In this video we will share with you the key
features of a liquor store pos system! Liquor stores have many things in common with
most other retail stores. However, there are a few key aspects that
differentiate them. We will go over each difference to ensure
you make the right choice for your business. Did you know that liquor stores typically
have much larger product catalogues than any other retail business? It’s true, even small liquor stores can
sometimes have a larger product database than a grocery store. This is due to the always changing product
varieties. But how is this relevant to the POS system? In addition to being able to handle a large
product database, your POS should have the capability to manage and clean your database
so you don’t lose control. KORONA is designed to handle product databases
for several million products. Smart filter options and the mass editor makes
changing thousands of products possible in just seconds. In addition, KORONA lets you categorize products
by how you sell and order them. You can also freely manage products using
tags for running promotions and reports. But what about inventory tracking? Liquor store managers are painfully aware
that large assortments are difficult to manage. In order to keep on-hand counts accurate,
constant audits are required. Fortunately, KORONA has simple and smart solutions
for you. First of all, KORONA identifies problems automatically. This way you only have to check your flagged
items rather than auditing the entire store. And when you decide to do a full inventory
count, KORONA figures out what products are actually relevant and creates useful count
sheets instead of endless pages of outdated items. Did you know that liquor stores are suffering
more from employee theft than almost any other type of retail business? The most shocking part is that many managers
and owners are not even aware of the issue. How can a point of sale system help you? KORONA lets you define permission levels for
each cashier to prevent fraud right from the start. KORONA tracks every cashier action and let’s
you look up suspicious behavior within seconds, even without being in the store. Manual price changes, voids, or penny transactions
are all easily spotted. KORONA is better than any other system at
keeping your on-hand counts up to date. Any inventory that goes missing will be noticed! If you own or run a liquor store you know
how difficult it is to decide what to restock and what to drop. It is almost impossible to get a proper handle
on what is actually making you money. Most liquor stores simply use the quantities
of items being sold and others only use revenue numbers. However, isn’t the profit what really matters? KORONA tracks profits for each item. And the best part is: KORONA can actually
compile a list of items for you that simply aren’t performing and flag them right away
to keep you and your cashiers from restocking them. These are all advanced features specifically
designed with liquor stores in mind. Of course, KORONA comes many other features
any retail business can benefit from, such as customer management, promotions, various
integrations and so much more. We are convinced KORONA is the best possible
point of sale solution for your liquor store. That’s why we don’t require you sign a
contract. We are only successful if KORONA is a success
for you! Start your free unlimited trial today or simply
give us call. Our team is happy to assist you with any questions
you may have. Speaking of calling, did you know KORONA comes
with the best support in the industry? And it’s included with your subscription! No endless hold times or outsourced staff. Try it out and give us a call! We look forward to working with you!