Hi everyone! My name is Antonia, and I’m one of the staff
members here at JetPens.com. We’re an online store that sells pens & stationery
from Japan and beyond. While we’re based in the United States, we
do ship to most countries around the world. We offer free shipping for USA orders over
$25 And our customers love our speedy shipping! You can see all of our amazing testimonials
over on our Google Customer Reviews page. JetPens started with three friends and a pen
back in 2005. Our founders Shu, Lily, and Adrian were still
in university and wanted to start a business together. It was Lily’s idea to sell Japanese pens. Then, Adrian brought back a suitcase full
of Hi-Tec-Cs. And together they launched JetPens from Shu’s
dorm room! Nowadays we don’t just carry Japanese stationery
— we carry thousands of amazing products from
all over the world. Our goal is to provide carefully curated products
that will help you express your creativity, whether that’s through calligraphy, art,
writing, or crafting. Although we’ve definitely come a long way, we’re still a small business made up of
people who are passionate about pens and stationery. Check out our Staff Picks to see our favorites! We do our best to help you find the perfect
pen, whether it’s answering customer questions, writing informative blog posts, or filming the videos you watch right here
on YouTube. Our YouTube channel is a place where you can
discover and learn about unique stationery. We make videos on the best pens, pencils cases,
and other school supplies and more! Occasionally we also do tutorials on things
like fountain pens, calligraphy, and art. We upload new videos at least once a week
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