Welcome to our unboxing video of the day. What do we have here Incredibles! We have a roll of 100 superhero-themed stickers. A superhero mask. These are sold individually but come in a
variety of colors. Incredibles 2 Blowouts. These fun, Dash-themed, 9oz cups. 16 Lunch Napkins 8 Dessert Plates 8 Dinner Plates with the whole Incredibles
family. Incredibles 2 Tattoos. They come with 8 in a pack. These fun bracelets. 2 of the “Team Incredibles,” 2 of these
“Out of Sight,” and 2 “Born Fast.” Awesome Incredibles 2 Latex Balloons. They have the masks on each balloon. Incredibles 2 Pencils. They come in packs of 12. Our Cityscape Tablecover. And Incredibles 2 Invitations. They do come with the invitations, envelopes,
and the little stickers to seal them. All you have to do is fill out the lines for
where and when, and you’re ready to go!