We started Souvenir Shop in ‘87 outside St. Paul’s Cathedral in the old Paternoster square building Originally I had a food shop where we were dealing with city workers And they only had an hour to eat their lunch We were only open three hours a day Monday to Friday and boy did they give you hard times. Whereas now the customers are free to browse as long as they like They’re in no pressure, no hurry to get anywhere and just like to talk, chat – it’s great! This is ratty, he’s a director of a company and likes to show people round the shop And then of course we have Sooty …Sooty Who likes to keep the customers amused when she’s not sleeping! Everybody who comes in the shop are happy and they all go for different things, for instance Americans love t-shirts and baseball caps people from Germany like efficient things like pencils and rubbers and rulers, things that are useful Japanese buy tiny little things because they live in tiny spaces Indians love shiny objects and things with sparkles on them I’ll bring ratty in for this… He likes to show the English what we like to buy This is our favourite selling bus And we have little models here we have Sherlock Holmes, The Queen, and she waves her hand sometimes… like this you know, she likes to wave. And then we have groovy sunglasses, I could try them on… no maybe not. Lady Diana is still popular Out of all the Royals I think she lives on the longest The only secret is my wife’s touch Most souvenir shops in London are run by guys And there is definitely a distinct difference in having a lady’s eye during the buying of the products The good thing about my job is that everybody who comes in is on holiday, they’re happy and they just like to talk and like to speak to an English person.