are you happy now yeah hi guys the Dutch people are the tallest
in the world my husband is a big built six foot two fella I’m only five foot
four so I could shop anywhere but for my husband thankfully there are specialty
shops for men of his size and we are taking the scooter to go to one today in
downtown Amsterdam to get to town from our neighborhood we need to cross the Ij river by taking the ferry this service is for free once we cross the river it’s the central
train station on the other side and then it’s a 15-minute ride from here to that
store thankfully it’s a beatiful day today and although it’s the tourist season it’s still a tourist season it’s a weekday so it’s less busy on the roads and right across the store where we are
going is the Westerkerk or Western church it’s a church famously
mentioned in Anne Frank’s diary for those of you who are familiar with her
story that’s because the Anne Frank House is
next to this church now it’s time to go shopping my husband doesn’t shop for clothes a lot
except for a few shirts that he could still buy in regular clothing stores
sometimes but for pants and suits we usually go to a specialty store in
Germany or sometimes we come here he doesn’t buy new clothes very often so
it’s nice to give himself a treat my husband works very hard
he deserves some pampering too of course are you happy now? yes so mission accomplished now it’s time to go back home and pick
up the kids from school well that’s it for today thank you so
much for watching our channel and until next time