On this video we’re gonna show you how
to store bell peppers. Actually we’re gonna show you how to store bell peppers
in the refrigerator so they’re not all squishy and worthless by the time you
get around to using them. Hi folks it’s Mike with Kitchen Tips Online, the place
where the smartest people on YouTube come to learn new kitchen tips and
tricks like this that help them save time and money in the kitchen, like this. Now in
addition to showing you how to keep your bell peppers fresh longer, we’re going to
show you a unique way to cut a bell pepper that will certainly help with
cleanup. And I’ll be willing to bet that you might not have seen this before. Now
if you want to cut a bell pepper so that the seeds don’t go flying everywhere, you
can start by cutting the top off, popping the stem out, and then cutting around in
a circular pattern separating the ribs from the outer side of the bell pepper.
And when you’re all done, most of the seeds will still be attached to the
center portion and then you can simply throw it away. Now believe it or not, how
long your bell peppers last at home depends on how you buy them at the
grocery store. You should always pick produce from the back of the pile. In
this case from the very top where the arrow is pointing. And that’s because
most people will pick from the front. And the produce folks know to put the
freshest stuff in the back. Now if you’re one of those folks who want to wash
their bell peppers as soon as they get them home before they put them in the
refrigerator, you should stop doing that because moisture on the outside of a
bell pepper causes it to deteriorate quicker. Now the best place to store your
bell peppers is nice and dry in the refrigerator in a container like this
that helps control ethylene gas. We put these bell peppers in this container
about 5 weeks ago and if you listen close when we thump them you can hear how
firm they are. Now this container has a basket inside
that you can lift out that will keep your celery, bell peppers, lettuce or
whatever you want out of any moisture that happens to be in there. On the lid
you will find a little section that holds a packet of carbon that absorbs
ethylene gas. It’s good for 3 months and you can slide this little marker
back and forth to remind you what month you put it in. The snap on top also
acts as a vent but if you’re keeping bell peppers in here you should keep the
vent closed. Now for those of you who want to get one of these containers so
that you can help your bell pepper stay fresher longer, you can find them at our
Amazon Affiliate Store on our website. And we’ll put a link to the store in the
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