– You need a dinner bag. That’s right, I’m talkin’ to you. (upbeat music) You may not think that
you have the lifestyle for a dinner bag or an evening bag, but I promise you do. If you ever go out to dinner at all, if you ever go to a party, to
a picnic, anything like that, you need a dinner bag. I do have a lot of handbags. You don’t have to have a lot of handbags, but I highly recommend
that you do have a dinner or an evening bag. A lot of times, people ask me, “How do you carry all of your bags?” Not only do I switch my bag everyday, oftentimes I carry two bags in a day. And the reason is I
switch out to a dinner bag or an evening bag. Today I’m gonna talk to
you about why you need a dinner bag or an evening bag. I will give you some help
selecting a dinner bag or an evening bag. I’ll show you some of mine
and I will also show you how I pack my dinner
bag, what I carry inside, and how I downsize. First of all, why do
you need a dinner bag? You may be thinking, “I
really don’t have the kind “of lifestyle that warrants a dinner bag “or an evening bag. “I don’t go out to formal events. “I rarely get dressed up. “I just don’t have that lifestyle.” What I will tell you is
that if you are going out to dinner at all, it
will elevate your look to have a dinner bag. If you are going to parties, even just a poolside gathering, it will really elevate your
look to have a dinner bag. Going out to dinner is a special thing. We don’t often see it as
a special thing anymore, but it is; we should look at it that way. And just switching out your bag from the big bag you carry everyday or the nice, but not very celebratory, bag you carry everyday, can upgrade your look. And even a very, very
sparkly, shiny, evening bag that you look at and think,
“Oh, that would only go “with an evening gown.” Uh-uhn. You carry that with a
pair of jeans and silk top and either sandals or heels and you have a very elevated look. It changes the whole look. For example, even just in this T-shirt, if I were wearing this T-shirt, white jeans and sandals,
let’s say gold sandals, carrying this elevates the look. It now looks like I am going out to dinner and I am dressed for dinner. It just says, listen, I recognize this as the occasion that it is. I’m happy to be here, I’m
light, I’m lightened up. I don’t have a lot of baggage and I am ready for the occasion. There’s just something celebratory about carrying a little bag. And you may be thinking,
“Oh, I have so much stuff.” Listen, it’s just dinner. It’s just dinner. You can get everything you need in here for dinner or for an evening
and I’ll show you that later. But let’s look at some of
the other types of bags that you could carry as a dinner bag. If you want, like me, to
have lots of dinner bags because you enjoy going
out to dinner, do that. But really, you can find just one. You can find one bag
that will serve you well. Now, what I wanna tell you is my bags, if you know bags at all, you will know these are all expensive. They don’t have to be expensive. One place that’s good
to look for a dinner bag is a vintage shop. There used to be a lot
of hand-beaded bags. Some of them are absolutely beautiful and you can get them very
inexpensively in a vintage shop. If you look for a black beaded evening bag, that
will go with a whole lot. You could go with a more
white or gold or silver, that’s also a neutral; it’s very sparkly, you can put that on with
jeans and a silk shirt. But if you want something that’s a little bit toned back, you could go with black or navy. You’ll get that same shimmer and sparkle, but it won’t be quite as flashy and that could also be
a good place to start. I don’t have that bag. I don’t even have a black
evening bag because– Oo, yeah, I do. I do have a black evening
bag that I’ll show you, but I have so many I’m
not thinking in terms of what is the one bag. But I will show you several. So here’s the first one
that I had started with. You could go with color
and this happens to be a Carlos Falchi trapezoid bag. I have it in a couple of colors. One thing you wanna make sure of is that it is big enough
to hold your phone. You’ll notice that all of
them are big enough to hold my iPhone 8 Plus and then some because the bags keep
getting bigger and bigger. So I make sure I have ample room for that. A lot of times, clutch… So you can carry a clutch in your hand, you can carry it under here, but sometimes your
walking around at a party, you’re shaking hands, and
you want to have a strap. You can have something like this and lot of times they do
have a strap on the inside. I don’t often carry it this way, but it is nice to have this in case you just wanna
throw it over your shoulder. I have done that a couple times. So that is one thing to think about. These are a couple of
