Hey guys, it’s Chloe and welcome back to my channel, or if you’re new here hi, I’m Barbie Oh, yes, barbie is back. I haven’t done a Barbie video in a hot minute I decided to bring her back with a little night routine I love just like taking normal everyday videos and then making the Barbie version if you guys want to see the behind the scenes of This video I’ve vloged everything go check that out. I’ve vloged like also what I did as my makeup for Barbie I love the Barbie makeup. It’s just very like tan and glowy and pink make sure to check out my vlog channel I vlog behind the scenes of all my videos and for today’s ten-second challenge I would like you guys to give this video like turn on my notifications press subscribe if you’re not already and comment below the word Barbie like VAR b IE without being interrupted I have seen this challenge on Instagram But I’ve never seen people do it on YouTube so this is a real challenge today and the time it takes me to a spell the word Barbie backwards ok E I B R A B That’s me much longer than should’ve happened. I kind of want to try to say it EIBRAB! you’re welcome and let’s get started [SONG] Hi, I’m Barbie. Oh, hi Stacy, how are you? Oh my god? I know pink sparkly one Yeah, okay, see I’m just a tiny bit busy right now So I can call you back later So that was it for this video I hope you guys enjoyed Make sure to give it a thumbs up if you liked it and leave comments below letting me know what other Barbie videos I should do. Also make sure to check out my vlog channel I post multiple times a week almost every day sometimes. You guys want to see like the behind the scenes of videos and my life and You know, what Barbie does on her off day go check out my vlog channel It will be linked below and make sure to follow me on Instagram if you’re not already I also post a bunch of behind the scenes stuff there. It’s just a good time I’m gonna Coachella next weekend, so I’ll be posting like a bunch of fun stuff And I think I’ll be vlogging so make sure you’re subscribed and that is it I hope you guys enjoyed it, and I’ll see you guys next time. Love you. Bye We’re back in the pink palace. Oh my god. I love it here vibes are good. I would definitely make a purple Palace I’m actually thinking of like making a whole set. Shhh… sneak peek