I work here in the winery, I worked as an employee nineteen years or so When my employer passed away, he asked the family to continue letting me work, I took it as a special order. We continue working as a family with my husband We are in charge of almost three hectares of vineyard and the winery and the new venture that is launching the touristic winery, which is already receiving people, and that is something we like a lot. I approached the program Emprendemos Juntas because I was looking for an escape to the daily routine, and see if he could get to focus on my project and well, we did it. I used to come and tell my husband everything and well, we cheered each other up and we got ahead. I ended the day in a special way because I came home with another spirit since they encouraged us so much… Everything you learned that day was spectacular. I was scared, and it made me want to move on and when we finished I said to the girls and all those who came: “If there’s another one let me know because I’ll be there, I want to continue because I really loved it”.