other examples of clutches. And these are a little bigger. They still give you that
feeling of I’m a dinner bag and I’m celebrating. If you want to know, this is
an Alexander McQueen Manta bag. And this is a Jimmy Choo bag. And I’ve carried both of
these summer and winter. And sometimes I’m in a dress, but sometimes just in jeans and a T-shirt. Here’s another one. This I think is a great neutral. It suggests a shimmer,
but isn’t overly shiny. If I had to say that I had
one bag that I could wear all the time, if I had
to limit it down to one, this would probably be it. I think that this would go
everywhere, summer or winter. So if you go with something
that’s a nice neutral for you, I like a little bit of shimmer, but not too much as your generic bag. Now, the only thing I will say is this one does not have that strap. So I’m not sure if I would go with this. If you’re only gonna have one, I think having the strap
is probably a good plan. This is the one that you
see on YouTube a lot. This is a wallet on chain. This one happens to be a
Chanel Wallet on Chain. This is the Golden Class and I’ll show you where
I like it in a second. But you can carry it as a clutch. And, by the way, wallets
on chain are made, not only by luxury designers
and other designers, but they’re widely made now. So you could find a bag similar to this. And… This one, it has a chain. The traditional wallets on chain, you can’t take the chain off; you have to tuck it in the bag. That’s one of the reasons
that I like this one better because you can take it off. I can wrap it to wear it over the shoulder or I can wear it cross-body
or I can carry it as a clutch. If you wanna see a review of this bag, I’ll put it up here so that you can take a closer look at it. And wallet on chain is
called a wallet on chain because there are places to put cards and zippers to put cash. So it does act like a wallet with a little bit more space. And this can make a very
excellent evening bag; it’s a good choice for a lot of people. You can, of course, go super sparkly. There is nothing wrong with a
little sparkle in your life. This is a Judith Leiber.. And, yes, I have carried this
bag wearing an evening gown on more than one occasion. I have also carried this
bag wearing white jeans, a cream top, and sandals. And this elevates the look
and says I am here to party. I always make sure to take
a look at my finer things, my fancier things, my
dressier things, and see where I can wear them more
and more in my everyday life. Because life is the event, so enjoy it. This bag also has a chain so that I can throw it over
my shoulder when I need to. If you just don’t like the
idea of a clutch and you say, “You know, it’s just not for me.” No problem. I have a couple of other choices for you. You can find a small bag. So this is fairly large
for an evening bag, but overall it’s a small bag. This one is silk, it
has this little fringe, and I can carry it like
this or like this or it will go over my shoulder. This happens to be Chanel. Again, you do not have to have… It doesn’t have to be a Chanel bag at all. You can find a simple silk
bag, other kind of fabric or even leather that will
serve its purpose for you. And you can get a lot in
this, but this bag still says this is a special event
and I recognize that. I love carrying this,
even just out to dinner. Another way to go is to
go for the excitement. That’s what this little bag does. This is a Fendi bag and it’s exciting because of its color, because of the embroidery
on it, the snakeskin. But the idea here is that you
can go for something special, something that’s different, and just know that you’re going to wear
mostly neutrals with this unless you’re gonna coordinate the color. But, again, you’re wearing
white-on-white, you put this on and it is very special. Or if you’re just wearing
browns or whatever it is, you can find a bag that
will complement it; it doesn’t have to match it,
it will be the statement piece. Now let’s think about how we’re going to pack the smaller bag. What are we going to put in it. For this, I’m going to take this bag. And the reason that I’m using this bag is that it is the smallest
bag that I have here. I used to have some tiny little bags. I don’t do that anymore. Back in the day, our
cell phones were small and I could get away
with a very small bag. I need my phone, my mobile
phone, to fit in the bag. So I would start there
and I would make sure that when you get a bag,
your phone can fit in it. For me, if my phone can fit in it and give me a little more room, I’m good. Here is my iPhone 8 Plus and
it goes in here just fine. And when you check it, really check it and make sure you can close
