In BlueWinston we opened a new CSS service
called Shopping in EU. In this video we will show you how to get
a 20% discount on Google Shopping Ads with CSS Partner. How to switch to Shopping in EU? If you are interested in using our services,
simply visit our website On the website, click on the button “Request
CSS Service”. You will see a simple form where you fill
in your contact information and what program you are interested in. After filling your information, click on the
button “Next”. You’ll see the second part of the form. You must complete all required details about
your company. Continue by filling in the details of your
e-shop. Without this step, we cannot ask Google for
switch. If you are the owner of several eshop, just
click the button and add another eshop. Click on the button “send”. Done, you have successfully completed the
form and we received a notification that you are interested in our services. Our support team will contact you and send
you a PDF file on how to proceed. We are looking forward to you.