YO! It’s Clo with the flow and I’m back at you with another back to school video. So today I’m doing “If I lived in a school”. This is the fourth video in my series, I move a lot. (wow, Clo) I’m looking for a new place to live, so comment below and let me know where I should live next (small chuckle). It’s pretty late right now, and I’m really tired, so if you guys could do me a big favor, give this video a thumbs up, press my notifications and leave a comment down below saying where I should live next, in the time it takes me to take a quick power nap *lays down & claps* *snores* I’M AWAKE! *laughes* Whew, that was nice. OKAY, I am awake, I am feeling motivated, excited, *sighs* no I’m really tired. Let’s see me live in a school. Here *snaps* we *snaps* go! *snaps* *school bell and chatter among the students* *lights cut off and door slams shut* *she snores a bit as she wakes up* *childish/pop music starts* singer: I don’t mean to start an argument singer: yeah i’m just trying to spark a CONVERsation singer: likealovecanmakitirin oh yeah *different, classical-ish music starts* *whispering* yesssssssssss *angelic sound effect* wow *dreaming sound effect* *DIFFERENT childish music* (Jesus Cloe, how many songs are you going to play??) *door opens* *tapping sticks* 1, 2, 3, 4! (as a percussionist, I can tell you that’s not what happens) *she plays with an assortment of instruments* *different song* *birds chatter* *school bell* *students chattering excessively* *carnival sound effect as she tries to get ready* Cloe, breathing heavily: hey. other girl: Hey. I feel like I was JUST here. Cloe: I feel like I never left. *pauses* heh. *cloe plays the instruments without the music over it* *technical difficulties beep* SO that was it for this video, I hope you guys enjoy OHH my god that was so POWERful it like PUSHED me baack So that was it for this video, I hope you guys enjoyed Poop Make sure to give it a thumbs up, leave a comment below telling me where I should live NEXT, turn on my notifications, press subscribe if you’re not already (subscribed), follow me on instagram, @cloecouture, follow me on twitter, @cloecouture, follow me on snapchat, @realcloecouture stalk my entire life PLEASE, I’m begging you and I will see you guys next Tuesday. Love you, bye!!! *blows kiss* *dabs*