improve sales on Amazon by elevating
your brand hey everybody its mark with adventures in EECOM and I just wanted to
take a quick second we’re on vacation down in sunny Southern California down
in Dana Point where we used to live and I took the girls to the Ocean Institute
but I wanted to run this down with you real quick and give you a little bit of
the view that I had on our day off so the first thing that I wanted to talk
about was to really focus on playing the long game with your business I see so
many people that want to try to just crush it on Amazon or start a business
and they really don’t understand what it takes to do that I actually had somebody
asked me to comment on one of my other videos that I put out they say hey I’ve
made twelve hundred dollars in sales and I have a 35% product margin profit
margin on my Shopify store how much is my store worth is what they asked me and
of course the correct response to that question is it’s only worth what someone
is going to pay you you know if your objective in this game is really to
build up a store or crush it and crush some sales and put up some numbers only
to sell your business then you really need to do it the right way you want to
make sure that you’re gonna be in business for at least a year is best
practice you want to build up an email list so that you have that built-in
customer base and then you really need to make sure that you’re able to
generate recurring sales so you know all in all I’d say my first tip here is to
just make sure you’re playing the long game make sure that you’re able to
generate a paycheck in 56 months from now in addition to next month so
sustainability is a huge piece okay so the next thing on my list is to focus on
product and current events so you know a lot of us get our products manufactured
in China and we are highly competitive on our margins and that competition so
we want to really be aware of what’s going on in the world Trump has a big
trade war with China and you know that has a huge impact on your production so
you might want to look at alternative geographical opportunities to get your
products made and just really be aware of what’s going on in the world and how
that’s going to have a big impact on your business and that really kind of
plays into the next thing on which is really trying to source
products from other countries you know if you’re getting your products
manufactured again in China then got a little school of kids going on right
here but if you’re getting your products manufactured in China you might want to
look at some alternatives like Pakistan India and Vietnam is kind of the new
jewel of manufacturing the next thing I want to mention is don’t try to game the
system the reason why Amazon is such a powerhouse is that people have grown to
trust its brand and yeah two day shipping is great but we all know more
importantly that we can go there for almost an unlimited amount of products
that are available to us people expect high quality products so make high
quality products if you want to build that business that lasts and like I
mentioned earlier we’ll still be paying you five years from now build quality
products and the last thing I want to mention is to really go beyond listing
optimization and your page optimization I have a video that I will cover that or
I’ve already covered that it’s in the cards up above on optimizing your Amazon
listing but you really need to go beyond that and if you are trying to build a
brand and have long term sustainability with your business then you need to
learn every single aspect inside and out of Amazon be super familiar with their
policies and their platform and all of the options that are available to you
namely paid sponsored Amazon products you need to pay to play in this space
because it is becoming super crowded and if you learn how to do that one thing
you’re going to help give yourself a leg up in this business so anyways that’s
all that I had from Dana Point today I just wanted to share this video with you
and make it real quick it is such a beautiful day and here we have a pirate
ship right behind us and the parking lot which is where I’m headed next we’ve
already done all of our ocean Institute exploring and I am going to be out don’t
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