the bag and that there is still some room in there for you. The first thing to think about when you are packing a small
bag is wallet, phone, and keys. Those are generally the
things that everybody needs: wallet, phone, and keys. And think about scaling
each of those down. The phone is the thing
that you can’t scale down. The one thing you could do
is if you have a big case, you could change the
case to a smaller case. But if you’ve got a
relatively small case on it, there’s not a lot of toning that one down. So phone first, then think about wallet. I normally carry a big wallet. I mean, it’s almost as big as this. It will not go in here. There are several options. You can scale down your wallet. This is a smaller wallet that I often carry when
I am downsizing my bag. I don’t use this wallet when
I’m going into a bag this size. Let me just see if it could go in here. It doesn’t really shut. This one is a little bit too big. Here is another way that
you can go: a card case. Again, this one’s Chanel. You can pay a lot of
money for a card case, but you don’t have to. You can get card cases
just about anywhere. With a card case, you’re going to be able to put several cards and if
you need to, put more that one in each slot. And you can put some cash in there. And a card case will go a long way toward helping you find room in your bag. So here you go. Here it is with the card case. Now, I will tell you that I
do often carry that card case, but more often that not, I
carry no wallet for a wallet. So how do I do that? Most evening bags, I’m gonna take this out so that you can see it. Most evening bags have a little pocket and you might think, “That’s
really not gonna do much.” It’s the perfect little wallet. You can put a number of cards in there. And when you’re going out,
if you know you’re just going out to dinner or a party,
sometimes less is more. You probably just need one credit card, your driver’s license, and I would say even if you are Ubering, make sure to have your
driver’s license with you or some form of ID. So if something goes wrong,
if you’re in a car accident, people know who you are. That can be important. I usually carry my driver’s license, one credit card, and a little bit of cash. And that is usually all I
need for an evening out, as far as a wallet. There may be a couple of
other cards that you think, “No, I really need those with me.” Maybe an insurance card of some kind, but this is not the time that you need every card you own. You don’t need all your store cards. You probably don’t need
more than one credit card, you don’t need those
coupon things you carry. You know, all of that
stuff you don’t need. Just think about scaling it back a bit and lightening your load. When I use this as my
wallet and I have my phone, I still have plenty of room,
even in this little bag. What’s next? Keys. These are the keys that I normally carry. Again, Louis Vuitton key pouch,
doesn’t have to be fancy. I will put this in here and show you that it will go in just fine. However, again, I sometimes
think about scaling this down. One thing is that I
have my car fob in here. So what I have on are a bunch of keys and I have this car fob. If I’m not driving, then
I take the car fob out. And the other thing is I
don’t need my office keys; they’re a lot, you know. I don’t need my studio keys. I don’t need my office keys. There are a lot of keys that I don’t need. So I can either take this whole thing. I can take the car fob out if I want. One thing that I often do is that if I’m not
driving or if I’m Ubering, and all I really need is the house key, I will, again, slip that
house key right in here with the wallet. You can do that. Another idea is if you have
a big bulky set of keys, have a second set of keys
that just has your car fob and your house key. Just what you need to get
into your car to go around and back home for going out. For the purpose of this, I’m
gonna go ahead and put this whole thing in there as if
I’m taking the whole thing. So that now is wallet phone and keys because we’re assuming that I have a credit
card and cash in here. Here’s my phone and here’s my wallet. Those are the essentials, but I would like to carry a
little bit more than that. Think about what you need most and how to scale it back a little bit. One thing for me is I do really
like to have a hairbrush. And my hairbrush is bigger than this bag. So what do I do? I have a few options for myself. One is this. This is just a drugstore thing, pops out to a hairbrush, even
gives me a little mirror, and it folds back in and I
can just throw that in my bag. This is another drugstore one. Again, mirror, don’t wanna flash ya there, little brush. And sometimes I carry this
