A popular holiday event is saved from extinction. More details to come. Plus, find unique gift ideas while supporting
literacy. And finally, pick out your Parks and Rec classes
and activities for 2020. We have these stories and more coming right
up on Iowa City Update. Get ready for an Iowa City holiday tradition
with new organizers this weekend. For many people in the area, December marks
a special time to explore local and regional art during what was known as the Holiday Thieves
Market. That event was organized by the student-run Fine Arts Council, which was disbanded earlier this year. This also meant the loss of the Holiday Market,
which was concerning for art lovers, including the staff of Summer of the Arts. “Personally, we were all very concerned
because it’s something that our staff attends on a regular basis. We thought we produce the Iowa Arts Festival,
we know how to do an arts show. I wonder if this is something we could actually
consider taking over.” After conversations with the University and
some of the artists, ownership of the event went to Summer of the Arts. Now called the Holiday Art Market, The fine
art show will be held Saturday from noon to six and Sunday from ten to four at the Iowa
Memorial Union on the University of Iowa campus. With over 100 artists displaying their work, this event offers the chance to find some unique holiday gifts. “It is a great opportunity to find Christmas
presents. There are some of the vendors who have specific
Christmas items, but otherwise it’s just fabulous artwork and there’s all price ranges so
got a lot of different options to consider.” And while you’re out holiday shopping, swing
by the Iowa City Public Library for more. The eighth annual Arts and Crafts Bazaar and Holiday Book Sale is on from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. this Saturday. Thanks to the generous donations of local artists, the event will feature a wide variety of gift options including quilts, jewelry,
ornaments and more. Swing by the used book sale and name your own price for each selection! Proceeds from each event will go to the Iowa City Public Library Friends Foundation to support the Summer Reading Program. Does your organization advance social justice
and racial equity in our community? If so, you can apply for a portion of $75,000
in grant funds that will be split up among groups that support that mission. Applications are now open and will be accepted
through January Third at noon. For instructions on how to apply, visit icgov.org/SJREgrantapplication. Programs that address education, building
community, housing, criminal justice, health, and employment will receive preference. Try out a new activity this winter or spring,
or sign up for an old favorite. The Iowa City Recreation Division just released their 2020 winter and spring Activity Guide. View the guide online at icgov.org/ActivityRegistration or pick up a hard copy at one of several available Iowa City locations. Registration begins at 6:30 a.m. Thursday,
Dec. 12. Sign up online or register in person at the
Robert A. Lee Recreation Center or the Mercer Park Aquatic Center. Have a great week, everybody! We’ll see you next time on Iowa City Update.