welcome to five reasons everything my
name is Aisshwarya and as you know I have moved to Canada I have just woken up today and I’m having this cup of tea I am still a tea person, not a coffee person so I know that I haven’t been really making a lot of videos because I was just settling in but now
that I’m all settled I’m gonna shoot a lot of videos so you’re going to see a lot
of things from me today I’m moving into a new house so I’m gonna shop a lot today I’m going to buy furniture I’m going to buy household items I’m going
to buy groceries so stay with me and we will go to different stores and I will talk
about what all stores I went to and what I have bought for my new house and then
we can talk about more things we are going to have a lot of fun so stay right there so this video is about how to buy new things for a new house when you are in Canada, stay with me so we are at Leon’s you can get furniture
appliances mattresses and lots of electronics there so I’m going to go in
and find a bed for myself and a mattress and a few appliances so let’s see how
the collection is and I’m very excited I’ve never been inside so let’s go check
it out it’s absolutely amazing and beautiful inside there are so many
appliances and every possible piece of furniture that you can think of is right
inside Leon’s the living-room furniture is also very
nice most people think that you know such stores are very expensive and
unaffordable but that’s not a truth when I went in I saw that there were sofas
which were maybe five hundred dollars and there were beds also which were
maybe starting from $200 and of course they can go up to a very expensive range
but you can pick and choose whatever you like and whatever you can afford when it came to my bed I actually saw a
lot of beds but I ended up picking a bed which was around three hundred and
ninety nine dollars it wasn’t very expensive like the one I’m sitting on
it’s a affordable but it was very low so I picked another one and like I said
Leon’s has affordable furniture it’s not like they don’t next I came to my
television so I looked at all the TVs and I wanted to buy like a big
television so this is a TV that I’m going to buy so for cheaper things like household
items plates glasses etc we will go to Dollarama, let’s go inside the good thing about Dollarama is that
you get so many things household items glasses plates everything party
decorations toys and most of the things are around a dollar or maybe a little
bit more but it’s very very affordable so this is a must-visit store look at how full my shopping cart is I
bought so many things here last but not the least I’m at Walmart so I’m going to
pick some little electronic appliances and this is going to be the last stop
and then I think I have probably done all the shopping for the day so let’s go
inside Walmart and check out what all we can buy Walmart is your one-stop solution for
everything that you need in your house whether it’s a toothbrush or it’s a
microwave you get everything there we get house linen you’ll get towers you’ll
get chicken mutton whatever you like to eat chips
dairy products everything so everything that you need shampoos cosmetics
everything is there in Walmart but later on when you are shopping per week then
you can also go to the nearest no frills so these are my most favorite stores if
you want to buy things for your house in a day I had very less time so I went to
all these three places back-to-back because I wanted to move in the same day
and please do keep watching all my videos because I’m going to tell you
about my journey in Canada and how things are so there’s going to be a
series of videos on that and enjoy this video I hope you liked it if you liked
the video please give it a thumbs up and do share it with your friends don’t
forget to subscribe this is Aisshwarya saying bye bye for now and I’ll be back
with my new video really soon thank you for watching