hey guys it’s chloe and welcome back to my channel today I’m continuing the tiny series, so I just did tiny food making tiny food and now I’m doing if I lived in a tiny house I don’t know why I’m just obssesed with tiny things I have seen videos of tiny houses before and I think they are so cool so I found one on air BNB and decided to live in it so for todays 10 second challenge I want you guys to give this video a like turn on my notifications press subscribe if you are not already and comment below where I should live next in the time it takes me to fill my room with bubbles We’re doing it! We are doing it I love bubbles I’m literally such a kid I don’t know how to turn it off and it won’t stop! oh my god that was stressful (laughs) (giggles) also make sure to check the behind the scenes of this video i vloged all of the behind the scenes and i put a bunch of bloopers in there, its super funny you know what happens when things are going perfect something has to go wrong! coffee literally spilt all over and what is this, attack of the birds or something i swear, i thought one was about to like sworm through the window… i’m going to be doing more if I lived in videos so I’m excited to see where you guys want me to live next but for now lets go live in a tiny house (music) hmm cute but, needs a little CHLOE COUTURE (suspense music) (friendly music) (suspense music) (upbeat music) ahhh……………now what?! (workout music) (jumprope breaks) (jumprope breaks again) dropping thing (workout music) (dropping hoola hoop) (workout music) (phone beeping) hi umm. can I get large one cheese pizza please yeah thank you uuh aaa well deserved (music) (music stops) oh oh my god oh my god I’m so sorry (giggles) there you go (music) (hey guys its chloe and welcome back to my chanel) (or if your new here ” hi im barbie”) (music) (guitar music) (flute music) (yawn) (flute music) (bump) (hits head) ………………………..ow (funky beats) (angel music) (morning music) so that is it for this video I hope you guys enjoyed make sure to give it a like and comment below where I should live next.I vlog all the behind the scenes of my videos so make sure to subscribe to my vlog channel I will be vlogging lot more on summer too i mean I might be a daily vlogger I don’t wanna say it yet but maybe……….and make sure t follow me on Instagram,Twitter all my social medias will be linked down below I post a lot of behind the scenes of videos umm I have been travelling a lot I just posted like some really cool Paris pictures. I feel like i’ve been upping my Instagram game recently so you wanna you wanna stay tuned….but that is it for this video and I’ll see you guys next time bye ps these subtitles were done by aimee