Hello everyone, here’s Ted with OAXRAY,
and today we are going to show you how to put your account on vacation mode for your
merchant fulfilled items. So here we are on our main shipping page,
and we want to stop the merchant fulfilled sales from happening, cause we are going on
vacation. So we go over here to the settings tab, go
to account info and it’s going to bring you to the page just like this. And we move over to the going on a vacation
under listings status. And we can turn on our items on inactive if
we like. And here we have a run down. If you are preparing to leave on vacation,
or if you would like to temporarily remove your open listings from Amazon website, use
this feature. Your amazon fulfillment listings will remain active, you
cannot cut this items off, but only your merchant fulfilled items will not be available. So this is an important thing to remember
whenever I go on vacation I still carry my cell phone because you have to remember that
you might get a question about your fulfillment by amazon inventory, and you are still expected
to answer those within 24 hours. This is something that you might leave to
someone if you want to give someone a user permission only to the e-mails, then they
might be able to respond to the e-mails also. But, generally I acctualy answer any e-mails that come
in, it’s probably not going to be a lot of them if you are selling merchant fulfilled
because the most of the things will be handled by amazon. So, once you set your inventory to inactive
you can save the items here. And it’s going to give you right here, the
current status of listings, inactive, listings not available for sale on amazon. Make sure you see that message and make sure
that when you get back from vacation you turn that back on. If you are selling, and you have a partner,
or your wife, or someone else, you probably gonna show them the step, because if you get
sick and you are unable to ship items merchant fulfilled you want someone to be able to log
in and put your items on inactive, so that nothing sells while you are sick or injured. This is what I use as a fallback just to make
sure that we have that extra level of protection because everyone would hate to get sick or
not be able to access their amazon account and then items continue to sell and whenever
you recover from whatever situation it is you have all of these late shipments, so I’ve
heard of this happening so make sure that you have a fall back person who can log in,
put your items on suspension for vacation mode and make them inactive. Thank you guys very much, have a great day
and make some money using OAXRAY.