Hello everyone! We are here for another experience, this is a real experience We invite you, if you want to get closer to these experiences, to watch the other videos we have already done. The filming indeed, because all are done in original directly and therefore could however be archived shareable and therefore I invite you to see them where you will learn the first exercises on the mirror Now I will drive, because we had an experience, and now we are going to explore this experience even more This is the fourth time that I work with her Look at yourself. Front Look at you, leave it like this Look at yourself in the middle Stay relaxed Now that you stay relaxed, you look at the center. At some point you say to yourself in the mirror Go backwards Come forward Watched Now we’re going to create, She already entered right away, because she worked on these things Let’s create a cloud You want you to look right, and how to pull something in front of you as if you could shoot then go left in the reality of things in front of the image of yourself. Then go up and also pull down from above and below If you start to see it a little, less clear it continues to render less clear what you see, you are creating a new reality in front of your face At some point there will be a kind of cloud and your face will be less seen. At this point you remain unconscious only of yourself Keep your eyes open and leave any image that appears in front of you this cloud that maybe is still incomplete and in part you see yourself appearing You tell me what you see tell me what you see 1,2,3 open your eyes What do you see? Tell me the name of something you see box give me other objects you see What color do you see? Pink Are you in the scene? I’m looking at the box Are you in another age? keep watching this scene. And again create further cloud We let it thicken, and at three you will enter anchors into a further reality. 1,2,3 What reality do you see now? Garden Garden, perfect What colors do you see Green you are in the scene What do you see? Which starts to be interesting, describe to me the things you see trees A place you know Here we entered another reality, the place she doesn’t know keep watching You closed your eyes but it’s still seeing Animals Are there no people? a place you’ve never seen In what latitude is it, a forest, a wood In which country could it be You have no idea but what trees are only trees that we can find in temperate places or Amazonian trees Notice also the trees she doesn’t know about, and also note one thing that she may be very capable of answering my questions to analyze and understand trees in temperate latitudes and at the same time to see. So we have reached a very good level. If you like this so much, keep looking but he sees you, you are the present What other things do you see? This is a very beautiful experience, one can let the experience live as long as one wants. I will now comment a little bit about what’s going on. And then I’ll open his eyes to the end but in the meantime I will leave you inside for a few minutes. So this experience that she is going through right now is an experience she is entering in another reality She is discovering something, many of us have experiences of clairvoyance, that is, people who see places they have never seen. Then they discover that these places exist or see things, people. You could ask a person to maybe see his house, or people in his house and see what happens next. In any case, an interesting element is that she does not see herself in the scene, but sees other things or other people. Because there are two types. There are two or three types of images. Of these images we can have, two conditions. We have conditions with open eyes and closed eyes. The conditions see things from our childhood, which one rightly say you remember. What’s thisof past lives that maybe someone you say is imagined, even if there are religions such as Hinduism that gives a dogma to the existence of past lives. And then there are also situations in which one sees things and places where he has never been, real. Sometimes someone finds them and finds them Now let’s end the experience We work with non-verbal techniques which are most effective for this. you want to look at the camera here, tell. And another world, it’s science fiction, Peace, harmony, tranquility, quiet and those who want to get out of that world excuse them because they brought me back to this world. This is a way of discovering one’s own ideal place and on which we can then go then we will do a technique maybe apart, hypnotic in this case they can do it to return to their ideal places. But we don’t dare to do the time now. Thanks for your attention.