NAMASTE, SALAM, SATSHRIAAKAL Right now I’m in New Delhi I’m in the same hotel where my granny is staying and I’ll go to “Chor Bazar” again Today Let’s see if I can find something new over there to show you guys On the way to “Chor Bazar,” people have put cow dunk to dry on the Footpath They might gonna use these dry cow dunks to warm-up their self I guess. Also, all this is just above the bridge which is on New Delhi Railway Station Delhi is improving & growing like this? Me: How are you?
He: All Good and I’m Happy Right now I’m in “Chor Bazar” and it’s very crowded If you want to imagine what would be India’s Population then come to “Chor Bazar” and See Me: On the front, there are SHOPS, on the back there are shops
He: I also got a shop here haha So, this is his shop over here Me: Is this a property of “Chor Bazar” or You make it on your own?
He: we are not a part of “Chor Bazar” haha He: Chor Bazar is on the Red Fort side road …..this part is called Meena Bazar
Me: Ohh I got it Now Me: So, Both Meena Bazar & Chor Bazar are apart from each other?
He: Yes…..they are totally at different locations He: There is no Chor Bazar…earlier there use to be a market on the streets of Red Fort
Me: aha that’s the thing
He: There is a Sunday Bazar just beside Meena Bazar Me: is it still open?
He: Yes
Me: Okay thanks for the information sir. Something to sleep, to eat, to wear, to cover yourself you’ll get everything that you want in this market Here they are selling branded shoes just in 1300 Rupee on the corner of the street Over here every one is selling something at a cheap price along with branded logos on those items….someone is eeling shoes, some are selling smartphones Just in 1100, 1200, 1300, you’ll get shoe brands like Addidas, Nike, Puma Etc. People got there bags in full here & until evening they’ll sell it all…..Everyone got there own mini start-up running down the street over here I wanted a backpack and I ask in a shop here and he told me the price is 1400 Rupee I Like that bag and I told them to change the price to 500 Rupee of the Backpack Finally, he agrees to put the price to 600. Basically, if you come here you gotta you have to learn how to bargain People will ask you for 2000 Rupee & in the end, they will give you in 200, 300 or 400 If you bargain with them lol He told me 350 the price of it and finally gave me 150 but I think it’s still expensive. He must have given me in 100 Rupee You’ll get everything over here along with the complimentary thing in India which is Garbage on the Streets. Omi: I hope my bank account works
Me: Let’s go this way In India it’s very common, as many people as you see on the streets they will be that much of Garbage you’ll see on the streets Me: So, you have a Fix price for Gold…..How much for this?
He: Yes….700 for this
Me: For the others
He: 200…150….1000 What else you want when you can get Gold in 700 Rupee in this market Me: Can you tell me where I can get iPhone 7..8..9 or 11 over here?
He: I don’t know much about it ….I sell balloon & I only know it bro Me: what is your name?
He: Ajay [Bread, Dal, Rice]
Me: Are you making these to sell? or for yourself?
He: I’m making it for myself & for other people with me Me: Look at this guy & this is Chawdi Bazar it comes when you go on the Chor Bazar Side btw where are you from?
He: Behrai near Lucknow Me: 2 are sitting on the other side…how many are you?
He: at-least 15-20 People
Me: Also they have put their clothes on the wires and he’s making food for all of them Me: They had their clothes on the rickshaw as well….and this is a real survivor that I call a Challenge….I’ll come to eat dinner with you guys soon
He: Yeah Sure Sir Where they were cooking food in that rickshaw they’ll sleep there because they don’t have a fixed home This would be interesting for me only for just 2-3 days but for all of them it’s the only place to sleep Most of the Rickshaw guys will sleep on them doesn’t matter how the weather is If there is cold, heavy rain or wind then also they have to sleep there and only they can change it Me: how do you feel about this chor Bazar?
Omi: Too Crowded Omi: Good that you have this hair color otherwise I must have lost you
Me: So, You like it? Interesting
Omi: Yeah Interesting Me: Yes Interesting … especially to buy some cheap stuff
Omi: Yes I could if I would Me: Do you know the history behind Chor Bazar? It’s started during the British rule that the stuff which was stolen from places brought to a place in the city & It was not all about this thing but this market was Usually soo crowded that the Britisher started calling it “Shoor Bazar” [Noise Market” But when the Britishers tried the name aa& they always speak “Chor Bazar” with there accent ….So, People started recognizing it as Chor Bazar Right now I’m in Chawdi Bazar We are trying Daluut Ki Chat on the street corner & only rich people can try it haha Me: The small cup is just 30 Rupee
Omi: It is made of?
Me: you try it first omi
Omi: It is very good…I thought it is very sweet but it was not It is Really good in Taste….Yes it is good in Taste It has Cream in it and a lot of Other Stuff I Guess He’s Explaining to Dadi: Cream, Saffron, Condensed Milk and a bit of Sugar They mix a lot of stuff to prepare Doulat Ki Chat Guys, he is Monu & he prepared Daoulat Ki Chat for us… try this over here at Monu’s place if you are coming to Chawdi Bazar Me: You sell it only in Winters?
He: Yes only in Feb
Me: So what do you do after Feb?
He: Gol Gappe, Bhalle Papdi Me: Amazing man…It’s your seasonal Business?
He: Yes….I Also study along with it
Me: That’s really good brother Look Swach Bharat Omi: You pollute Bharat tell everybody not to pollute IndiaMinister Not for Taken
Omi: PM didn’t do it you people did it and you have to clean it as well. Swach Bharat everybody has to tale care of this initiative…not PM or anybody else….don’t blame Me: we planned to go back by walking but we took this rickshaw now because dadi is not feeling good Omi: Dadi is feeling good only just the air makes me tickle and the couch due to it
Me: She is facing the problem because of the air quality People who live here it’s normal for them because it’s the routine for them but not for her Omi: I get a tickle in the throat The Rickshaw guy charged us 60 Rupee from Chawadi Bazar to New Delhi Railway Station Also, this market is kind of as same as Chor Bazar as you can see the Market on my left and the market of my right & We got Mr. Rakesh who is driving us till the New Delhi Railway Station So, Finally, I’m back to Chor Bazar and bought a Power Bank worth 150 Rupee & a backpack worth 600 INR Also, you can buy phones from Chor Bazar because they are really dirt cheap over there I also heard it that iPhone 11 the phone with 3 Cameras is also Available in the Chor Bazar Market in New Delhi in really Cheap price Although I haven’t seen much of this stuff in the Chor Bazar but I heard it that it’s available in cheap price Go at 4 AM in the morning if you want to get really cheap stuff from Chor Bazar like TVs, Shoes, Laptops, Phones etc. I hope you like the video and if you do Give it a Thumps-up, Share the video, Subscribe the Channel also don’t forget to comment down below Omi: and remember Swach Bharat because Bharat is not a Garbage
Me: Yeah….Don’t make it a Trash Bharat No Trash Bharat Only Swach Bharat