Hey guys! Hugo Here from liveaking.com today I want to show you guys and review what I got from Jackthreads. With promo code. Actually got two order this time I bought one thing, then the next day I get on again and end up buying something else. Had to pay extra for shipping but it’s ok. First item I got here. Is the Members Only khaki jacket. It’s the classic model by the way. I love it because they’re good for just all-around casual wear. You could wear them any time of the year. With almost anything. Next part of my jackthreads review video. The second item is the Edge By WDNY Vest It’s a slim-fit one so it will fit me really nicely and make me look buff *laughs* Normally it takes 5 days to get your package. Five business days. And the way
Jackthreads ships is by UPS. Once it gets in your local area
they hand it over to the post office and then they ship it to you. If you chose a faster option you’ll get it much faster but I always choose the cheapest one. It’s not bad at all, five business days.
It is pretty quick. Now if you want to check out jackthreads and shop online there is a link in the description with a promo code. You can sign up rigt there there to get five dollars
cash to spend on anything you want on the website. Make sure to comment,
subscribe, And check out my other videos.