Hello everybody. Today I’m going to show you how the “Automatic
Loyalty Discount Voucher” module works on PrestaShop. With this module, you can generate discount
vouchers and automatically send them to your customers who have placed an order:
for a minimum amount, containing a specific product,
or belonging to a particular category. It’s up to you to decide what the conditions
are for each discount voucher! Now let me show you how this module works: First, go to the Modules and Services tab
in your PrestaShop store. Then look for your Discount Voucher module
and click on Install. Once you’re in the module configuration interface,
you’ll see 3 tabs on the left-hand side: Documentation, FAQ and Contact. These will help you configure your module
or get in touch with us if you have any problems. Then click on “Create a discount voucher”. Discount vouchers are created in 2 stages:
First you have to fill in the conditions for creating the voucher, and then it has to be
configured. Give your discount voucher a name. Decide whether or not you want to limit the
discount voucher to one order per customer. Then specify a type of condition for this
voucher. You have 3 options:
A minimum amount, a specific product to be purchased, or a product in a specific category. Once you have specified the amount customers
have to spend, including or excluding shipping costs, to create the discount voucher, specify
whether or not you want it to be only for new customers, i.e., customers who are ordering
from your site for the very first time. Now all you have to do is configure your voucher! Choose the type of reduction you want : amount
or percentage. Set the minimum order amount, if there is
one. Enter “0” if there isn’t. You can also waive shipping costs, if you
want. Then specify the number of days your voucher
will be valid. Click on Save. Your rule is now available in your list of
rules. Most of the information can be seen in just
a glance, and you can edit, disable or delete your rule. You can also configure the module’s advanced
settings, and in particular, specify whether or not your discount vouchers can be combined. And you can exclude certain customer groups. The discount voucher will only be sent to
customers who meet the conditions for this voucher. You have reached the end of this tutorial. Thank you and happy selling!