpiang togue which you can buy from a Jollijeep (Sidestreet vendors in Makati City). So one time, we were in Makati and saw a Jollijeep. We bought a Jollijeep. Wait! We didn’t buy a Jollijeep. We bought Lumpiang Togue from a Jollijeep! It was good! It’s a really different feeling when you’re eating Lumpia and there’s a jeepney blowing engine smoke somewhere behind you. It makes it taste better, with a different texture. If you have this much vegetables, add the Jicama, you should add even more bean sprouts since it’s supposed to be wrapped bean sprouts, not wrapped carrots. Just stir it like that. I’ll add the seasoning later. Is this okay now? We’ll put this in the oven… since it’s already cooked, we’ll put this in the oven for around ten minutes, so that it becomes golden brown and to melt the cheese. We’ll plate the corndogs, with very presentable plating because our corndogs… look like they just came from a rally. Salt. Pepper. A bit of sugar. Since this is what will bring out the flavor of the vegetables. See, it’s a nice bonding time with your kids, your nieces and nephews, and the same time we’re teaching them to become more independent when they get older. If they are afraid of hot oil, what will become of them when they get older? Right? Yup. Actually, this is already okay. That is what our bean sprouts should be like. We’ll just wrap them in lumpia wrapper, and then we’ll fry them too. We’ve prepped the turon and the lumpia because otherwise it might take us forty-eight years. Fry them, sealed side down. There we go. Use your hands. Just make sure they don’t go in the oil as well, okay? There you go. As for you, it should become that color okay? No more no less. As for you Ate, you can make the gulaman. Get the arnibal (syrup), and pour everything. So the good thing about teaching older children is you can just hang back. Go, everything! This is the payoff. Go! Oh! Okay. Just like that. There you go. Oh! It’s okay love. Don’t be shy. Then we add the water. With the arnibal, when we boiled the panutsa I had the lemongrass added to it so it gets an extra layer of flavor apart from the panutsa. Alright, there you go. Get a little glass, and then let’s taste it. Okay, Kuya Jacob is already done. Yehey! And then here, Ate’s sliders already have like a marker of where you can cut them so we just have to follow that. Our dinner rolls are very soft so it’s very easy to slice it. Alright, and then you mix it again. And then when you sell that, what will you have to say? “Sago! Have some sago!” Like that. “Mumshie, sago!” If I pay for this, I think we can sell this for fifteen pesos per slider. Starting today. Starting today? So you mean I have to pay you right now? It’s like I’ll have a debt to myself! Oh right, here are our chicken sliders! And then our turon, and then our lumpiang gulay. Kuya, you can put them here. Where are our corndogs…where are my kids? Oh! Luna is already there! Oh my, we’re done! Wow, awesome! For the lumpiang togue, pay fifteen pesos for it! Since it’s for the kids’ summer vacation! Turon can be five pesos, corndogs can be five pesos per stick, and we can sell our burger sliders for fifteen pesos, and our sago’t gulaman can go for five pesos per glass like this. Come on. Madam, you can come here. Here is madam! Of course, we will sell this at around… the sun is blinding isn’t it? At around, five pesos, right? But it won’t be bottomless, okay? We have our corndog… who made the corndogs? You? Pigs in a blanket? There we go. Who made burger sliders and Sago’t Gulaman? Lumpia? Kuya Dale. And turon? Kuya Jacob. There we go. What we’ll do now, our taste tester would be our staff. Now if they approve of this, you all will have to pay me because we bought all this with my money! If they approve, you all get bonuses from me, okay? Now go sell the things you’re supposed to sell. You want corndog? Oh she doesn’t want to. You have your first customer here but she doesn’t want to taste. Fired right away! So that’s it for Judy Ann’s Kitchen! Don’t forget to like and subscribe on our Youtube and comment down below. We should have one million subscribers! If you don’t subscribe, I will find you… and eat you! Tell us your address right now! I will eat you if you don’t subscribe. These kids have a lot of feelings… so there, today’s episode is all about Kids’ Bazaar. food that our kids or young relatives can sell over the summer so you can have some bonding time in the kitchen. And at the same time, you get to teach them some responsibility when it comes to growing up, being in the kitchen, and at the same time earning a little bit of money while on summer break, and not just spending all their time in front of the TV or on their gadgets. You know, it’s really important that we teach our children skills that will help them early on in life. I hope they’re listening to me. You guys are listening to me right? Okay guys, let’s do this! Kuya Luch, how many corndogs have you had? Thank you all for watching. 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