because the bag is smaller, but this one is wider. And sometimes I carry this. This is longer, but not as wide. I like to have a couple of little options. You can also carry a comb, even if you normally brush your hair. A comb will get you through
the evening a lot of times. Or a pick, you know, even
just a pick will sort of lift and brush your hair. So think about what you
can take that is smaller. So now I have wallet,
phone, keys, and hairbrush. The other thing that I like to take is a little bit of lipstick. You know, throughout the day, you might like to carry a lot of makeup, but if you’re just going
out for the evening, think about what you really need to carry. Do you really need all that makeup? For me, I just really want
lipstick and/or lip gloss. Sometimes lipstick and lip
gloss can be pretty big. These are standard sizes
of lip gloss and lipstick and they would probably
go in here just fine. But this is a good opportunity to think about scaling
some of these things down. If you think about these in advance, it will make your life a
lot easier when you’re ready to go to dinner. Here’s a normal lipstick,
here’s a mini lipstick, and here’s another mini lipstick. A lot of times you can
buy these mini lipsticks in little sets; it’s a great way to try lipstick, but it really works out well when you are packing your evening bag. As for that lip gloss, there
are also smaller versions of lip gloss that you can get. If you think ahead and just
have a smaller lip gloss, smaller lipstick or whatever
it is that you need, that you feel like you
need when you go out. Think about having a smaller version. Sometimes, too, what you need
is just something thinner. These are both thinner and lighter. For this example, I’m
going to go with this. I like that it looks a little bit dressy, so if I do pull this out,
it looks a little fancier. So now that is in my bag. That pretty much sets
me for an evening out. On occasion, there are some other things that I might like to take. One, is reading glasses. You might be thinking,
“What about glasses?” Now, sunglasses, you typically
don’t have to worry about in a dinner bag or an evening bag. That’s not typically when
you would wear sunglasses, but you may need reading
glasses or driving glasses, that type of thing. Here’s a standard-sized
pair of reading glasses. These are just from the dollar store. And here are some glasses in a case. Here’s an example of where I thought ahead because by the time you
get this into a case, it’s pretty big or, since it’s
just from the dollar store, you could throw it in there. You could throw it in there like that. These come in a case, they’re little, they’re really little, they’re teeny tiny, and they work just fine when
you’re going out to dinner. Going out for dinner or
going out for the evening is a time when you probably,
if you used reading glasses, will want them. So that’s another thing to think about. With the glasses and the brush, it’s starting to make
it a little more full. This is where I would think
about taking these keys down. This is way more keys than I
would need for an evening out. Let me just see if this
is still going to work. Still works, it’s getting full. And if I had trimmed down the keys, I’d be in better shape right now. But in here now, I have
wallet, phone, keys, hairbrush, lipstick, and reading glasses. So I’m doing pretty well. If you’re somebody who needs
medication, carries medication, you can think about
scaling that down as well. I don’t normally carry any medication; if I’m going to, maybe
just a couple of tablets in a pouch like this. Or you can get some sort of vial or some sort of little container to carry what ever pills
you need for the evening or might need for the evening. I will also, on occasion, carry an extra set of contact lenses. I don’t always do it, but it’s
nice to have an extra set, especially if I am not
carrying the bag big enough to carry some backup glasses
because I do wear contacts. So that’s another thing that
I will sometimes just slip in here and take up very little space. The major take-homes here are to really consider having
an evening bag or dinner bag and switching to that when
you’re going out for drinks or you’re going out for dinner
or you’re going to somebody’s house for a party. It will elevate, even a casual look. And to think ahead about
how you’re going to pack it, what you’re going to put in it, what you really need, and what
can you downsize right now, so that you will be prepared. I am a fine jewelry designer. I talk a lot about dressing,
about jewelry, about design, and about handbags. So if you’d like to see more of that, just check out more of my videos. I’m also uploading a
video every single day for the year of 2019. I would love for you to subscribe and see you here again tomorrow. Until then. (upbeat music)