Yo! It's Chloe the flow! and today I am here with another if I lived in videooo XD I know you want this one guys I have seen this video Requested on basically every if I lived in video that I have done ! IF I LIVED IN THE MALL ! I don't know Why you guys want to see this one so much. I mean, I guess I kind of get the fascination with them all likeee I used to LOVE going to the mall when I was younger now…. It's just like too stressful for me >:( There's so many peopleee and so many storesss and it's just overwhelming but.. not if you live there ! for today's ten-second challenge I want you guys to give this video a like ! turn on my notifications ! subscribe if you're not already ! because what are you doinggg ! And Comment down below your favorite store in the mall <3 and I will name as MANY stores as I can in ten – seconds Holister Topshop Foreverrr 21 Condon Zoomies Uhhh..XD *Looks over for help* XD ….lol Brandy Melvillee Auntie Annie's Pretzels hehe.. If you guys want to check out my other if I lived in it videos I have a WHOLE show I have done like feels like about ten of them. So I will link them all below They're in a playlist too. so you can binge watch them. Also, I blogged behind the scenes of this and it's pretty CRAZAYYY So you're gonna want to watch it. I do this for you guys!! Okay? Why do you guys enjoy this? XD Chloe: "there are SO many people looking at meee!" XD And without further ADOO… if I lived in the mall TRANSFORMATION Why are you..?? Wake up! I have to open the store. Chloe : Oh oh! i'm up! Worker : Cmon.. Chloe : sorry! Okay guys today it's been super fun!!, but I was thinking what if I ACTUALLY lived here I think we should stay here overnight! *Laughs* XD Mia : is it safee? XD Chloe : YEAH CMON ! XD Mia : waitt! camera girlll : SHHH!! XD Somebody : CHLOE! Chloe : THIS IS AMAZINGGGGG !!! Somebody : SHHHH! Dude! camera girl : You have no idea who's here ! Chloe : oh yeah.. We did it guys! WE DID IT! So that is it for this video! I hope you guys enjoyed make sure to give it a like ! and turn on my notifications ! and subscribe if you're not already ! XD and Comment below your favorite store and excited to see where you guys shop ! When I was younger I used to shop at like Abercrombie A LOT I feel like ..and forever 21111 Those were the storesss! Those were those stores!! get ready for summer videos. I'm so excited I'm about to be uploading twice a week. The videos are gonna be TWICE as good. They're just really fun I'm very excited !! Summer's OBVIOUSLY my favorite time on YouTube. Well Summer AND Halloween!! But yeah!! I feel like these next few months are just gonna be so fun for videos !! and make sure you subscribe to my vlog channel , because I think I'm gonna be vlogging every day And of course follow me on Instagram ,Twitter, all my socials will be linked below!! and I'll see you guys next time. Love you!! <3 BYEEE!! SUBSCRIBE!!!! Subscribe!!