I remember being in the car feeling like I
wanted to just be in a driveby or just be involved in some crazy, wild shit at night. You know what I mean? So that’s kinda like the inspiration for
the whole song. In this story, it’s like I’m the dude
that’s supposed to prove himself ‘cause I’m not from the hood. You feel me? I’m just with the niggas from the hood. And it’s like, “Yo, we ‘bout to do this,
that, and the third, but really you should do it.” You feel me? ‘Cause they knew I was tryna prove myself
and I was ready to do whatever I had to do. I remember being just young in the whip and
the type of stuff we was listening to a lot of Gucci, like Shawty Lo, “Hello, they know.” It’s just like basically saying like we bumping
hello. It’s like a gun too involved and the gun not
gonna say hello you know what I mean. It say bye-bye. I ain’t never kill nobody or nothing like,
you feel what I’m saying? But I remember being a kid hearing that Trap-a-holics
mixtape. I’m really a good kid at heart, but when I’m
hearing this I’m feeling like I wanna do like you know what I mean, this that and the third. Just make me feel that way. You feel me? My first first job ever, before I went to jail,
was Charley’s Grilled Subs. I remember I think I worked there for a week
and I think they found out I had a warrant or something so they just had to let me go. They didn’t snitch on me. They didn’t nothing, but they was like, “Yo
you gotta roll,” you feel me? The way that I got bagged, we was going to
church. That’s the crazy thing. Niggas was going to church like, a van pulls
up. And it’s crazy ’cause my man, shout out Carl
T, he was like, “Yo I think that’s the undercovers.” Sure enough a minivan all of a sudden you
just red and blue lights coming from a minivan and that’s how I got bagged. So, it’s just like jump outs like the undercover
boys. Demar and Nelson, those are two people I met
in prison, well jail. County jail. They were kind like people that was like you
know had a lot of respect, running the unit. This was before I was ready to change my life
around. I was like yo that’s like kinda inspiring
to me. So when I get out I already know I’m gonna
have some type of respect, blah, blah. I want to be like that. And then when they got they sentence it was
a little crazy you know what I mean? People don’t catch that though so it’s like
my acting skills kick in. Right? So, it’s like kick in, but it’s like kicking
‘cause you know how Michael Jackson do the kick, but also on “Thriller” he was acting you
get what I’m saying? When you’re in that situation at least for
me, before right it’s about to happen you can never imagine yourself doing some of these
things right? Then when you right in the moment it’s like all
of that goes away. I know I would never kill nobody at least on purpose, but I’m like trying to convince the
person doing whatever to that I might.