How many years have you worked? It just turned to 4 years this year only 4 years and already… Officer in charge! Four hard working years! What’s the difference those wearing white and red? Basically the roles are the same The uniform represents their brand Those different brands. staff there… They’re employees of that brand? Ahhhh How do you hire these people? We have a website. the Gaisano mall website… I just received a text actually from our school that this company is hiring In your school, there are, there is a… Department to help the students find the job How much is your salary? Ummmm.. Haha! Maybe I’m kind of person that really don’t mind about… Pay or what… Instead, I’m after the… experience, learning, personal goals that I am going to… Employees here in this branch G mall, Do they transfer to another branch or… only here? Not unless they want to, they request… If they request, they can? Yes, if they request. Just like me. I came from Bajada branch I was transferred to here How about… these employees, their duties? Basically, each day, they have different assignments There would be more experiences… Each day? Every day different assignment? Once you are employed here you will experience everything That could be a huge help for us to grow As long as we can see that this person can someday become like this then We will help the one become like that I’ve never thought that I would become an O.I.C. the company showed me that I can do this I can pass through all the challenges, I can handle bigger things of course with the guidance of the management That’s also the same thing that I’m going to do to my people Share what you learned so anyone here can be a manager Can I work here? Hahaha! Sure, you can! I was once assigned in Cebu Uhh? I was assigned to Cebu for a certain task How long did you work in Cebu? I think 6 months? Where did you stay? uhh… in the staff house Ahh! There is a staff house! for everyone or only for those who live far? It depends, sir. It depends. Free? Yes! FREE??!! Can I work…? So, where is the staff house for this branch? Just… near by Just in front of the mall What’s the other benefits? Discount if they shop here? Yes, yes! Hello! How long have you been working? 1 year / 1 year already? Do you like this job? My sister said… they are hiring the customer assistant Your sister is also working here? Last year. You took over her job? How do you find our store? I always feel that I have more choices if I shop here in G mall. Gaisano mall has… has everything / Yes! everything! How do you find our employees here? Are they friendly or… / Yeah! always kind and… accommodating! Those shops, they bring their own items, right? How about these clothes? We are the one who’s doing it. just order it somewhere else from our suppliers In the supermarket, they have their own products right? for example chicken…eggs or chickens They have their own farm! No. Ahhh, maybe different… Maybe NCC… These people want to have day off on weekends But weekends are the busiest days then how will you control the schedule? We do not encourage them to have their weekends as much as possible, but… If they really ask for approval because of something very important then of course we weigh things and we will let them. So there’s no disadvantage by not working on weekends or advantage by working on weekends There’s nothing like that? Ahhh TV and Karaoke, videoke corner, sometimes the employee’s singing! Is it because they want to sing or They are allowed to sing if the customer ask them to sing customer ask to… ahhh! for the test! Usually customers ask them to sing… anything you want to talk about your job? When it comes to a job, there is really no easy… easy job. / Yes, right. It depends on how you deal with it It depends on how you learn to love your job. No one is perfect. Everyone can make mistakes that what we call… failure But, what’s important is, you are learning from it. and you are… considering it as a motivation to do better Hi everyone! I invite you to come and visit G store Basically Gaisano mall As we always say it’s great to be here We have… I think the cheapest available items and we have a lot of choices also we have the upcoming pay-day sale this coming weekend and also, do not forget the anniversary sale of Gaisano mall of Toril this coming November 22 so please come and visit Gaisano mall of Toril And not just Toril, but all Gaisano malls Thank you!