R: Nakano Broadway! R: Victor talks to EVERYONE. Shane (S): This is where you can bring your comic books and get them priced out. R: Again, Victor is talking to people. S: He has to. R: Cosplay popularity vote?? R: Uh… Chun Li? R: I’m so bad, I don’t know any of these. Victor (V): Dinosaurs… R: Assassin’s Creed! R: I can’t even see what they look like, though. V: What is that? R: It’s a video game, yeah. V: What kind of video game? R: You climb buildings and… R: Assassinate people… Yeah, that’s pretty much it. R: Omg, this Link is $140! R: This is $800!! R: I don’t even know who they are, but they’re pretty. R: That’s kind of an interesting store decoration. S: Yeah, I love it. S: It gets cooler as you go down. R: Omg, look at the giant Alien! R: You have this really cool alien, and then it has Christmas lights in it. J: Really? R: It’s sparkly. J: He’s sparkly. R: This is really cool! Someone made this out of something. R: Look at this skill made of skulls. R: That’s actually really cool. J: That’s crazy. R: That’s awesome! R: Omg, look at the Ninja Turtles backpack! R: It’s a turtle shell, with turtles on it. R: I would know this symbol anywhere! J: What’s that? R: Star Wars. J: Oh, Star Wars? R: Do I look like a Ninja Turtle? J: What’s that? R: A Ninja Turtle. S: Wanna get some pizza, bro? R: Cowabunga, dude! S: I totally want pizza right now, bro. R: Omg, that’s awesome! R: You could be like the protagonist of a show. R: It’s so cute! R: I wanna see you in your school uniform. J: What?! R: It’d be adorable. R: This is so cute! J: I like those more professional ones over there. J: Were you into those stuff? R: Yeah, I’ll have to ask my mom to look through our pictures, R: see if she can find any embarrassing gothic Rachel photos. R: I tried watching Evangelion and I only got through a couple episodes, R: but whenever I see these adorable figures, it makes me want to watch it more. R: Look, she’s a ballerina! Asuka, right? J: Yeah, Asuka. R: I want this figure of her as a ballerina, and I’ve never even seen it. J: Because she has red hair as well? R: I guess so! J: You just relate to her? R: I’m a little biased. S: Pricey watches. R: Why are there so many watch stores here? R: Do you want to look at any of the watches, Jun? S: This one’s $39,000. R: (Jun loves watches!!) R: A $40,000 watch! R: Victor’s talking to the clerk again. R: It’s a giant ice tray! R: What do you do with something ice that’s this big?? R: They have old, collectible figures here, on the card. R: My family actually has a huge collection of vintage toys. J: I watched some of the movies and… J: Yoda is like the master of… J: the… I forgot the blade thing. J: Lightsaber!! J: Okay, I don’t care about those girls’ names. J: Can you tell me the names of those cats? R: Luna and Artemis. J: Wow. R: Okay, well, in America, R: back when anime started showing on TV, R: it was mainly on a Cartoon Network program called Toonami. R: And Sailor Moon and DBZ were kind of like the first two big ones R: that they played, and I watched all of every of it. J: DBZ… oh, Dragonball? R: Yeah, DBZ. Dragonball Z. J: Z. R: Not Dragonball. R: Look at Squall! He’s so cool! R: We’re trying to find our way out now R: and also find Victor, who gets easily distracted and wanders off. S: So distracted, all the time. R: We need to put him on a leash. S: We need to put him on a leash. R: Thanks for joining us in Nakano Broadway! R: We’ll see you guys later, bye!!