Hi guys, guess where we are today. Welcome back to Meijiwanders Channel. If you’re liking my travel videos – don’t
forget to subscribe! We’re at Iconsiam today. The newest shopping center in Bangkok. So actually Iconsiam locates on the other
side of the river, Thonburi side. So how big it is…it’s about like 525,000
square meters. Not just that it’s a super big project. The deal about Iconsiam is that it is the
first mixed-use and complete project. along the bank of our main river, Chao Phraya
River. It represents the Bangkok lifestyle and Thainess. You can find large shopping malls, museums,
theaters, residential buildings. I’m going to highlight a few spots, first
is SookSiam, the first Apple Store of Thailand and lastly River Park The first spot is SookSiam, presented in four
main geographic regions of Thailand. From the north to the south and the northeastern
area and lastly the central. There are more than 3000 local businesses
that have their stalls here. So if you do not have a lot of time to travel
to every corner of Thailand You can pretty much experience them here in
someway, one-stop right here in Bangkok There are so many types of Thai food and Thai
snacks that you can try here and also Thai spices too, if you’re into
that. And don’t forget Thai sweets, Thai arts
and cultures and the friendly Thai smiles. You can find plenty of restaurants here too. This restaurant is called Baan Khanitha founded
by a renowned Thai silk fashion designer So you can expect a lot of elegance from the
food to the interior decoration Their outdoor seatings also features this
beautiful panoramic view of Bangkok city. Next, the first ever Apple Store in Thailand! Inside space is filled with product samples
and this giant 6K TV with their daily “Today at Apple” You can see the schedule on their website. I got a bit distracted by this cute Mickey
Mouse Beats headphone haha And every Apple Store always has a spectacular
location and this one also features one.. Being a coffee addict I couldn’t leave without
trying the coffee at the Red Diamond Cafe. This is their third branch in Bangkok. So coffee lovers, don’t forget to drop by
for a kappa here when you’re at Iconsiam. The last spot of the highlights today is their River Park. More than 10,000 square meters is this open space where locals and visitors can enjoy the view. And also their free shuttle boat from the
BTS station So I hope you enjoyed my video today, you’re
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