In this video we’ll see how we can relink media in Mistika and first of all we’re gonna see how does offline media look in
Mistika and you can see that in the record monitor output here we see a
checkerboard and if I play or move around I see all the checkerboard all
throughout, okay, because I moved my media. Another symptom that is easy to spot is
that we don’t have an active frame the active frame is loaded every time that
Mistika finds the media so, in this case, has it can’t locate it there is no
active frame so, how can we solve this? So we’re gonna go to media and in media we
could press this icon here or we could go to Edit and go to relink where we
could see that it has the same icon as the previous button will press relink
and that opens the relink window, and in the relink window we find the path of
the old location and now we need to find a new location. I’m going to close the
the split window option because what I’m gonna do is find the media here in my
browser, I’m gonna go to source media because it’s where I’ve placed it now
and there we can see the group of files folders, okay, and in this case is C001,
pretty easy to spot, it’s loading them okay, we could see its collapsed it’s a
single file and as it’s selected as soon as it got into that folder the field of
the new location is filled up and now you just have to hit perform, you have
the option of doing this and only the clips without media, in this case all our
media is offline or forcing it into all the clips, we’re only going to do it to
the media that is offline we’ll hit perform, Mistika it’s going to
advise you and ask you that it’s going to replace a one path for the other and
you’re gonna say ”yes, I’m okay with that,” and at the end it
will advise you and say all clips in the current timeline were succesfully
relinked if not Mistika would have told you how many of them were unsuccessfully
relinked, in this case, everything is relinked and we are good to go. you